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Monday, March 2, 2020

Pampa, TX to Pawhuska, OK..

We set the alarm for 0400 yesterday (Sunday).  We knew we had a long day of driving to get to Pawhuska, Ok and Osage Hills State Park.  Got showers done, visiting with bloggers and then hit the road.  We left just after 0600. Decided to drive some miles and then stop and make breakfast down the road a bit.  What a beautiful drive, watching the sun come up on Highway 60.  Little towns everywhere just waking up on a Sunday morning! 
Sunset..Pampa, TX 

Sunrise, on the road from Pampa, TX..

OMG a Dinosaur on the hill! LOL.

Around 0715 after filling up with gas we were looking for a place to pull over. In Canadian, TX we found the county fair grounds and an RV park.  Great place to cook breakfast.  After further investigating, found that you can stay overnight with water and electricity for $20.00 a night. Not sure where you would pay and there was no one else there either. It was a perfect stopover though. 
Breakfast view!

Canadian, TX 

Tummies full we hit the road again and followed Highway 60 all the way to Pawhuska, OK home of the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  We've been here several times over the years.  Actually this is our 4th time.  The first time, there had been no revitalization of the buildings and town.  It was pretty exciting for me to see her home time.  Now we come back to see what's been done and is still happening. I told Ken this year not to do it for me, as we've been several times. I still think he did it for me, but he says it's because he likes this campground 💙😄

Gotta love the view

Fixer Upper?

Love these little towns!

Now, these windmills I love!!

I could live there..Imagine the stories that that house could tell!

Last night we enjoyed sitting outside for a bit as the temps were so nice.  Ken bar b qued some delicious chicken and I put together a couple of side dishes.  Before sunset we were driven inside by the masses of little flies. We tried to go back outside before sunset, but they were all over the chairs. Thinking they were enjoying the 70+ temps.  
Great mural on the side of a building! 


Pond Creek OK..gotta love that house!! 

Arkansas River

We're here again! 

The Merc!

On the way out of Pawhuska!

Looked at a map and tried planning our next leg of the trip on Tuesday. We'll see where we end up.  :)  

Pawhuska Flag💗

Bathrooms and showers..done by the CCC in the 30's..

The campground..

Our site #4..water and electric $23 a night with senior discount..

Not too many people here this time of year :) 

Today was a day for playing tourist in Pawhuska and lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant.  

Ken and I were outside and then we came in..the radio was playing..the song "Unanswered Prayers" comes on..the first song I heard after my daddy died almost 30 years ago..as I had never prayed so hard in my life..every once in awhile when we're doing something special or on vacation with the grandkids..it comes on..I believe it's his of way saying he's here and he approves of what we're doing. 💗💗 Love you Daddy! 

Have a great evening! Happy Hour..as the wine with lunch today didn't count..right?!! LOL..


  1. I love those old houses, they have a certain type of class about them. I also enjoyed wind towers, the cowboy was a cute on his climb. The dinosaur was a shock. Haha
    Safe travels!!!

    1. Yes, they do! The dinosaur was quite the surprise for sure! Can't help but make you smile!!

  2. Yup ... I could live in those old houses, except for the tornados!!!

    1. I know what you're talking about Nancy.. Poor Nashville and the surrounding areas last night :( I love the old houses too..obviously :)

  3. A couple of the larger homes you pointed out, I lived in as a girl. Never that old, I'm sure but the same style framed homes out in the country and in small towns. I'd love to have had them in my later years. :)
    Cute windmill with the silhouette on it. Love that!
    Looks like all the people from Pawhuska OK are here in this park! Enjoy!
    Beautiful song for sure, our Daddy's sure have ways have letting us know they're thinking of us, eh? *sigh*

    1. Oh that's awesome that you lived like that! Yeah as we're older we would certainly appreciate that more than as a child. Yep love the windmill. Yep, our daddies are special. :)

  4. The scenery and buildings remind us of our past.
    It would be fun taking secondary highways if we weren't in such a rush all the time. Like the idea of the city parks that you stay in.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the journey.

    It's about time.

    1. You're retired, no rushing Rick LOL. Just leave a few days earlier and you'd have more time. We are definitely enjoying the journey! :)

  5. Another great day. I think I'll just follow your exact path and stay at the same places. I've taken 40 too many times. Great pictures again. Save travels today.

    1. It was a great day for sure! Gotta love the back roads, no trucks and hardly any traffic. Yeah 40 is our least favorite freeway. Thanks Doug!

  6. Wow, you two were on the road at 0600...lol
    Great pictures of your ride. I love those kind of windmills, also. They are right up there with Ocotillo and Saguaros...:)
    Isn't nice to hear a song that brings back a special memory. I am pretty sure your daddy is always looking after you. Take care...continued safe travels...hugs