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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Friday, July 27, 2012

A walk with Ken and then the pain begins!

July 26th...Got up and Ken wanted to go for a walk to the pier..sounds good.a little over 4 miles both ways..Well I think the last time we did this a few days ago, I wore my flip flops and somehow hurt the side of my foot.  Had my tennies on today and thought i'd never make it back to the house!.. Pain, pain, pain...Bryan and Cheryl and kids spent a couple of hours at the ocean while we took the walk.  Came back for a little lunch and then spent the afternoon being lazy at the house!  it was a great time..Tacos for dinner and then bed. 

July 27th...got up and got ready headed to Bryans' house...we stopped in SHingle Springs and had a nice lunch at Joanie's place...(wine was 6.95_) ridiculous..good but not that good..Got to Bryans, and enjoyed the afternoon..

I called Lori to see if I could spend a couple of hours with the boys tomorrow before going to Eric's..won't see the kids till Thanksgiving if all goes as planned...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I can't believe it's the 25th already!!

Well, we've been here at Dillons for a few days...can't believe how time flies.  We got to this little place, called the Sea breeze..really nice it's been redone in the last year..we are downstairs, Bryan and family are upstairs.  We've been to the beach everyday and the weather is great. First day here it was really windy, but has been wonderful since.  

Bryan and I went to Petaluma today to pick up a few extra goodies to last us for the next 2 days.  Cheryl made an incredible  lasagna for dinner, I added salad and french bread. Looked especially yummy...I ate reduced grilled cheese and salad.  Oh well...Ninny says she's  coming next year and I hope it happens..

WE heard from our real estate agent yesterday and our offer has been accepted..will update later!! 

WE go home Friday to Gtown..then Eric's saturday...then REno Sunday, Ken's appt Monday..then Winnemucca...then TN...shud be fun!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting ready for Dillons

Got up this am and made some breakfast sandwiches for Adam, Bryan and Ken.  Headed out for Walmart to do some shopping for the trip this week to Dillons.  Finished there and then went to watch the boys race bmx at the park.  It was so hot!! Chris's air conditioning went out on the Tahoe..bummer as it is 100+ degrees this week!  Eric had parts and hoped he could fix it, but tonight we see probably not....bummer!!! 

Seth placed 2nd and Mason didn't but he ran good races..they've been out of it for about 3 months because of baseball, so it will take a bit to get back in the groove! But it was great to watch them.  

left there and headed for Winco, and then dollar store, because LIlly is coming with us an dI had picked up a bucket for Mia...so had to get one for Lilly.. got back to Bryan's and watched the kids swim a bit..Bryan bar b qued and we called it an early night for tomorrow!  Linda, Cheryl's mom is here and haven't seen her in a few years..she hasn't changed a bit!  Still no word from real estate, but probably tomorrow she said..when I emailed...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Georgetown and concrete!

Friday, July 20th...Georgetown...Well woke up and decided I needed to go shopping and get some things for tomorrow..food...so went to Winco and a couple of other places to make it happen....

Saturday July 21st..Made some breakfast sandwiches for the gang and then Russell, Eric, Seth and Mason showed up!..They didn't want anything before the concrete guy showed up..It was quick work for the guys and then the fun began.  Russell and Eric both had places to be later, but what a blessing they showed up and wheeled 4.25 yards of concrete!  Adam was a huge help with wheeling, as Ken, Keith and Bryan did the screeting on the concrete!  575.00 later is was done and a beautiful job was done by all...we had a good lunch of Winco sandwiches, potato salad and beans..We also hd that for dinner!  During the day, Ken, Bryan Cheryl and I went swimming and a lovely afternoon was had by all..

No word yet from Lori, the real estate person, so we wait!

Tomorrow I plan on watching Seth and Mason race and then Winco to get ready for next week at Dillons!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Georgetown, like a campground!!

Well, we woke up this morning and felt like we were camping!! Beautiful surroundings in Gtown...Got ready to go and headed out to spend some time in Roseville...went by winco and ordered a 3 foot sandwich for Saturday, cement pouring...among other things ...got home tonight  and Bryan fixed some rice and chicken for dinner ...delicious!!  

