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Friday, July 27, 2012

A walk with Ken and then the pain begins!

July 26th...Got up and Ken wanted to go for a walk to the pier..sounds good.a little over 4 miles both ways..Well I think the last time we did this a few days ago, I wore my flip flops and somehow hurt the side of my foot.  Had my tennies on today and thought i'd never make it back to the house!.. Pain, pain, pain...Bryan and Cheryl and kids spent a couple of hours at the ocean while we took the walk.  Came back for a little lunch and then spent the afternoon being lazy at the house!  it was a great time..Tacos for dinner and then bed. 

July 27th...got up and got ready headed to Bryans' house...we stopped in SHingle Springs and had a nice lunch at Joanie's place...(wine was 6.95_) ridiculous..good but not that good..Got to Bryans, and enjoyed the afternoon..

I called Lori to see if I could spend a couple of hours with the boys tomorrow before going to Eric's..won't see the kids till Thanksgiving if all goes as planned...

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