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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Just about ready to hit the road! Care package for the Marine!

Tuesday morning we left here bright and early and headed to Carson City Toyota to drop off the Tundra for its 85,000 mile check up.  Along with the servicing they changed out the cabin filter (whatever that is)..

It was just after 0815 so we headed to Betsy's Big Kitchen for a yummy breakfast. Hugs from Carmen and she served us too, even though she is the hostess there. 

Time to head for Winco for some grocery shopping.  Ken headed to Sam's Club to get a new battery for the Mansion.  They sold it with one, but we like having two. He then went to Total Wine to pick up my online order.  It worked out great, by the time he did that I was ready to check out at Winco.  

Next stop, he dropped me at Ross while he ran to Walmart for a few things.  I found a pair of jeans and a new shirt but I really was more in the mood to look for things for the Mansion.  Yep, by the time he picked me up it was a good thing or we'd have no $$ left for the trip LOL😱😱😂 I do love Ross as you can get some good bargains! 

This jumped at me at Ross..Find joy in the journey..choose happy and many more...Perfect! 💜💛💚

That was our last stop so back to Carson City Toyota to pick up the truck.  I dropped him off and headed back to Yerington with him soon following.  I wanted to go by the Post Office and pick up a few boxes for care packages down the road.  Then we met at Dini's since it was nearing 1500.  A great linner and then home. I brought some of mine home so that was dinner last night! 

Yesterday Ken spent the day doing things to get ready to start the trip on Friday.  I was inside baking some goodies so we wouldn't run out for a week or so. Made him some banana bread and some flourless muffins for me.  

I ran to the post office and mailed off Seth's package and another of Jacob's letters.  Every morning after blog reading, his letter gets written. 💙💙 I'm taking the printer and supplies so I can keep up on the road 😀
Seth wanted protein bars so a dozen are in here to start..along with oatmeal
chocolate chip cookies and a few other things :) 

So yesterday afternoon we had a drink in the Mansion, decided that we were doing pretty well getting ready so why not leave sometime Thursday instead of Friday.  Yeah, why not?!  We won't go far, maybe the Walmart in Gardnerville? Washoe Lake State Park? CVI parking lot? 
I have to share this..Daughter in law Cheryl took this table
that had been in her kitchen (wish I had a before pic)
Painted it, added the pallet on the back and now has a planting
table..I told her it's too pretty to go outside! I love the color..
very vintage looking :) 

The only thing I know for sure at 0626 in the am is I better get moving!! 
Have a wonderful day!! i'm thinking we will! 


  1. I'm excited for you two to get on the road and give the Mansion a work out. Why not head out tonight and beat the rush out of town.😁. Love the bedspread.

    1. Thanks Doug...we took your advice and left LOL. WE spent the night at Washoe Lake State Park outside of Carson City..not too far, but a perfect afternoon and evening!

  2. Wow ... I'd put that table in my KITCHEN! Love the bedspread, it's perfect! I know the feeling of getting on the road. I'm so excited for your new "house".

    1. Thank you Nancy. I 'd put it in my house too if I had room! I love the color and the look!! I told her she could sell it easily, but this one she wants to keep. I see her looking for thrift store finds and turning them into treasures!

  3. The "Mansion" is looking great. Safe travels, see you next time.

  4. Love the bedspread! Great find and the same colours that were in there. :)
    Safe travels, have fun in the Mansion. I love the shelf unit too, great ideas.