Saw Eric and the boys on their way to the BMX track for practice! That was nice since it seems like forever since we've seen them!! Love my boys!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in Georgetown CA

July 18th...Georgetown CA...We spent a couple of days in Winnemucca, Ken,Adam and Me..Yesterday was lab test time for me.  I am really hoping things have improved, as I have been off meat and watching cholesterol laden food for the last 4 months.  I have a dr appt August 1st so we will see.  We went to breakfast at Parker T after the appt.  Adam chose to stay at the trailer so he missed out.  Later in the afternoon, Ken and I went and visited Ron and Deanna, so that was a nice visit...I fixed chicken and rice for Ken and Adam for dinner.  

Got up and got ready this am to head for Gtown..we are pouring concrete this weekend so figured it's time to get back for a few days.  Made a quick stop in Reno to deliver some papers and then had a late lunch at Verdi.  We leave Monday for Dillons Beach for 4 nights, looking forward to the cooler weather!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A few weeks have flown by!

Again, I suck at this..why I just can't take a few minutes a day and write this diary, I have no idea.  We had a wonderful time at Craters of the Moon National Monument.  The kids loved the caves the best and spent tons of time in them.  WE walked a lot of trails and had a great time!  We stayed 1 night at the campground in the monument.  Then we took spent two nights at the Arco ID KOA, saw an incredible fireworks show from the park!  The kids have already made plans to go there again next year to watch the show. WE ended the vacation with a night in Winnemucca where Seth shot his first jackrabbit.  

Headed back to CA and up to Georgetown, Bryan and Cheryl went to Fort Bragg for three nights so Ken got the basketball court ready to pour and he actually poured a yard in the middle to make it easier to finish.  

Russell's 34th Birthday on Friday July 13th.  Ken, Adam and I headed for Tonopah NV to celebrate Russell's birthday weekend.  We had already told the kids we would take them to The Mizpah Hotel as it's supposed to be haunted so Russ and Lori decided to join us.  The hotel is incredible!  Very plush and elegant.  We got there late afternoon, had some snacks and headed for the Mexican restaurant in town, very good.  Came back and the adults went to the bar in the hotel for a couple of drinks.  

Saturday morning, after a delicious breakfast in the cafe in the hotel we spent several hours visiting the Tonopah mining park.  Very nice way to spend a few hours.  Then later we walked the town and ended up at the cemetary.  The highlight of the trip was when the bartender Russell was talking with arranged a tour for us in the basement of the hotel.  This is where there is supposed to be alot of ghost activity and there was.  We actually saw orbs that appeared they were not too happy we were visiting.  Then Russell got a picture and Lori too, of what appeared to be ghosts in the vault down there. Incredible!!  After a little resting, we went downstairs to dinner and then spent some time in the bar downstairs.  I spent too much time there, as the drinks were too darn good.  All in all a great night.
We woke up to no hot water, and even when we were checking out there still was none. The only negative in the whole stay. 
The next am we went downstairs to breakfast and to say good bye.  We came home to Winnemucca and the kids back to the real world of work.  We will head back to Ca on Wednesday, hopefully pour the concrete on Saturday and head to Dillons Beach with Bryan's family for the week.  After that it will be time to head for Tenn for a few months and hopefully meet up with Al and Irene!~ 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twin Falls ID on our way to Craters of the Moon!

I suck at blogging!  I can't believe last time I posted it was Fathers Day.  Inbetween we had a wonderful trip to Oregon with Eric's family and Jacob, Aaron and Adam.  We camped at Bullards Beach state park and were gone about a week.  Rain happened for a day but didn't deter the kids at all.  

Yesterday we left Winnemucca with Seth, Mason and Adam.  WE are camped at a KOA in Twin Falls Idaho.  It was a little over 300 miles yesterday and that was enough for the kids.  Today should only be about 85 miles and we'll be at Craters of the Moon National monument.  Hoping to spend the night at the campground there and then 2 nights at the KOA in Arco Id.  The shorter days the better!

This KOA does not allow tents outside the 5th wheel so we all stayed in the 19footer last night.. worked just fine!