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Friday, January 25, 2013

Boondocking at Palmosa Rd Quartzsite, AZ!

Lake Havasu, AZ

I-40 outside Needles, CA

Our set up at La Paz County Park

A cute scamp 5th wheel boondocking

Cabover on a trailer with enclosed front end

Boondockers on Palmosa Rd


Cool mud flaps 

Colorado River at La Paz 

Roadrunner Cafe....the old timers at the bar...
January 24th...We took a drive from La Paz County Park where we are staying for 2 nights..drove to Quartzsite, AZ...it was so busy in that town so we drove through and then visited a couple of the boondocking sites! Incredible the RV's that are parked there!  We were going to try and go to the RV show but there was no parking available..we finally found lunch before we headed back to Parker and enjoyed that very much!  

Got back and sat outside awhile watching people come into the park. Then we headed over to the Roadrunner cafe and bar where we've been before.  Had two drinks and the place was filling up with all older people!  We were the  youngest ones there!! Got back to camp and enjoyed several (me) more drinks and then called it a night! Great time!  

Got up this am and took our time, as we knew we were only driving 40 miles or so...got here to the boondocking area and parked our camper..can't believe all the people here..people watched awhile from outside and then the rain began...so came inside, fired up the generator and watched a couple of Ken's b rated horror flicks...ended the night with Open Season, which was cute!  Having a great time, and know we have to start heading back to CA on Sunday...

Pics tomorrow I hope!

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