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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Catch up of the last week, Can Am ride, Bryan and Cheryl are officially Arkansas residents! :)

 Last Thursday we left home and headed for Carson City and a visit to Ken's lung doctor, Dr. Foster. It was a good visit and he'll go back in 3 months. After that we headed for Total wine for a pick up order. 

Friday was a visit to the cardiologist's office to get a heart monitor put on for the next 14 days. We see the cardiologist on the 20th of September. 

The weekend is a blur, other than Champagne Sunday.  Ken cooked yummy burgers on the griddle and I did steak fries. Yes, we were bad, but they were so good! Later in the day we took a much needed CanAm drive out to the BLM. 

Ken had to drain and clean the stock tank once we returned
from Arkansas as there was dirt all over. There was a wind
event or two while we were gone and pulled our cover inside.
Hopefully it'll warm enough to use it before Fall. 

Champagne Sunday πŸ˜‹

Cute little bomb fire starters. Thanks Russell!

My burger on a low carb tortilla


Made a trip to Gardnerville to pick up prescriptions. Other than being around the house, nothing exciting to report LOL. 

Yesterday after breakfast Ken asked my plans. I told him and then he said he wanted to go for a drive. OK, out the door went my baking plans LOL. We didn't go far, but nice to just be out without a specific purpose in mind. 

On the way home, we stopped at El Ateno, our favorite Mexican Restaurant in town. Haven't been there in forever so it was nice to go there. Leftover fajitas for dinner tonight. πŸ˜‹

It was a nice cool morning today. Woke up to 50 degrees two days in a row. The afternoons are still in the 90's but supposed to change this weekend. 

I did the baking I didn't do yesterday. Ken went to Karen's and unloaded the wood with the tractor that he picked up for them on Tuesday. Then he got the CanAm loaded on our trailer as we're supposed to be going on a ride with friends on Saturday πŸ’™

Bryan and Cheryl are official Arkansasonians (if that's a word LOL). They were able to get their driver licenses, registered their vehicles and are awaiting new titles. Happy campers they are. 

Plates in hand as they left the DMV (not called that there, but
I forget what it is called). A lot less to register their 2 vehicles
than California! 

Bryan had a visitor just before bedtime. An armadillo, 
didn't seem fazed by the flashlight. 

You don't see many smiling faces on CA driver's licenses,
but this guy is happy!! πŸ’™πŸ˜

Stole this one off FB. Russell and Lori enjoying! πŸ’™πŸ’™

Well, here we are looking at September already tomorrow. Hoping in the next week or two to hear the cargo trailer is ready for pick up. Then we can get over to Lincoln to pick up the rest of Bryan and Cheryl's things. Because of appointments for Ken we won't be able to leave for Arkansas until the end of September. Again, this will be a mission. Hoping to make it there for their first Thanksgiving and that will be trip with the Mansion. Not trying to hurry September though. Holidays will be here quick enough. 

It's coming upon Happy Hour so I'll close this out 🍺🍸 Have a great evening! πŸ’™

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Bryan's officially retired! Over the hill to see family and friends! Carson City trips


Nephew Kenny, Diane, Jim, Ken, Brian
Grandma and Me 

Ken's brother Don on the left, Jim, Ken, Brian, Diane, Me and Grandma 

Last Friday night we spent in Wendover, UT right at the Nevada border. There's lots of Casinos to stay in that town, but no place for parking a trailer. We ended up at the Motel 6 which was ok. Lots of parking for the trailer. 

We got started really early on Saturday so we could end up at home that afternoon. We got to Fallon, NV around 1300 and stopped at Stockman's for lunch. It was good, but the prices are so jacked up high we probably won't go back. 

Wendover Will greets everyone! 

Pulled into the driveway around 1430 and got some stuff unloaded. Then it was Happy Hour and since we hadn't seen the neighbors and Mugsy and Lila in awhile we headed over for the evening. 

We were home for Champagne Sunday and enjoyed the day. Not a lot got done, but that's ok. It was cool and rainy, such a change! Later in the evening Ken started a fire in the outdoor kitchen, because it was really needed! 

Champagne Sunday drinks πŸ’™

Obviously a huge windstorm came through and destroyed 
an almost new EZ UP. Ken had in 5 gallon buckets filled with rocks
and other tie downs. Darn this wind!! 

Our mini pizzas on low carb tortillas 

Sacramento Bee ran a full page ad NO!! 
Nevada does NOT need anymore people! LOL.

Monday was a trip to Gardnerville for some serious grocery shopping LOL. 

Yesterday morning we left here about 0615 to head for Sacramento and some visiting. Ken's brother Don is here visiting from Tennessee for the week. 

