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Friday, June 30, 2017

Reno trip and getting ready...

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we set the alarm for 0500 and got ready to head for Reno for a few hours of shopping.  We got going and went by Smith's in Carson City.  They had the sodas on sale again for 4 twelve packs for $10.00.  We don't drink it but the kids do and that's a great price.  Then Ken dropped me off at Winco and he ran to Sam's Club to pick up frozen hamburgers for the trip.  He usually makes them but again, with 5 boys frozen is the way to go!  He found some regular 1/3 lb ones and then he found bacon cheddar burgers, the boys will love! He also found a new ice chest that he just couldn't do without! 

I spent a ton of money at Winco but definitely much cheaper than eating out with 5 boys!  

Quick stop by Walmart in Gardnerville for a griddle I ordered and some bandaids.  By then after a quick stop at the banks for Ken we headed for Carson Valley Inn and a wonderful lunch.  Then headed towards home. 

Unloaded the car into the trailer with the non perishables and the rest into the house.  A few glasses of wine, dinner and bedtime! 

Today was in the kitchen this morning making some chicken enchiladas for Ken and veggie ones for me.  Coleslaw to go along with it.  Salad lunch and then I was looking up some flights and rooms for my Sister in law, Diane and our nephew Jesse who are heading for Nashville and the Raiders Titans game in September.  
Ken worked outside on the irrigation system for the garden.  So hot I don't know how he does it! 

Tomorrow we'll finish getting the trailer loaded (Ken started the frig today). I'll make some potato salad to go on the trip tomorrow.  

Sunday am I plan on leaving about 0600 and heading for Antelope, CA to pick up two of my favorite grandsons.  Then we'll head up the hill to Cool, CA and pick up my other two favorite grandsons and head back to Yerington.  The other favorite grandson will drive himself over sometime that day.  Monday morning we'll head out! Love vacation!

Well, he's got an ice cold Corona Light waiting for me...so guess I'll brave the heat for a bit!  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A little precooking for next week..Ken works on the watering system..

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) I got started on some precooking and freezing for the trip next week.  I spend a lot of time cooking sausage, bacon and pancakes for the boys I thought why not pre cook the sausage and bacon, freeze it and then pull it out of freezer as needed.  I also made a lot of breakfast burritos and froze them.  I made a dozen apple muffins and a banana bread too.  Kept me busy for a few hours.  
Fixings for 3 kinds of burritos ..ham bacon or sausage..

Banana break and apple muffins..

After our salad lunch I decided to get started on the curtains we bought for the Jayco. We've had the Jayco about 2 1/2 years so time for things to start falling apart.  The Jayco has pull down blinds on the windows.  Ever since the beginning, some of the window blinds never stayed up..you'd open the blind and down it would slip.  We had two of them fixed while under warranty, but didn't last long, so Ken made some u shaped things that would go over and under the valance to keep the shades up.  Well the biggest shade over the back window, was crap!  Finally he had to take the string out and we manually pushed it up and then the u shaped thing would hold the shade.  uhhh...So we decided to buy or make a curtain that would fit the window.  Found a brown curtain at Walmart for $10.00 that just needed to be shortened to fit the window.  We bought the 63 inch and needed to be shortened to 37 inches. So rather than lose half the curtain I folded it up and sewed it to it. Gave us half a room darkening curtain.  If I'd have realized what I was going to do I would have bought an 84 inch curtain. So now you know what I have to do. But this curtain won't go to waste, as we know it's just a matter of time till the other blinds break then this set will go on the smaller windows.  
This one's over the dining table..still good, but I didn't get a pic
of the bad one..

Bare window..

See what I mean..I'll get one that will cover the whole window..

So the day was pretty productive, without leaving home. I like those days! 

Ken on the other hand worked outside most of the day.  He's working on a watering system for the little garden that'll work while we're gone. It's been so hot lately that the garden is at a standstill.  The little tomatoes are still the same size and there's still no squash. Weird, but the local news said to expect this.  Ken also decided to run a watering system to the trees on the property line.  The people who owned the house before us, planted a lot of trees on the property line.  The woman who lived next door took the responsibility of watering them all for like 20 years or so and the expense for doing that too.  So Ken's running the water line on our side so that he can turn on our water and water the trees twice a week or so during the summer months.  


I made cookies and some 7 layer treasure bars this morning which are going to the freezer for next week..still trying to get ahead. 

Ken made the trip to Lowe's in Fernley to pick up the stuff he needed to finish the watering system.  We're headed for Reno tomorrow and figured we wouldn't have time to do it all.  As I write this blog he's still outside trying to get it done. 
The line that will meet our hose line..

Trees to the front of the property..

Trees going to the back of the property with the new black water

Our yard art..

Tomorrow, Reno for Winco shopping and Sam's Club too.  We're stopping by the bank for the pink slip for the fishing boat and trailer so I can give them to Eric when I pick up the boys on Sunday.  

I did call Cave Lake State Park and talked to a nice Ranger who said the campgrounds don't normally fill for 4th of July..so that's good news.  He told me where to buy fishing licenses in Ely for the boys. So hoping that all turns out well.  I called Great Basin National Park and she said after the 4th we should be able to get a campsite.  (they don't take reservations)..

Grandson Jacob 3rd from the left..they won!!

Owen and his new friend Mr Bones the 2nd..he used to
be afraid of this one..now he loves it..looks like they're dancing..

Stole this from FB..Beautiful June Lake off highway 395
one of our favorite places..but campgrounds full!

