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Monday, July 16, 2012

A few weeks have flown by!

Again, I suck at this..why I just can't take a few minutes a day and write this diary, I have no idea.  We had a wonderful time at Craters of the Moon National Monument.  The kids loved the caves the best and spent tons of time in them.  WE walked a lot of trails and had a great time!  We stayed 1 night at the campground in the monument.  Then we took spent two nights at the Arco ID KOA, saw an incredible fireworks show from the park!  The kids have already made plans to go there again next year to watch the show. WE ended the vacation with a night in Winnemucca where Seth shot his first jackrabbit.  

Headed back to CA and up to Georgetown, Bryan and Cheryl went to Fort Bragg for three nights so Ken got the basketball court ready to pour and he actually poured a yard in the middle to make it easier to finish.  

Russell's 34th Birthday on Friday July 13th.  Ken, Adam and I headed for Tonopah NV to celebrate Russell's birthday weekend.  We had already told the kids we would take them to The Mizpah Hotel as it's supposed to be haunted so Russ and Lori decided to join us.  The hotel is incredible!  Very plush and elegant.  We got there late afternoon, had some snacks and headed for the Mexican restaurant in town, very good.  Came back and the adults went to the bar in the hotel for a couple of drinks.  

Saturday morning, after a delicious breakfast in the cafe in the hotel we spent several hours visiting the Tonopah mining park.  Very nice way to spend a few hours.  Then later we walked the town and ended up at the cemetary.  The highlight of the trip was when the bartender Russell was talking with arranged a tour for us in the basement of the hotel.  This is where there is supposed to be alot of ghost activity and there was.  We actually saw orbs that appeared they were not too happy we were visiting.  Then Russell got a picture and Lori too, of what appeared to be ghosts in the vault down there. Incredible!!  After a little resting, we went downstairs to dinner and then spent some time in the bar downstairs.  I spent too much time there, as the drinks were too darn good.  All in all a great night.
We woke up to no hot water, and even when we were checking out there still was none. The only negative in the whole stay. 
The next am we went downstairs to breakfast and to say good bye.  We came home to Winnemucca and the kids back to the real world of work.  We will head back to Ca on Wednesday, hopefully pour the concrete on Saturday and head to Dillons Beach with Bryan's family for the week.  After that it will be time to head for Tenn for a few months and hopefully meet up with Al and Irene!~ 

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