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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Death Valley and then Bishop, CA

We left the Space Station Campground in Beatty, NV and decided to go through Death Valley NP and head back to CA on highway 395..we have always loved that highway!  So we drove a whole 40 miles and landed at the Furnace Creek Campground in the park!  The sites are huge and very improved.  They had sites with water and sewer for $18.00 a night, they will have electricity with them once that's approved by the government, but then the prices will rise too.  So we enjoyed being there, we rode our bikes over to another campground and had a nice chat with a fulltimer who's been on the road for 13 years.  She was from Texas and just a lovely lady.  We rode up to the next campground and then turned around and back to camp.  This time of year is wonderful to be in Death Valley...temps high 60's and nothing but sun!  Read my book awhile and just enjoyed the afternoon..had some leftover tacos for dinner and had a nice evening.  

Got up and knew we probably had about 160 miles today to get to Bishop.  We took our time and had a really nice drive out of the park.  Got to Bishop about 1300, signed into our site and enjoyed our lunch in the camper.  After lunch went across the street to Von's market and spent a little $$ for groceries and diesel...Diesel is definitely cheaper in the other states as Ken paid $4.05...and $3.69 in Beatty, NV...Welcome back to CA!  

Tomorrow is about 200 miles to Reno, and we should be at the Grand Sierra Resort for the night...probably got 3 loads of laundry to do so I know what my afternoon will be..oh well.  After that we'll head to Ca for a few days, but back in Winnemucca for a few for dr appts on Thursday..

Think we might be heading for Oregon after that for a bit..

Happy Birthday to our Grandson Mason, who turned 8 today!!!!! 
Happy Birthday to our nephew Dusty tomorrow!!! Love u guys

Going into Death Valley from Beatty, NV

The old Borax Works

Our site at Furnace Creek..$18.00 for water and sewer hookup

Sunset over  Death Valley

The long road ahead

Another view of the campsite

Heading out of Death Valley via 190 west 

Mt Whitney

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amargosa Valley Campground and Beatty, NV

January 28th...We left the KOA campground in Needles CA after we eventually got going...Followed 95 up into Bullhead City, AZ...So because it was nearing 1300 we decided time for lunch...found a Mexican Restaurant (surprise, surprise)...and had a delicious lunch!  Moved on and headed for Amargosa Valley in Nevada, had to go through Las Vegas, which of course is alot of traffic!  We took the belt loop which was close to 40 miles around but traffic wise I'm sure it made the difference!  Got into Amargosa Valley campground around 1800.  We really like that place and have been there several times!  $20.00 a night and full hookups (wifi, but no cable)...Ken broke the tv the night before so we stopped at Target out of Vegas and bought another but no channels available at all! 

Dennis the manager is just such a nice guy..and the campground is very well kept!  Even though this am we saw a gal taking pics and we figure she's a real estate person...so that sucks...

Jan 29th...got going and drove all of 26 miles to Beatty, NV and we've been here, just enjoying being here...as i'm writing this the camper is rocking and rolling from the winds!! so cool!! 

We are at the Space Station Campground, $24.00 for full hookups and cable..so it's been a nice relaxing afternoon..except some bad news on the house in Silver Springs..we've waited 6 and 1/2 months and now they say another 4 weeks..can't believe anything the realtors and supposedly US Bank says..we are very disappointed as we could have been looking all this time..oh well..it's in God's hands and whatever is meant to be will be...but still disappointing...:(....

Amargosa Valley RV Park!

Our campground at Amargosa Valley RV

Highway 95 towards Beatty....

Sunset from our campsite in Beatty, NV

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old mining town of Oatman AZ and Route 66!!

Today we decided to leave the KOA in Needles, CA and go for a drive...Crossed the Colorado River and headed to Oatman, AZ an old mining town on route 66..It was a beautiful drive through some interesting needle pointed mountains along with some of the teddy bear cactus...beautiful..we got there and were greeted by the wild burros that hang out in town, ready to be fed by the public.  Spent a couple of hours there and then had our "white trash lunch" on the tailgate.   The town itself, not so impressive as it was a definite "tourist trap"...but we still enjoyed.  In the end they only got $7.00 from us..Ken bought a really nice hat...Oatman, AZ and route 66...great hat, great price...We thought about eating there, but there just wasn't any place that impressed us...so out to the tailgate and our homemade lunch..declicious~  We are happy with that.! 

We left Oatman and thought we'd follow Route 66 to Kingman, but then again after driving so many miles decided to turn around and go Route 66 back...(it always looks different going the other way)...What a beautiful drive!!  

Got back to the campground, took our rv walk and now back at camp...in no hurry to head back to Winnemucca as it's snowing and cold...this was sooooooooo nice!! But tomorrow....on the road again!! How much better can it get!

Mountains on Route 66!

Mountains heading into Oatman, AZ

People decorated several of these plants going into Oatman for Christmas! 

Burros walking the streets of Oatman, AZ

Mural going into Oatman

Route 66 ...Oatman...

The road we were on...Route 66 

Wild Burros off Route 66...

