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Monday, February 10, 2020

A letter from Jacob!! Baking for a care package! Getting ready for a trip!

Well, it's Monday afternoon already!  Ok, the best stuff first!! We got a letter from our Sailor Recruit today and he is doing Fabulously!  We were so happy to hear from him!  
Jacob's letter :) I love that he says "Boot Camp is pretty fun"..REALLY? He's the RCPO (Recruit
Chief Petty Officer)! He is the command of his division..
Awesome Jacob!! Very proud of ourGrandson!

We've had a few changes since the last posting.  We're leaving here on Friday to head for Tennessee by way of Paso Robles, CA!  John and Karen are there so we'll visit them first. We decided since Ken doesn't have any appointments until April now is the time to do it.  Take the Mansion on her first major trip! 

We're planning on being at Ken's brother Don's place somewhere in the first week or so of March.  Jacob graduates on the 13th of March at Great Lakes, IL.  I'll rent a car and head up there.  Ken's sister Diane and her son Jesse will fly in as well as Russell, Lori, Aaron and Allissa.  I'm looking forward to the drive and seeing the country up there!  On the way back hoping to drive Route 66 in Illinois. On a show the other night they showed it and looked like some cute towns. 💗😉 Ken's not going, we can't go to the graduation anyway as they only hand out limited tickets. I figure I don't want to miss the chance of seeing Jacob if only for a few hours or the weekend.  No one knows for sure yet, as he won't have his orders until right before graduation. We can still watch the graduation live on TV! 

Today was a baking day.  I want to get Seth a care package out before we leave so made a few things and then stocking up on Ken's morning treats since I'm not sure yet how the oven works in the Mansion.  I'll be checking it out I'm sure. 
Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies..Fudgy Brownies..Applesauce
Oatmeal mini loaves and Ken's Applesauce Oatmeal muffins..
I did text Seth tonight and he wants protein bars..so on the look out tomorrow !! 

Ken ran to DMV to register the Mansion! OUCH! 

On to the Mansion.  Saturday was spent getting rid of stuff I know I don't need anymore.  Trying to use as much plastic stuff rather than glass. I feel really good about how it looks now. Of course I'm sure there will be more things I need, but it felt good to pitch another wheelbarrow load of stuff! 😱😱😰 I've decided less is best! 
Too modern for us..but ready to go!

Huge Shower!


It works..not huge but ok!

The stove is too pretty to use!

Huge sink!

You probably can't see but is a pretty light! 

Storage space below the bed..(Dave, this is where the wine will go) LOL..

Sun is setting!

Ken's space outside.. he's filling it up..

Ken got the sway bar on and has taken it for a few test drives, works well.  He's having fun loading up his area of the trailer.  ðŸ˜€

We had our first Happy Hour in it Saturday afternoon and it was so nice..Nice and bright and BIG!! :) 

Sunday was spent getting taxes done for Bryan and Cheryl.  Then got our stuff  done  and emailed to Winnemucca. YAY! Done! 

Monday I was working on this and then nothing would load.. so Ken stated a fire outside. Poor me..Happy Hour..under the stars..

He bar b qued awesome burgers and now it's time for bed. I wanted to see if I could get this done first..Yay..it worked..Good night!!  Carson City  tomorrow to get the Tundra serviced, then Reno for wine, Winco and Sam's Club! An early day!! 


  1. So I was showing these pictures to Cheryl and she immediately noticed the wine glass above the kitchen counter light!! So I assume there is room to store wine and the glasses??!!
    Very nice rig. You guys will love it.

    1. Yes there is lots of storage under the bed, perfect for cases of wine! LOL. We already do and it hasn't been anywhere! Thanks guys!

    2. Dave, we've been wondering where you've been..missing your posts!

  2. The TV works .... that's all I care about! LOL Nice looking rig. I bet you can't wait to take her out!!

    1. Haha ..yes it does..We're leaving Friday with her!!

  3. Congrats to Jacob. Wonderful letter. Your baking always makes me hungry.
    The Mansion is looking pretty good, soon be all settled in and enjoying the space. We all have to make room for what is important in our lives. That looks like a pretty good space for your wine and if it's not enough, it looks like Ken still has lots of space in the outside storage. Haha

    1. Thank you..we are so proud of our grandsons! You do have Miss Riley to bake for you! I'm hoping that space can hold enough wine for a few days LOL..It does have a lot of room! Cant wait until Friday to hit the road!

  4. Jacob's letter is very special! Talking just like i would expect and the handwriting too! haha He is already doing so well with 75 people under his division command. :)
    The baking is always awesome. I need to find your applesauce muffin and bread recipes. I have a lot of applesauce to use up. :)
    The Mansion is gorgeous and I'm so excited for you packing it. Love the big sink and the bed cover is modern but very bright!
    Have a great journey!

  5. Thank you Patsy..yes it sounds just like him talking! :) Yep we're proud..he was so confident going in! Just like Seth they knew this is what they wanted! The applsauce muffin I can send you! Thank you I'm loving the Mansion..I have to give that credit to Ken. Jayco was paid for, so I fought this (not too hard but enough)..but he was right. The time is NOW.. :)

  6. Wow, when you two pick up and go you go big. I can remember my son's graduation from Great Lakes. It was moving. I know how proud you are of Jacob. When you travel south on 66 you will go right through my home, Bloomington. That is one big trailer. I'm thinking Ballroom Dancing big. So happy for you guys. Saddle up and head'um out I say!

    1. I can imagine, every week when I see the beginning of graduation on the FB page I belong too, I tear up! My sis in law, nephew and I will be watching from the museum if I can get tickets or from our motel lobby as they live stream it there too. Then we'll get to see him after :) It's only 22 foot with a slide, which seems to make it so much bigger! Sundance really planned well! We're leaving Friday!! Yahoo!! I'll have to wave at Dolly as I go by! :)

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