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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Clovis New Mexico to Pampa, TX. Big Texan Steak House in the middle..

I set the alarm for 0445 so I could get up and start the coffee and wake the hubby at 0500.  We wanted to get an early start so we could make some miles today towards Pawhuska, OK.  

Had our coffee, banana bread and then visited with our blogging friends to see what everyone is doing.  Once that was done we had our showers and got ready to walk to the laundry to wash a couple of loads of clothes.  There's not many people in the park so it was nice to see 4 washers and 4 dryers.  We took 3 but knew we would be ok as it was before 0730.  While they washed we went back to the trailer and I worked on finishing up some things inside. 

Time to put in the dryers not bad ($1.00 for drying, $1.50 for washing).  Ok then we figured half and hour for drying. Plenty of time to make breakfast and get things ready for moving on.  When we went back to the laundry we found 2 dryers looked like they hadn't even been turned on. We knew they were as they were still working when we got there.  Upon looking inside the 2 we could see where it looked like the back venting had caught fire! 

Patsy, we though of you when we first walked in to the laundry area.  Lint, dirt and dryer sheets were everywhere! Ken cleaned the lint filters and it looked like they hadn't been cleaned for months! 

Definitely no pride of ownership here! 

This was the best of the 3...

This was horrible!

This was just there and had been for awhile as it was dirty! No place to
fold clothes..

No wonder the insides burned or whatever as there was no way the machines could breathe.  We wasted $2.00 and time!! Time was the biggest issue as we were supposed to be on the road! So we loaded the wet clothes into the dryer that worked and 45 minutes later even those weren't dry totally. 

The office building..never could see in the bathrooms as I
didn't have a code. 

Never did see or hear from Frances the manager.  We put a
check for the $18.00 Passport America through the slot in
the door this am before leaving. 

For $18.00 Passport America not a bad price to spend the night.
To think they want $35.00 regular price is way much!

 Ken had had enough so we brought the damp clothes into the Mansion and laid them on the bed..hoping the sun would dry them enough while we were on the road. 

A great ride on Highway 60 from Clovis to Amarillo.  Just random pictures below of our drive. 

Their claim to fame as"The Beef Capitol of the World"

America, Texas and a little wind LOL..

A cute little fixer upper

As we neared Amarillo Ken said "Well, I guess we shouldn't stop at the Big Texan"  I figured that.  The more we talked it was decided that if he got a spot we'd stop and have linner as it was nearing 1400.  It's tradition that we stop there every time we hit Amarillo.  He got a nice spot in with the truckers and we went inside. Surprisingly with all the people there we got seated in a booth right away. Just too yummy! It's really good food and great service.  The beer and wine were pretty good too! LOL. On the way out Ken bought a growler of Rattlesnake IPA  that they make in their brewery.  
Rattlesnake IPA and Chardonnay..:)
After all it's special..right?! 

Wendy, thought you would like this light :)

Yummy, my burger, got rid of the bun  and my salad
Ken had the same, but with bun and steak fries, brought 

some of my burger home and some of Ken's 

The bar for the brewery beers

My own personal Route 66 attraction1 

The Big Texan! 

Love this picture..one she's pretty 
then you look from a different angle! AHH. LOL..

We got on the road taking Highway 60 out of town. About an hour north (or east) of Amarillo is the good sized town of Pampa, TX.  We are at Hobart Street Park.  They actually have about 5 RV sites that you can stay in for FREE.  Electric and water are available along with picnic table and bar b q. The only drawback for some (not us) it is right near the railroad tracks and there are trains..lots of them. Dump station and potable water are available too. You can stay for 1 night and if you want to extend just go to the office which is right across the street. Their local police station is right across the road :) So far we are the only ones here! 

Not a donation box anywhere..

He greets you going into one town, I forget which one

Pampa, TX Highway 60
Ken opened the dumpster and look at this

Fits our decor at home! Our souvenir from
Pampa, TX! 

Electrical hook up


Picnic table, garbage, A place to bar b q..

Train tracks are really close..We love the sound..

Another site

Power pole

The office right across the street..if you choose to extend..

Ball park right across the way..no kids today :( 

2 dumpsters for your use...