We had a nice couple of hour visit with him along with friends Jim and his brother Brian. Jim and Ken went to high school together and Don and Brian were best friends then too. Brian lives in Idaho and corresponded his trip during the time that Don is here πŸ’™ I can't think of the last time we've seen Brian probably a good 30 years, or even more. Jim, we actually saw last September out at our house. Always nice to visit. 

Brian sitting down and Grandma. Jim standing up

Diane, Ken and Don

We left there and headed over to Antelope, to pick up my car that grandson Aaron has been borrowing for a few months or so. He got a new to him one a few weeks ago. Picked it up, freshly washed and cleaned inside along with a full gas tank. Thanks Russell and Aaron! πŸ’™

From there we drove up the hill to Carson City. We got a motel there as Ken had to be to the cardiology center for a stress test at 0645. Beats a one way 90 minute drive that we'll do tomorrow and Friday. Those appointments are later in the morning! 

We were home today by 1200 so we pulled out some leftovers and had lunch. Watched a movie and then we separated to our own chores. Mid eighties so it's really nice. 

It's official! Our son Bryan is officially retired from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office! Congratulations Son!! They've got a heat wave going on in Heber Springs, AR. Just checked temps and it's 98 feels like 112, a little cooler than the last couple of days LOL. Thank Goodness for air conditioning! 

Last but not least, Jesse sent me this picture the other day. Owen attended his first Oakland A's game with his dad and Uncle Jesse :)

Jesse, Dusty and Owen πŸ’™

Going to get this posted as it's almost Happy Hour next door! Have a great evening! 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Yerington to Heber Springs, Arkansas. We're on the way back home now! Biggest Ball of Twine! LOL.

Love this picture of Ken and Bryan enjoying ArkansasπŸ’™

That is a corn shucker that my daddy got from his old home
place at Fort Douglass Arkansas way back when. He gave it to
Bryan many years ago and we kept it for safe keeping for 
many years and now it's back where it belongs in Arkansas πŸ’™
Definitely was my Grandpa's and probably my great Grandpa's. 
Bryan and Cheryl plus their dogs in their new state!

Found these "pennies from heaven" right outside our truck!
Thinking my parents and Cheryl's dad are happy they are
moving! πŸ’™ Especially since my daddy was from Arkansas. πŸ’™

 We're in Kimball, Nebraska this Thursday night headed home from Arkansas. We left last Thursday and made good time getting to Arkansas. We spent the first night in Williams, AZ. Second night in Tucumcari, NM and the last night in Shawnee, OK. Luckily both vehicles ran awesome and got us into Heber Springs on Sunday afternoon. 

First thing Cheryl did..

Get rid of these ugly curtains LOL. 

She wants to paint and add faux shutters..cute don't ya think?!

Bryan and Cheryl  were heading to the store, Daisy was not

Love the green of the trees and yard! 

Bryan's garage and shop..it's awesome! 

A little front porch sittin! 

The house Bryan and Cheryl bought is adorable. Yes, it's a cosmetic fixer, but the layout and everything about it is perfect for them.  The fence Bryan had built, is great for the dogs. 

We had a great few days, but knew this visit would be short as Ken has 3 different doctor appointments next week. We enjoyed the time we had with them and would definitely do it again. We will, once we get the cargo trailer and can pick up some more of their stuff from Lincoln. 

They live in a "dry county" so we took the 24 mile one way drive to the nearest liquor store. LOL.  Everyone is so nice there! Just have to stock up once you're there. Kind of like my trip to total wine, which is 90 miles one way. Better make it worth your while. πŸ˜ƒ

Bryan cooked a tri tip to send with us on our trip. So yummy! 

We left Wednesday morning and spent the night last night in Salina, Kansas. Tonight we're here and hope to be somewhere near Salt Lake tomorrow. Home on Saturday, if all goes as planned.

Just out of Branson, MO. 218 foot cross with tears. Cool 
story behind it. Largest cross in America, 5th largest in the
world. The eight vertical teardrops represent new beginnings and the five horizontal represent grace. When you put them together it represents a graceful
new beginning when we meet Christ. πŸ’–

Downtown Heber Springs 

Cawker City, KS

World's largest ball of twine! The second time we've seen this!

Several years ago we were following a Marine who was 
running across America. We found him near this and gave a 

Bryan and Cheryl bought a couch at the consignment store. 
The dogs are loving it! They have 3! 

Bryan's truck we took back. 

I think Raider's loving his new home, he's smiling! 😁
Yes it was a whirlwind trip, but so worth it. The kids are where they want to be to start the new chapter of their lives. Makes us happy! We have a new place to visit whenever we can and it's in a state that I have so much history and love for πŸ’— Life is good!