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Monday, January 21, 2013

Needles, KOA today

Peggy Sue's Diner Barstow CA...
Not sure why pics are posting first but they are.....

Peggy Sue's Diner......Dinersaur Park

Getting ready to leave Barstow, CA

Outside the diner they had a couple of nice cars!


Coming into Needles, CA 

Another view coming into Needles...
Today we finally left Barstow, CA...we didn't get out of the campground until 1130, got diesel and then were going to head for Needles, but since it was almost lunchtime, we headed to Peggy Sue's Diner.  We saw this place on California Gold with Huell Howser, never had stopped there before but decided in his honor to pay a visit.  

Good choice it was..it was a 50's diner with all kinds of stuff on the wall and the waitresses all dressed up in 50's style waitress dress.  I had the veggie burger, fries and coleslaw (homemade and it was really good)..Ken had bacon cheeseburger and fries...looked yummy!  

It's a really cute place and the food is good.  After that we got on the road and after about 140 miles we are at the Needles, KOA. We'll be here 2 days and then head towards Quartzsite, AZ...or not!  It was in the mid 60's today, when I checked Winnemucca this am it was -11....high was 29...so not working for us!  

Pics to  post tomorrow...

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