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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Needles KOA and a drive to Bullhead City..AZ

Ken texting Don...

Ken on Route 66 near our KOA Needles, CA

Me, reading my kindle and enjoying the weather

Patriotic tribute along route 66

Tribute to Ron, a Marine...

Tribute to USMC!

Getting back on the bike on route 66

USA...says it all!!!
Jan 22nd...Got up this am and what a nice day it was!  The campground had really filled in over night...We got our morning going and decided to take a walk around the campground...nice, can't believe all the people and the money in motorhomes etc.!  Most are from Canada, Washington and other northern states.  They come to stay from Jan til April or so to escape the cold/rain from wherever they're from.  We certainly understand as we've been checking the Winnemucca weather and it's not good...-11 this am and at 1000 it had risen to 3 degrees...not working for us!  

I did some laundry and some nice chats with some ladies in the laundry and the bathroom.  It's really interesting why people do what they do...Ken took apart the outside shower, as we had a leak because it froze so we had to fix it. Took a drive that ended in Bullhead City, AZ to get the part and on the way back stopped at a Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  Ken had the pork burrito and I had the veggie...yummmm....and of course "the best margarita in town"...honestly I don't usually do that but decided to try it and it was good! 

Got back to camp, read my book and Ken fixed the shower. Took a little bike ride and visited at the campground next door.  

Tomorrow we will head out and head towards Parker, AZ....

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