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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Winnemucca again! Can't believe so much time has passed!!

May 31st...Can't believe how much time has passed since I've updated this blog! We have been in Ca since the 22nd or so and then yesterday we went to storage and got most of the stuff out and brought it out to Winnemucca.. Russ and Lori celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last weekend...so hard to believe..we kept the boys and had a fun time at Eric's..they came home on Sat and got the boys back.  Eric and Chris had a nice bar b q with friends so we all had a good time.  We spent Monday night at Bryan and Cheryl's which was nice. Adam was getting ready to go to sunsplash on Tuesday for his 7th grade grad party..Cheryl said he had a great time.  

Eric texted today and said he got the time off during the week of the 19th of June so Eric's family and Russell's kids and Adam will be going to Oregon for a few days with us ...can't wait!!..

Chelsea came in and we went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetary in Dixon..loved it..then we went by Don's and visited for a bit...

Today the 31st we worked hard on unloading the 20 foot trailer and putting stuff in the containers...looks pretty darn good..Steve came over and said his brother died..Ken is taking him to the bus station in Winnemucca this evening so he can head for Las Vegas..Vegetarian dinner of enchildadas and the  tomorrow to town for a few things..It is really nice out here..all the men are shooting squirrels..pretty cool as it needs to be done..sunsets incredible!!

Hopefully i'll get back on track and keep up with this blog and post some pics!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I can't believe how fast time goes and now we are back in Winnemucca!

May 16th...Today we drove Don to Nashville and said goodbye...Ken and I had a great drive back to his house and we leave tomorrow.  

Clarksville TN water tower

Just a barn I liked in TN

Looking out over the deck in Paducah KY
May 17th...We got up and decided to go to the Cornersville Truck Stop..great breakfast..I was bad and had their biscuits and gravy which was really good. We went back to Don's and took our time getting ready and left about 12..We only had about 160 miles to go and ended up at the Paducah KOA..we had stayed there in 1985 when the kids were small and we took our cross country trip. We got a Kamping Kabin but were a little upset as I believe they charged us $10.00 more than what the book said..when I mentioned it to the little old lady, she said oh that one is taken...gee, why did it have that price just a few hours before?! It was a nice stay though..not many people there yet this time of year.  

May 18th... 
We wanted to stay at this KOA so it would be close to this breakfast place I went to several years ago with my volunteers.  It was in Aurora KY a place called Marquitas..well we found it, but guess the saying "You can't go home again" is true as I was very disappointed in the biscuits and gravy...years ago it was the best I've ever had in a restaurant.  So off my bucket list..

Had a beautiful drive through a corner of illinois and then through Missouri..Never realized Missouri has so many people!  The highway never thinned out but it was still a nice trip.  We stayed east of Kansas City MO at the KOA in Oak Grove.  This is a beautiful campground.  People very nice and they had a lot of campers there.  These people take a lot of pride in their campground.  
May 19th...
Got up and headed for Kansas..nice drive through Kansas City..it wasn't a work day and we got through there early so it was nice to look at. 


Turned right on highway 181 and took the "back roads"..they were beautiful and very open.  We were looking for "our" Marine, Jamie Summerlin, he is running across America in support of Wounded Warrior Project.  We have been following him since we saw him and his rv in Winnemucca a couple of months ago.  We found him new Lake Wawonda and Cawker KS.  He was running down the road and we pulled over and he stopped and we talked for a minute!  Then his wife and two kids passed in the rv so we followed her till she stopped and donated a little money to the cause and $20.00 for burgers or something.  This is one special little family and we are so happy we got to meet them!!
Jamie in Kansas

Jamie and the WWP RV

Jamie and us 

The biggest ball of twine in America! Now we've seen it all!!

We left them and then came up Cawker, KS and saw the biggest ball of twine in America!! Love it!

This drive today was my favorite! This is how I like to travel the back roads of America!  

We continued on to Gothenburg NE where we stopped at the KOA and spent the night.  It was raining and a little thunder, great night!  This is a very nice KOA not many people here either.

