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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Ajo Mountain Drive part 1...A great day in a wonderful monument!!

We got ourselves up and going about 0630 this morning when I woke Ken for coffee.  Had showers, breakfast etc and then we took a walk along the loop of the campground.  Wow there's a lot of people here, even though it seem daily alot of people leave.  A great campground! There are flush toilets and then showers dispersed between the different bathrooms.  Not sure how warm they would be this time as year as they are called solar showers. They do specify to watch out in the summer as they could be scalding!  

We visited the visitor center so I could mail a letter to Jacob.  I went souvenir shopping but they outpriced me so I left with nothing. That's ok, I'm sure I will end up with something down the road :) 

WE headed across the road to the Ajo Mountain Drive..21 miles of well maintained dirt and gravel road.  Wow! WOW I kept saying!!! It was amazing! So I guess what I'm trying to say, if you don't want to see, Sagauro, Organ Pipe, Teddy Bear, Cholla etc..time to say good bye...I went crazy it was so amazing!  Cactus overload!! Pictures just don't do it justice! 

This morning's sunrise from our campsite :) 

Another view...

The drive was incredible..watching the scenery change.  The desert was so beautiful and then  it lead us up into their mountains. 


Organ Pipe Cactus and Saugauros!

Looking down into a wash..alot of history of how the indians lived

Organ Pipe Cactus..

Paddle Cactus..

We're climbing...

More to be continued tomorrow..as I'm sure you've seen enough for tonight and it's bedtime for me...Thanks for following our visit of this park. It's just so incredible..most of the time I didn't have words for the beauty of this park! 

Tomorrow we move on to Quail Ridge, we hope and visiting with friends Tom and Deb before we move eastward towards TN.  Good night. Thanks for visiting! 


  1. I totally understand your WOW's! I say that word a lot in the desert.

  2. What an awesome place! We've not been there and it looks like a must-see.
    I recognize that handsome guy standing out there in the desert! :)
    Travel safe guys.

    1. We have never been here before either..but it is so worth the visit! We didn't want to leave! Pictures don't do it justice at all! I know he's a cutie right?!

  3. Such beautiful pictures. I just love that 21 mile drive. Really reminds me of how the old west really looked. So glad you got to see the area before moving on. You two can sure cover a lot of ground fast. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Honestly Doug, hate going that fast! But we do have a deadline this time. Yes,we loved that 21 mile drive!! So gorgeous and way too many pictures!