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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8th...aaaaahhhhhhh

Well, it's January 8th...unbelieveable!!  

New YEars Eve...we spent at Eric's house. Quiet but that's ok...we got to Winnemucca on, gee I'm not even sure when we got here...losing my mind I guess...I do know I spent a night at Bryan's and met Ken at the truck stop..in Gold Run...oh yes, now I remember, we took Russell's kids and Adam and went to the coast  for Wed, Thurs and Friday...We went to Doran and had a good time.  Ken stayed in the tent and the kids and I stayed in the fifth wheel.Then  Ken went to the truck stop and I took Adam home and spent the night...ok...now my mind is getting refreshed!..

We left the truck stop and headed for Winnemucca.  Never have we seen so much snow!! It's beautiful, but so cold!!  Water lines are frozen, so no showers, it's something else, but it is soooooo beautiful!  We did go to the gas station and took showers so it was nice.  We stayed two nights and then today got the cab over ready and we are at the Winnemucca RV park for two nights.  Loving it.  We went to the dr yesterday, she tried to drain my knee, and got blood but at least i know I'll live!  She changed my medication, and now added one to Ken..gotta be back in a month.  

We were gonna head for AZ, but have decided to go to Oregon for a few weeks after we get back and build a lean too for Bryan.  

I'm sure people don't understand, but life is good and we are happy!!!!

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