We're here! 

So here we are, Ken is working on battery stuff and I figured I'd get a head start on the blog. 

Thank you Pampa, Texas for hosting us! 

We had an awesome day just enjoying the beautiful farmlands and little cities from the border or New Mexico into the panhandle of Texas. We sure are blessed to enjoy traveling across America! What a wonderful retirement! 💗

Tomorrow we hope to get an early start to Osage County State Park where we've stayed 3 time now.  Monday we'll head into Pawhuska home of Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond and see what's new in town. Tuesday we'll head out and work our way to Tennessee. 

Have a great night! Happy Hour time, earlier didn't count! haha. 

Adam sent a few pictures from his trip to Yosemite with a few friends.  These kids are crazy! 

Up by the waterfall

No fear of heights for these kids! Ahhhh..

The valley floor, for a change LOL!


  1. WE took the same drive last year, or pretty much the same drive. If you had checked around in Fort Sumner for the Bosque Redondo Park just outside of town you could have spent a nice quiet day or two there. A nice little catfish pond with picnic areas, with covers, no hook ups though, but a really nice little overnight or couple of nighter place. Also as you passed through Hereford, TX, the Aquatic Center has 5 or 6 free spots with water and electric, with a dump station and dumpsters near by. Some great views along that drive for sure. Glad you folks are having a good time. Keep safe!!

    1. Thank you for the tips Deb! If only we had a few days LOL. If it weren't for the deadline to get to Don's and then to Jacob's graduation :) Next year..Love HIGWAY 60 for sure. We continue on today! It's great that these communities do this for us isn't it? We are definitely enjoying ourselves :)

  2. Another beautiful day for you two. You really know how to enjoy the places you visit. The Big Texan looks like a neat place. Very western looking. The guy with the ten gallon cowboy hat. :)) I'll probably take that route home so must remember your posters so I'll find these places. The frontier woman was certainly two-faced. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. The BIG Texan has been a stop for years whenever we pass through. They do serve breakfast too. Food is always delicious. i think you would enjoy it. Love Highway 60! Thanks Doug!

  3. I loved that drive. I also stayed at a couple of iffy RV parks. Had to move every time to find an electrical post that didn't have an open ground. Never saw a soul, just left my dollars in the slot. Your burger looks delicious!!

    1. The park itself wasn't bad, not a bad area and mostly men working somewhere. Just the lack of care..laziness more or less I'm thinking. We could have got out of there without paying, but not who we are. The burger was delicious, they have a huge grill and oh the flavor!!

  4. What a beautiful drive. I'm disgusted about that laundromat! Ewww! They're lucky you are honest and left the $18 but I'd be going on TripAdvisor and making a comment.
    Love the little hometown county parks for free. We found one by donation and hookups plus a dump station. That's all you need for an overnighter.
    The burger made up for the laundromat, I feel better now! haha

    1. I knew you would be disgusted, there wasn't even a broom or I would have used it! Yeah we know we didn't have to pay, but that's not us. I would have deducted the $2.00 we lost in the laundry, but we paid first..darn it! Yep loving those free campsites little towns put there for us! Burger was incredible!

  5. You two have certainly been putting the miles behind you. Recognized some of that ride on 60. We have only stopped at the Big Texan once but did enjoy the food, that hamburger looked huge.
    The two state parks in New Mexico looked beautiful. Would not have been happy with that laundromat at all. Continued safe travels. Hugs.

    1. 1/2 pound of meat!! So yummy, but couldn't finish it..still in the fridge to be eaten. Last time I ordered a chicken breast but was very dry, so opted for the burger :) Gotta love the little towns and traffic!

  6. I've heard of towns that have free RV spots with hookups but we have never found any. That burger looked so good. What I do, if I don't want to eat too much bread, is I hold the sandwich the regular way. Then before I take a bite I pull the bread off in sections. That way it "feels" like you are eating a sandwich. Safe travels! Elva Shannon

    1. You can google the town name, or freecampsites.net I think it is..plug in the town and it will tell you if any are available. I used to do that too with the bread, but now I just take the bun off, way too tempting haha. Thanks Elva!