May 20th 
Another drive on the freeway, a long one.  On the way we came across a rest area that we know we must have seen before but we don't remember.  They have a beautiful statue of Abraham Lincoln!  He is my favorite, so I know we would have oticed him as he has been there since 1969. 
We spent the night at the Rock Springs WY KOA in a Kabin.  It was nice, but the campground is full of a bunch of locals..this was a Sunday, so we thought come Monday morning they would all get up and go to work...NOT.  Don't know if this is how people live in areas of Wyoming...but we saw alot of that going through Wy...
May 21st...
We thought we were gonna spend the night in Wendover NV at the KOA there but in looking at the mileage, we decided to just go ahead and head for Winnemucca.  Good thing too, as we were going through Wendover just after 12.  We stopped in Elko for a nice Mexican Lunch.  La Fiesta makes great food! The service sucks as they only had one server for probably 50 people!  We were about ready to get up and get out when the guy asked us what we wanted.  It's too bad really, as the food is delicious but the service will keep us from going back there again.

Drove into Winnemucca and made a quick stop at Raleys.  Had leftover Mexican for dinner and called it a night.  Then we get into bed and Ken notices the sheets had been chewed on YUKKKK...we've never had a problem here before but it looks like we have a mouse...
Piddled around the trailer this am then went into Winnemucca, just to make some bank stops, Lunch at our favorite place  Las Margaritas, where service is wonderful and then Raleys for meds I forgot to pick up yesterday...Laundry too.  Back out here, Ken has labwork at 0800 then we'll head to Sacramento to see the grandkids this weekend and celebrate Memorial Day. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Great times in Cornersville, TN!

Watching the sun go down in beautiful Cornersville, TN!
Sunday May 13th...Cornersville, TN....Had a wonderful Mother's Day in Cornersville, TN.  Talked to all the boys and grandsons.  Not the same as being there, but it seems the families all had plans.  I know Russell's family went to the Strawberry Festival, Eric's family went to Lucille's for lunch and then the two families met up for dinner (sushi, yukkk)...Bryan's family went over to Kim and Ace's place for a bar b q.  

Ken and I went for the drive down Blue Creek.  It was very nice, not quite what we expected though but that's ok.  Afterwards, we found La Fuentes in Lewisburg and had another great lunch.  I had the chicken fajitas (6.99) and didn't eat the chicken.  Brought it home and had plenty left for tacos for dinner.  

May 14th..Don decided to see about getting his TN license today...so we rode along.  The office was in Fayettville, so we took freeway down and highway 431 back...beautiful drive!  Came back and just enjoyed the afternoon of being here.  

May 15th... Ken and I will go to Wal Mart to get some more of Bush's best pinto and great northern mixed beans...yummmy...can't find a store that carries them on the west coast.  Then we plan on driving a bit of the Civil War Trail over the freeway.  Also plan on going out to dinner at the truck stop...A very busy day in Cornersville!!

Winding down to our last days here..Don will leave on the 16th and we are starting back on the 17th....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pulaski TN and a great lunch!

Our McCormick Deering hay mower

Plow for my Farmall

Saturday, May 12th..Cornersville TN..  Ken and Don got a bit of a late start today...but that's ok, not much going on except waiting for our "souvenirs" to be delivered.  About 10 or so Clifford showed up and unloaded our treasures.  

Afterwards Ken and I decided to take the drive Scotty had told us about, but Ken got a little ways down the road and decided there was really nothing to see.  Yes it was overgrown, but i'm thinking he didn't go far enough on the road, so we'll have to try later.  We ended up taking highway 31 into the town of Pulaski, nice drive.  Pulaski has a really nice historic downtown, but we didn't stop.  We continued on 31 for a bit and then turned around and went to LaFuentes Mexican restaurant.  The food was delicous and cheap!  I had a tostada (no meat)..rice and beans..along with the standard chips and salsa..$4.49.  Margaritas (because they have happy hour on Thursday and Saturday) $2.25...hard to beat.  Ken's lunch looked delicious too...chicken burrito and all the trimmings $6.99, and a 32 ounce beer $3.99.  We will be back!  
A neat barn on Blue Creek Road

Took a nice backroads drive home through Linnville.  Don had just planted some flowers the old owner of the house gave him which looks really nice.  We all did a little front porch sitting, and watched the storm come over the hills and rain.  

I can't believe how fast this trip is going.  We thought we'd have an easy time going back to Winnemucca and then Sacramento, but it doesn't appear that's gonna happen..we will probably only have one extra day in there, oh well...kids will be out of school soon and then the summer fun begins!!!

