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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bisbee, AZ, Happy Hour meeting new friends, City of Rocks State Park, NM..:)

We set the alarm for 0500 so we knew we'd have time to be ready for Tom and Deb to pick up us up a little before 1000.  They wanted to get a look at the Mansion. 

We went on a lovely ride to Bisbee, AZ.  We've heard a lot about the town, but never have been.  Tom and Deb have been a few times so they knew where to take us.  Awesome little town! I loved looking out the window at all the old houses! Yes, it's a tourist trap, but still just something  you have to see if you're in the area!  
The Lavender Mine.. Quit being worked in the 70's..

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Beautiful colors!

Just some of the houses in the area!

A fixer upper!

Love the corrugated tin on this house!!

Gotta love the porches on this one!

Lots of people all over town!

Tom drove us around, and then we got out and walked the shops for awhile. Actually before you know it, after 1300 and time to get us some lunch.  A Mexican Restaurant they hadn't been to before, so figured give it a try. The food was really good, our server was awesome, but they were pricey for lunch. Gotta remember where you are! Not a huge menu, but a great lunch! 

We headed back to camp,  visitors were coming for Happy Hour!  We did take a drive through Tombstone.   Tom took us up a hill..we'd never been there before! WoW! It was called the Linear Garden (if I remember correctly)..It was definitely different, in a good way! 

All kinds of stuff..but it really was something to see! 

Once we got home, I cut up some  lemon squares and got the other snacks ready for Happy Hour..Ken had walked down to Doug's place to visit for a bit.  Once I was done, I texted him, he came home and we headed to Tom and Deb's place for Happy Hour!  Deb and Riley (Deb is a fellow blogger) were already there. Hugs were exchanged all around, and we settled in for a visit!  We've been reading Deb's blog for years so we were so happy to meet in person! We both knew from reading Deb's blog that we would instantly enjoy her and Riley both...and we sure did! Planning to meet with her and Riley next year and spend a few days in the desert getting to know each other better! 

Doug and Michelle showed up a bit later and we all enjoyed being inside Tom and Deb's Stinger BEE!! A great night, stories exchanged, but eventually Deb and Riley had to leave and find their way back to their spot in the grasslands. Doug and Michelle left a bit after.  Ken and I visited a bit longer as we didn't really want the night to end.  This probably would be the last time we'd see Tom and Deb until next year :( 
Ken and Tom ...

Deb and Doug..

Doug and his bride, Michelle! ;) 

I love this picture of Deb and Riley :)

A good night's sleep was had by the both of us! 

This morning (Wednesday) I set the alarm for 0500.  We were hoping to get going fairly early.  Michelle and Doug popped over for a quick tour of the Mansion. YES, it's quick.hahah.  Hugs all around and then we walked over to the Stinger Bee to say goodbye to Tom and Deb.  A quick visit and she gave me the cutest wall hanger of an outhouse! :)  Ill have to get a pic tomorrow, as it's in the truck. 

We headed to Lordsburg, NM had some lunch at the rest area. Ken got a map of the state parks so we decided to  head for  City of Rocks State Park.  Beautiful!  All the electric sites were taken, which was not a big deal. We found a beautiful site and got set up.  A little while later, because it was cool, Ken made a fire with the last of there firewood from home.  
City of Rocks ..in the middle of nowhere!

Beautiful campsites among the rocks..

A view of our campsite from up above a bit. 

Ken made a campfire with the last of our wood

I love this windmill across from our site!

Some of the happy hour treats..

A nice evening and eventually we headed inside.  Dinner was had and then we watched the end of a movie based on a true story, THE ROCK was the star, it was titled THE Gridiron Gang...honestly the only part got to me was when his dying mom told him..."You are my greatest accomplishment"..YEP exactly how I feel about my boys!! Don't want to wait until I'm dying to let them know that! :) 

Good nite! Tomorrow we head toward Santa Fe New Mexico..at least that's the plan now! 


  1. Good to visit with everyone. Your site at the City of Rocks looked comfortable.
    Wishing you Safe Travels and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick! We were so glad to able to meet up with Deb and Riley for sure! City of Rocks is awesome!

  2. We really enjoyed seeing you two again! Can't wait until next time! Doug and Michelle

  3. Glad you liked the linear garden. I found it a few years ago while looking for photo ops of Tombstone. I go every year now. I'm following you closely through New Mexico. Possibly heading that way in September.

    1. Tom and Deb told us it was because of you they found the garden. :) I'm thinking you would love it here..wish we had more time.

  4. It is nice to meet new bloggers for sure and glad you got a last visit in with Tom and Deb as well.
    The City of Rocks State Park looks awesome, we've never been there and the Linear Garden as well. Safe travels dear friends!

    1. We were so happy to meet Deb and Riley in person! Yep last few days were great. City of Rocks is definitely something to see. You're thinking...uh where are the rocks?? As it's all prairie, and then this little place pops up!!

  5. We had a great time meeting you folks and look forward to some desert camping in the future. Always fun to spend time with Deb & Tom, and it was nice to meet Michelle and Doug.
    Safe travels!!!

    1. There definitely will be some desert camping in the future! Sure enjoyed finally meeting you both as well! Yep Doug and Michelle are great people!

  6. Moving East for sure now. So glad all of you got together for Happy Hour. Managed to get Bisbee and Tombstone in one day. Great that you had tour guides. I've seen the signs to City of the Rocks but never stopped. Have to someday. Drive safe and have fun.

  7. Moving East for sure now. So glad all of you got together for Happy Hour. Managed to get Bisbee and Tombstone in one day. Great that you had tour guides. I've seen the signs to City of the Rocks but never stopped. Have to someday. Drive safe and have fun.

    1. Yes City of Rocks is definitely something to see. Right off the highway so it's easy! Bisbee was adorable. I Would love to go back for sure! After Santa Fe, thinking we're going to have to move it a little more than 100 miles a day :) If it wasn't for Jacob's graduation from Navy Boot Camp we wouldn't be in a hurry..but that's a good reason!!!

  8. Bisbee is a great place. Now we have to find the linear garden.
    I've heard about city of rocks but have never been. It looks like a great spot.
    Safe travels you two.

    1. Thanks Dave, it was awesome going Bisbee and the garden with Tom and Deb. there's a city of rocks in Idaho..This one is so better!