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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Yuma to Gila Bend to Organ Pipes Cactus National Monument..

Thursday morning Patsy and I texted back and forth a few times and figured that Happy Hour would be at their camp at 1500.  

We headed out to get a few things done, the shopping and laundry.  It didn't seem that it took that long but it was almost 1430 when we got back to camp.  Grabbed a quick munchie to eat as there was no lunch.  We headed over to their camp a few minutes before 1500.  

What a great time visiting with everyone! A special surprise was Dave and Cheryl were there too! A great couple of hours and then the party broke up.  We went over to Doug's new place to visit his new "White Lion" a new to him motor home and what a home it is!! We're happy for him she's a beauty!! 

We went home and Ken started the bar b q.  Doug was coming over and bringing some thin steaks he had and we had pork chops.  I made up a salad and baked potatoes. We really enjoyed getting to know Doug more.  We saw him a few years ago at blogger fest and we follow his blog.  Talking with him in the Mansion, just made it all better! Good conversation and good food flowed until it was time for him to get back to Yuma (his dog) and the White Lion. Over too soon, but we're glad we had the time! You know how there are some people you just click with, Doug is one of them :) 

Friday morning we were up and about getting things done so we could leave.  Patsy texted and asked if they could come by before 0830.  Of course.  They wanted a "tour" of the Mansion which takes all of walking in the door LOL.  Patsy came inside and we had a great chat.  

Ken and Bill were outside going over the trailer.  Bill does walk throughs in Canada and he actually was able to show Ken some things that weren't gone over in our walk through.  Especially where the electric hot water heater was concerned! Thanks Bill for your expertise!! We used the electric water heater last night at full hookups! No wonder Can AM wants you working for them when you're home!! 
Bill and Patsy! 

So cute and colorful!! If the line wasn't crazy might have bought a couple

We got out of Yuma around 1130 a little later than our normal 1100 time. haha. Not your fault Bill and Patsy! Had a lovely drive across Arizona. Had lunch at a rest area which was nice.  We were going to hook up with Derrick and Teresa in Gila Bend.  We got to thinking it was getting late, so why not just stay the night at Holt's Shell RV Park which is where they've been for the last few weeks. So we did. 
Our piece of heaven at Pilot Know BLM..

Can't complain about the neighbors! 

Teresa used to write a blog "A life made simple" that I read for years watching their family grow up and do work camping in Canada. They have a daughter, Cassia who is 9 and she was probably 3 or so when I started following them. They were coming to our house for a visit on their way home, but it just didn't work out this year.  We got to the RV park and I texted Teresa on FB. Before you know it she was there! So glad we stayed! We grabbed our chairs and went to their trailer and the conversation just flowed for a few hours.  Finally it was time to let them get their dinner and us ours.  What a great couple! Cassia is adorable and growing so quickly...we didn't see her for long, but she is just too cute! 

Notice the Red Hat..Definitely a TRUMP
supporter even though they are Canadians..he bought a
huge flag too! 

Our spot at Gila Bend. $22.00 but being sold to
Flying J..so we'll see what happens..

Gila Bend this morning...

Yep it rained! 

Our travel today...

We went back to the trailer, hung out and had dinner. It wasn't a late night, but a nice night. Ken turned on the fan in the middle of the night as it was really warm..raindrops on the roof!  

We awoke to rain! And puddles!  By the time we were ready to say good bye to Derrick and Teresa the rain had pretty much stopped. We had a nice conversation with the two of them and Cassia came out for pictures :) We said our "see ya later's" and hope it could work out next year to see them along the Oregon Coast. 

A great drive from Gila Bend to Ajo and then on to Why, AZ.  Followed the highway to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Oh my gosh!! Beautiful! We stopped at the Visitor Center quickly, got some trips and headed for the campground. Got site 3 and Oh my is it gorgeous! $10.00 a night with the America the Beautiful senior pass.  We're here for 2 nights, as no way can you see enough in 1.  

A few houses in AJO..I ran for sale just because and they're not cheap! 

Got ourselves situated, a late snack and off to a drive. North Puerto Blanco Drive was wonderful..we just did the first 5 miles that was 2 lane. The Sagauros were incredible! Then we went on to within a mile of the Mexico border.  A great short drive but we were closer to "the wall" then we've ever been! 
Loved watching the scenery change!

Organ Pipe Cactus

Ocotillo is HUGE!

Huge Saguaros! 

Huge Organ PIPE~

Very nice dump station with potable water

All twisted up!

"My Hands are Up!" 

"THE WALL" we saw two different places where they weren't joined together..a Wash was involved in both..could that be why they're separated?"

Again, separated!

Another twisted one!

Love the red as the sun is going down...

Our little red campfire..no campfires at the park..but propane is ok..

Back to camp and Ken started the Little Red Campfire and we enjoyed Happy Hour outside with the different cactuses in our site :) So beautiful and serene, as they only allow generators from 0800 to 1000 and 1600 to 1800.  Later in the year they allow them longer, but I'm guessing because it's so hot then! 

We are here for two nights and then moving on to Quail Ridge RV Park to meet up with our friends Tom and Deb for two nights before we head more east! 

Thinking of you, Shawn..my brother in law still in hospital...

Have a good night everyone! 


  1. Yup I think it rained a tad!! You got a great camping spot ... love campfire in a can!!

    1. This National Monument is wonderful! Glad we didn't pass it by! Love our little red campfire when you can't have a real one!

  2. So great we were able to enjoy another happy hour with you guys!
    Your camping spot looks very nice...great pictures.
    Say ‘hi’ to Tom and Deb!

    1. I agree we love happy hour with you two! It's wonderful here! I will tell them!!

  3. Looks like you've kept busy meeting with friends and seeing beautiful scenery.
    We know that you'll enjoy visiting with Tom and Deb. Say Hi for us.

    It's about time.

  4. Just catching up on your posts. It was so great to see you guys here at H.H. and then at your temporary spot in the morning.
    You have some lovely pictures here and that spot for camping is gorgeous with all the cacti around you!
    So nice to meet up with friends and from Canada too!
    Continue to enjoy the journey and say hello to T & D for us too. xo

  5. Great that you got all the way down to the Organ Cactus Park. I've always wanted to stay there but just drove down from Ajo which isn't far. The pictures are beautiful and I can tell you are impressed with the area. So glad you're making it a two day stay. So much to see. Even the Great Trump Wall! :)) Enjoy your stay.