Sunday, May 13th...Cornersville TN....Got up about 6:30 and came downstairs...It's Mother's Day!  Love u MOM..I think this is the first one we're not with the boys, but I hope all the daughter in laws have a great day..I know it sounds like Russell's family has some great fun planned! They are going to the strawberry festival and go by Lori's mom since she came home from the hospital yestererday!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Another great day in Cornersville!

May 10th...Woke up and decided to do some running around.  We headed for the Delina Crossroads Market.  Ken and I started out that way a couple of days ago but didn't quite find it..today we did, it's about 15 miles from Don's place. A beautiful ride out in the country.  Talked with the owners daughter a bit. It was too early for lunch but hopefully one day we'll make it back out there.  
Delina Country Store

Customers in for lunch at the Crossroads Market

Ken and me in front of the market

The house next to the church in Delina TN

Then we headed for town and stopped at the town hall and met Scotty, a really nice man who seems to know all about the town.  After that we meandered up towards Columbia, as that's where Don's truck was being fixed so we figured we'd go to lunch at Cracker Barrel. YUM...on the way we stopped at the little country antique place we met Don at the other day..we were looking to buy a plow for the back of the Farmall and they had it for $65.00 a real steal.  While we were there Ken asks me to get Don's address..ohoh..he decides to buy a hay mower with steel wheels..I really liked it too, but obviously he loved it.  He called the gentleman who was selling it and he gave us a deal and is delivering them on Sat. pictures then!

Don got the truck and then Ken stopped at a Kubota dealer looking at tractors.  We stopped at Massey Ferguson on the way to lunch..Ken is in his element looking at tractors..

May 11th..Got up early and decided to go to town and have breakfast at the Starlight Cafe.  The place was really cute and most were very friendly. On lady Jean said they had been discussing Don the week before trying to figure out why they "only" bought 10 acres..you can tell this is a place where the little old men come every morning for companionship and gossip!  Too cute! Food wasn't bad, but not what i'm looking for when I want a country breakfast.  Did try the gravy and it was ok but not Aurora KY!  We did like their homemade jam and jellys and he has quite a business going selling to local restaurants and wineries. 
Ken's first cup of coffee on the back deck

The Patriot under the trees

Happy Hour TN style!!

The walk at Don's house with bushes original to when house was built

Came back and Ken and Don have been outside working on fence posts to mark his property.  I'm just enjoying doing nothing and whatever I want.  Did see a lizard on the deck today...of course I get to see it!
Hay bales near Don's house

Ken and Don working on fence posts for markers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another beautiful day in Cornersville TN

May 8th....Got up around 0630 and took our coffees to the back deck...beautiful..there is a cow that moo's so loudly it's such a nice sound!  

Don ran to town and got some business done and then came home and started mowing.  Alot to be said for his little John Deere lawn tractor!  He worked all afternoon, and what a difference it made, the lawn looks like a golf course!  

Ken spent the afternoon washing the Patriot and then rotating tires..one of those things that have to be done.  After he finished, ran to Dollar  General and got some Mother's day cards to get in the mail tomorrow.  We also took a drive to find the Delina Crossroads Market...as usual we didn't quite go far enough. We were at the 3800 block (I use that term loosely) and the market is at 4300.  So we'll try again while we are here.  

May 9th....woke up to a light rain falling..I love the way it smells after a rain in the south!! Not sure what's on for today, but don't care!  Just happy to be!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cornersville TN

May 6th...We all slept in till about 0730.  Guess we needed it after all those 0400 days!  Woke to a beautiful sunrise and quiet except all the birds singing outside.  During the night we had an incredible thunderstorm! Lightning and thunder actually felt like the house was shaking! Linda would have hated it!  But some of us really sick people just enjoyed it.  

Once we finally got going, about 1300 hrs.  we headed into Cornersville and Lewisburg to get a few things.  Ken and Don enjoyed Tractor Supply and I wandered down to Goodwill.  Ken needed a few long sleeve shirts, as he likes to wear them in the summer.  I was able to get him three shirts for $4.48 and they are already broke in! Then we headed to Walmart for a few more things, came home and started dinner.  Ken bar b qued some chicken for them and I had a bar b q veggie burger. Delicious!  

