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Monday, February 24, 2020

Leaving Organ Pipe Cactus NM.. Quail Ridge with friends...

This morning I had the alarm set for 0445 so I could get the coffee started as we had places to be!  It was cool in the Mansion and we heard weird beeping..oh oh. battery was down.  Ken got dressed and hooked up the other one so we had power once again.  Got our day going with coffee, muffins and visiting with blogging friends.  

Around 0930 or so we got out of the park and started our journey east.  Beautiful drive and not many other drivers on the road. We like it that way.  We got to Tucson around 1300 and went inside Walmart.  Got our shopping done quickly but at the checkout was a different story. 

Old truck waterfall

Out in the trailer I put my stuff away and Ken did his thing.  I made a late lunch for us and then off we went.  70 miles or so and we were turning into Quail Ridge RV Resort.  Friends of ours have stayed here many times.  Our first.   25 dollars for 2 nights with full hook ups can't beat that! 
Mountain in Tucson, AZ 

Quail Ridge, our home for 2 nights...

We got ourselves settled and Deb had texted by then. When we were done, we headed over to their place for Happy Hour.  A couple hours of chatting and we came home (hubby was ready for dinner).  We made plans to head for Bisbee, AZ in the morning where  we have never been before. :0 

#2 catch up..Such a beautiful drive for 21 miles!

Love this Organ Pipe Cactus :)

So beautiful!

The mountains are incredible!

This is a crested organ pipe..Looks like  it's dying to me..

What a beautiful arch...there's a trail there..not me!

LUNCH! In the truck just too cold outside..


A baby!!

Gorgeous sunset...

Good night from camp last night! 
Have a great night! We are looking forward to a great day tomorrow with friends..and hopefully Happy Hour with other friends too!


  1. I'm glad you saw the arch. First time I drove through I didn't see it. Such a beautiful drive and with the comfort of asphalt. Can't beat that. Loved your pictures. I'm going to make a point of staying at Quail Ridge when I go through there later. Say hi to Tom and Deb for me.

  2. Check out the Bisbee Breakfast Club. Lots of cool stuff to see there, you're going to love it. There is also a neat house/museum (Muheim Heritage House) to visit at the top of a hill, up a narrow crazy little road. It's worth the experience. Have fun!!!

    1. I just checked them out online..wish we would have seen it yesterday but didn't..Love Bisbee! Would definitely go back again!

  3. Great scenery in that area. Seems you are getting the cold weather that's about to hit us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy visiting with all your friends.

    It's about time.

  4. I wondered where you folks moved to, but when your blog appeared there was no new post, it only showed up the next day when I checked it. Wonderful drive. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Hmm that's weird..We have enjoyed everything so far..especially meeting You and Riley!!!