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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Georgetown and concrete!

Friday, July 20th...Georgetown...Well woke up and decided I needed to go shopping and get some things for tomorrow..food...so went to Winco and a couple of other places to make it happen....

Saturday July 21st..Made some breakfast sandwiches for the gang and then Russell, Eric, Seth and Mason showed up!..They didn't want anything before the concrete guy showed up..It was quick work for the guys and then the fun began.  Russell and Eric both had places to be later, but what a blessing they showed up and wheeled 4.25 yards of concrete!  Adam was a huge help with wheeling, as Ken, Keith and Bryan did the screeting on the concrete!  575.00 later is was done and a beautiful job was done by all...we had a good lunch of Winco sandwiches, potato salad and beans..We also hd that for dinner!  During the day, Ken, Bryan Cheryl and I went swimming and a lovely afternoon was had by all..

No word yet from Lori, the real estate person, so we wait!

Tomorrow I plan on watching Seth and Mason race and then Winco to get ready for next week at Dillons!!

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