Don's little town is really cute, just what you would think of a small town atmosphere!  Lewisburg is bigger, but still not very.  Tomorrow we are headed over to Columbia and maybe to Sam's Club so we'll see a few more bigger towns. Think we're going by the little antique store we saw on the way in so we can buy an implement for our Farmall (65.00) incredible!!

After dinner when evening was upon us, back outside to see the fireflies! I'm sure I sound ridiculous getting all excited, but i sure wish the grandkids could see this! He has so many out in the field and in the trees!

May 7th....Got up early and enjoyed my coffee on his front porch! So quiet, saw the old John Deere tractor go across Don's field out to the hills...Hopefully while we're here we can catch him cutting Don's area!  It's gonna be a warm one today..but so beautiful!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Made it to Cornersville, TN!!

We left Checotah Ok this am, got some breakfast and booked our way through Arkansas and then to the middle of Tennessee to Cornersville.  This was the ending of this trip we were working towards.  We certainly had a beautiful drive today as Arkansas is very special to me.  It's where my daddy was born and raised.  I have such fond memories as a child and teen of going to visit Grandma and Grandpa every summer for about 2 weeks.  Usually this was the once a year we would meet up with our cousins and just have the every day fun that kids should have.  Barely tv, maybe a radio but no video games, cell phones or anything else.  We spent our days either at the park or playing outside.  Great memories that will never be forgotten, and are just fondly remembered whenever I think of Arkansas.  Today we just stayed on the freeway, but we'll be back through Clarksville, when we can take some time to remember, and hopefully see my cousins and other relatives sooner rather than later.  
Lake  Eufuala OK

Flying by a tree in OK with mist on the ground...

We entered Tennessee, which is one of most favorite places! Don and Dana bought their house about an hour south of Nashville in a little town called Cornersville! We knew it was gorgeous, but I can't even find the words to describe this place..It was built in 1902 and has some remodeling done, but in keeping with the era. It sits on 10 acres surrounded by another 100 or more..I can see why they fell in love with it!!

An upstairs bedroom

Ken and Don in the BIG garage!

A view from Don and Dana's yard!

Front view of the house!

Another view of the yard and surrounding area

Side view of this beautiful old home

The beautiful kitchen, and you can tell Ken has left his mark!

Incredible dining room!

The living room with Scarlett O Hara over the fireplace

Ken and Don outisde turning on the water

Part of the beautiful bedroom set!

Another upstairs bedroom and beautiful hardwood floors

Another room upstairs

Another upstairs room!

Friday, May 4, 2012

We're in Checotah Ok!!

We left Albuquerque NM this morning about 0600 hours..had a quick Mickey D's breakfast about 8 and arrived in Checotah OK around 1800 hours this evening.  We did over 600 miles today but it was a beautiful ride! Watching the everchanging scenery in itself is just more than I can ever hope for.  I made a point of telling Ken that I hope my mind will take it all in as America is so incredible to see. 

A beautiful flag over Oklahoma City!

Ken and Don outside kabin at Lake Eufuala KOA Oklahoma

Our Kabin

Ken and Don figuring out the alligator trap at Lake Eufalua 
Oklahoma is so beautiful and green!  We are at the Lake Eufalua KOA.  It is absolutely the best most well kept KOA we have ever been too.  We took a walk to the lake and found a cage there..we decided that is was an alligator cage..just kidding. Then we came back and researched it and sure enough there are huge alligators in this lake! 

Tomorrow morning it's off to Arkansas and then Tennessee our final destination at Don's house!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're in Albuquerque!!

May 2nd...We left Don's house about 06:15 hours. We got to Needles KOA about 1700 hours..Had a good night, the boys ordered pizza and we stayed in one of the cabins at the KOA.  Got up 0430 on the 3rd and left about 0600.

May 3rd....Left Needles KOA and are headed for Albuquerque. It was a good drive and here we are at the KOA in a 2 room cabin.  Again, we are ordering pizza and having it delivered.  That way we don't get lost in town!  Tomorrow we are heading for Checotah, Oklahoma about 660 mi from here.  We've had a good trip averaging 560 miles a day so far.  Can't wait to get to Don and Dana's house, the pictures are so incredible!  

It's amazing how many rv's are on the road. Yes there has been a recession and gas / diesel prices are skyrocketing but it doesn't seem to be keeping from seeing our beautiful United States!!