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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12th and we are at Bryan's house...

We spent two nights at the Winnemucca RV park..it snowed and was awful cold!   
We did go visit the girls at Las Margaritas Mexican and had a wonderful lunch.  Enjoyed the cable tv for two nights and then decided it was time to move on to Reno and the rv park at Grand Sierra.  That was really nice (no cable) and was only 21.00 a night..great showers and laundry.  We had  a late breakfast yesterday at the Grand Sierra, but expensive for what it was...was gonna go to the rv show but the two times we went  the snow was crazy so we went back and because it was "special" we had a drink at the camper and just enjoyed watching it snow.  

Got up on the 12th and it was freezing...6 degrees and the camper was cold.  Took our showers and got ready, then went to the rv show and didn't find a thing we liked..it all seems to come back to the Apex 215..so we'll see.  Had a great lunch  in Verdi and then headed to Bryan and Cheryls for a night or two or three...Cheryl made stuffed peppers which were incredible!  Had a nice night and now nighty night in the camper!  Tomorrow is Cheryl's Birthday, so we'll be here and her dad and Renette are coming over...shud be a wonderful day!! 

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