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Friday, March 27, 2020

Armagosa Valley..We're home and gone again!

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we awoke to a very cool morning at Armagosa Valley, NV.  More people had pulled in overnight, some in their cars so I know we were warmer than them in our Mansion! 

We had our coffees and our morning routine, showers, breakfast and then it was time to hit the road.  We actually got on the road a little after 0930 which is amazing for us.  Anxious to get home? Maybe :) 

A beautiful drive and then later we pulled over for lunch about 1300.  Onward! We pulled in the driveway nearing 1530 or so.  Just like we left it! Always good to see. 

Interesting buildings going on in Beatty, NV1

You know your'e near Goldfield, Nv when the Joshua trees start appearing

Tonopah, Nevada!
They are working on getting the Belvada finished..Stories it could tell :)  

One of the most haunted places in NV!

Ken pulled back and dumped the Mansion so I was able to unload some of the groceries and stuff.  Then he backed it onto the concrete so I could finish what I needed to do and he did his thing.  The wind was blowing and boy was it chilly! Brrr..

Eventually we both came inside, tomorrow is another day right?!  Time for a later Happy Hour and he made a fire in the wood stove 😊 Gotta admit we've missed those! 

We had a quick dinner, watched some tv and hit the hay.  

Friday morning I set the alarm for 0500.  I was sleeping good I have to say. Got our coffees, computer and enjoyed for awhile catching up with our blogging friends.  

We headed for Reno and US BANK.  When we bought the truck in TN we didn't have our pink slip for the 2014 with us.  We told them as soon as we got home we'd send it to them along with Ken's remote for the doors.  They used to be open Saturdays but no more with this mess going on.  Actually they're not open to foot traffic, you have to call and "make an appt".  As it was she was inside and let Ken in to go to our safety deposit box.  

After that we headed over to Winco to pick up a few things.  UH NO WAY! People standing outside in a line to the end of building WTH???!!!! Alot of those people were elderly, why they don't go to another store I have no idea. I know that when I go to Winco i'm in there an hour or more..can't imagine how long they stand in line!  

Quick stop at Home Depot to pick up some bar b q wax starters and then to Walmart.  No line there.  No paper products at all. Plenty of water and whatever food I wanted they had so all's good.  

We ate our lunch I had brought from home in the parking lot.  It was after 1300 so it was time to eat.  We don't do fast food so this was the best bet.  I'll be glad when our Betsy's is open once again. 

Headed home and put things away.  Now we're talking with Bryan and enjoying an adult beverage.  

We were going over to pick up grandson Aaron on Monday, but with this online schooling (because schools are closed) he's behind some assignments :(  so being good parents they are, he's not getting to come right now. School work needs to be caught up.  Hopefully soon! 

I've got to give kudos to Affordable Propane!  When we're gone we leave the forced air heating at 50 degrees so pipes don't freeze. The back heater is left on low.  Ken checked the propane tank this afternoon and it was down below 5% !!!
He made a call at 1630 and at 1730 they were here to fill the tank.  What awesome service!! 

Have a great evening! 


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound. BRRRRR it sure looks cold!!!

    1. Yes it is cold, but should be warming this week.Now if the winds would stay away, but this is Nevada!

  2. Glad you are Home Safely and that everything including the Propane was still good. That's fast service for Propane.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes they are a great company! He told Ken they were really busy lately.

  3. I know we all had to scoot home earlier than anticipated, but at home we are safe for the time being. As long as you get great service like that propane company, you will be warm. We also got ours yesterday, from Rob picking it up for us. :)
    Take care, stay healthy and keep warm! xo

    1. It's always nice to come home for sure and once we're here we get into our own little routines. Need a project for Ken LOL...

  4. 0500 sounds awfully early to me:)) Home okay and unpacked and full of groceries. Sounds like a winner to me. Welcome home.

    1. Thanks Doug. It's always nice to come home, just wasn't ready for it though. Can't believe it's almost April!!

  5. Beautiful pictures especially the clouds and the clouds on the mountains.
    Glad you are home safe and sound!

    1. It was a beautiful drive home for sure! Yep we're home and hopefully getting a few things done!

  6. Enjoyed the photos. Glad you folks are home safe and sound. Stay warm and healthy!!

    1. Thank you Deb! You too (two)...Hoping you blog once in a while this summer..we miss you when you don't :)