More Cactus and palm...

The mountain you can see for miles on your way to Oatman...

Teddy Bear Cactus...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain...so we left Quartzsite and are in Needles, CA

Boondocking near Quartzsite, AZ

Jan 26th...We fell asleep last night listening to the rain, and woke up this morning listening to the rain.  Pretty much that locked us inside the camper for the morning hours. I kept hoping it would quit so we could stay, but after some more of Ken's movies we made the decision to leave our boondocking.  We had planned to ride bikes and enjoy the outside weather, but just wasn't happening. 

So we took our time leaving and headed for the KOA in Needles, CA where we were last week.  Little over 100 miles so a great drive.  Going down the highway is just incredibly beautiful, with the mountains, Colorado River and the lake.  Just so nice to watch the beauty and relax.  Had ourselves a nice lunch in a scenic pullout and now we're here...and it's raining again!  

I really hope that it'll quit tomorrow. We'll probably head towards Armagosa Valley NV, there's an rv park we've stayed before.  We can take our time as we have to be in Cool on Saturday for Mason's birthday. 

One more thing off the bucket list!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Boondocking at Palmosa Rd Quartzsite, AZ!

Lake Havasu, AZ

I-40 outside Needles, CA

Our set up at La Paz County Park

A cute scamp 5th wheel boondocking

Cabover on a trailer with enclosed front end

Boondockers on Palmosa Rd


Cool mud flaps 

Colorado River at La Paz 

Roadrunner Cafe....the old timers at the bar...
January 24th...We took a drive from La Paz County Park where we are staying for 2 nights..drove to Quartzsite, AZ...it was so busy in that town so we drove through and then visited a couple of the boondocking sites! Incredible the RV's that are parked there!  We were going to try and go to the RV show but there was no parking available..we finally found lunch before we headed back to Parker and enjoyed that very much!  

Got back and sat outside awhile watching people come into the park. Then we headed over to the Roadrunner cafe and bar where we've been before.  Had two drinks and the place was filling up with all older people!  We were the  youngest ones there!! Got back to camp and enjoyed several (me) more drinks and then called it a night! Great time!  

Got up this am and took our time, as we knew we were only driving 40 miles or so...got here to the boondocking area and parked our camper..can't believe all the people here..people watched awhile from outside and then the rain began...so came inside, fired up the generator and watched a couple of Ken's b rated horror flicks...ended the night with Open Season, which was cute!  Having a great time, and know we have to start heading back to CA on Sunday...

Pics tomorrow I hope!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Needles KOA and a drive to Bullhead City..AZ

Ken texting Don...

Ken on Route 66 near our KOA Needles, CA

Me, reading my kindle and enjoying the weather

Patriotic tribute along route 66

Tribute to Ron, a Marine...

Tribute to USMC!

Getting back on the bike on route 66

USA...says it all!!!
Jan 22nd...Got up this am and what a nice day it was!  The campground had really filled in over night...We got our morning going and decided to take a walk around the campground...nice, can't believe all the people and the money in motorhomes etc.!  Most are from Canada, Washington and other northern states.  They come to stay from Jan til April or so to escape the cold/rain from wherever they're from.  We certainly understand as we've been checking the Winnemucca weather and it's not good...-11 this am and at 1000 it had risen to 3 degrees...not working for us!  

I did some laundry and some nice chats with some ladies in the laundry and the bathroom.  It's really interesting why people do what they do...Ken took apart the outside shower, as we had a leak because it froze so we had to fix it. Took a drive that ended in Bullhead City, AZ to get the part and on the way back stopped at a Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  Ken had the pork burrito and I had the veggie...yummmm....and of course "the best margarita in town"...honestly I don't usually do that but decided to try it and it was good! 

Got back to camp, read my book and Ken fixed the shower. Took a little bike ride and visited at the campground next door.  

Tomorrow we will head out and head towards Parker, AZ....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Needles, KOA today

Peggy Sue's Diner Barstow CA...
Not sure why pics are posting first but they are.....

Peggy Sue's Diner......Dinersaur Park

Getting ready to leave Barstow, CA

Outside the diner they had a couple of nice cars!


Coming into Needles, CA 

Another view coming into Needles...
Today we finally left Barstow, CA...we didn't get out of the campground until 1130, got diesel and then were going to head for Needles, but since it was almost lunchtime, we headed to Peggy Sue's Diner.  We saw this place on California Gold with Huell Howser, never had stopped there before but decided in his honor to pay a visit.  

Good choice it was..it was a 50's diner with all kinds of stuff on the wall and the waitresses all dressed up in 50's style waitress dress.  I had the veggie burger, fries and coleslaw (homemade and it was really good)..Ken had bacon cheeseburger and fries...looked yummy!  

It's a really cute place and the food is good.  After that we got on the road and after about 140 miles we are at the Needles, KOA. We'll be here 2 days and then head towards Quartzsite, AZ...or not!  It was in the mid 60's today, when I checked Winnemucca this am it was -11....high was 29...so not working for us!  

Pics to  post tomorrow...