Monday, June 26, 2017

A HOT Sunday at home..Happy Birthday to a special man...

A Happy Birthday toast in memory of
Keith Bybee...Georgetown, CA..

Sunday morning we had our apple oatmeal muffins and got the day started with coffee and computer.  A little exercise and Ken gave himself a haircut.  Gosh darn it's already hot!  

Adam called from Bridgeport and said he was going to head home to Georgetown as he's decided to go camping with his cousins Nick and Ben.  Ben leaves for Air Force Boot Camp on the 25th of July.  They're heading to Dillons Beach where I'm sure it'll be much cooler!  He'll be gone a few days and then over here on Sunday (if not before).  

Ken worked on the 97 putting in a couple of storage boxes etc.  He handles the heat much better than me.  I closed the curtains and had the a/c running until almost bedtime. 

Yesterday would have been Keith's birthday.  Keith is dau in law Cheryl's dad.  He would have turned 70 yesterday.  He passed away unexpectedly last July 13th.  Bryan sent a few pics from their house.  Cheryl's sister Kim and hubby Ace came over and it looks like they had a nice little gathering to toast Keith on his birthday.  Keith was definitely a man's man and a very hard worker.   I think he was one of those people you couldn't help but like.  A wonderful sense of humor and just a wonderful man.  I told Cheryl I wished we were there and felt very honored that she sent the pictures to include us.  It's always hard for us girls to lose their daddy especially when it's someone as special as Keith.  

Kim, her hubby Ace sitting and Bryan

Miss Mia..

Adam, Mia, Bryan, Kim, Cheryl and Ace..

Our son Bryan and Keith..they always had a special bond..:)

Our niece Samantha had stopped by Ken's moms house with baby Slater when they were in Sacramento..stole these pictures from FB.

Grandma, Samantha and Slater
Ken's mom will be 90 in December..
Looks good doesn't she?

Our other niece Christine getting to know

Grandma and Slater listening..hahah

Slater and Grandma

It appears our 3 grandsons got to go fishing two days in a row..not so much luck yesterday...




This morning we're going to head to Gardnerville to pick up a few things..Sheets, a camping griddle for the outdoor stove and more stuff i'm sure of..It's going to be another hot one..darn..Have a great day! 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Had a surprise overnight guest!

Yesterday morning got up and started cleaning the house from when the kids were here.  Did laundry from all the beds and discovered I'm badly in need of some more sheet sets!  Seems between the trailer, cab over, bunkhouse, fifth wheel and the house I NEED more sheets.  Pulled the ones off our bed and the bottom was ripped, of course these sheets are probably a hundred years old..hahahaha. Guess that'll be on the agenda when we head for the big city later this week. 
Eric took the boys fishing at a pond near their
house..Mason got bass..catch and release..

I think Mason's happy with his catch

Russell and Lori gave me some squash from their garden so I froze one and stuffed one, using ground turkey breast and veggies.  Haven't done that in years but I have to say with a salad last night it was delicious.  Cooked it early because it was going to be so hot!  

Ran to Scolari's for a few things and then I was in the house the rest of the day, just too hot outside for me.  Ken spent a big portion of the day outside after enjoying a nice breakfast with Joe at Dini's in town.  
From the top..Jacob, Seth in the front Aaron, Mason and Adam
2012 when we at lighthouses Northern CA..my how they've

Jacob and a bass he caught last week

Russell and a HUGE Bass

Jacob and his dad with fish

I love this pic! Shows how tall these
boys are! Jacob, Russell and Aaron..

Our Grandson, Adam called me saying he was going camping for a few days.  He was headed towards Bridgeport, CA which is where we spend a lot of time most summers.  I know the rivers are running high and he was wondering what a fishing license costs?  In CA they're running about $50.00 and it's form Jan to Dec not a year from when you buy it.  Then he wanted to know how much camping is there..about $20 to 22 a night.  So he headed out..when he got near Hope Valley he called wanting to know where dispersed camping is there, I told him and then surprise he's coming to Grandma and Papa's to spend the night! Yay!  Always happy to see any of the grandkids!  He decided to forgo spending 22 dollars or so  when it would be almost dark.  

Our sunset last night ..

Seth joined Russell, Aaron and Jacob this am..

Aaron and his bass..all catch and release..
Jacob with his prize..

He didn't want the squash for dinner but later I made him a black bean veggie burger and he liked that.  I called it a night (Ken had already gone to bed).  

Woke Adam about 0620 this am as he wanted to get an early start.  While we were talking last night he changed his mind and decided to head for Devil's Postpile  National Monument.  It's about 50 miles further than Bridgeport but he really liked it when we were there a few years ago.  I made some apple muffins to send with him (and for our morning coffee) then made him pancakes for breakfast.  I made him a good sandwich to take with him for lunch or dinner and off he went. 
Adam and Papa this morning..Adam
has the gypsy in him..takes after his
Grandma and Papa..
Bye Adam..travel safe 

He's called a couple of times, seems Devil's Postpile is CLOSED!  There's still too much snow to get there and other campgrounds are closed because of high water!   So he headed back to Bridgeport and he called again, he found 1 of 2 sites that were left.  He said it looked like there will be thunder and lightning happening soon.  He decided not to spend two nights as it's $23.00 a night for him and he said he's just parked in the desert.  So tomorrow he may come back here or head for home.  He wanted to get some good pictures so I'm hoping that'll happen!  

Ken spent most of the day outside again, not me..He took the cabover off the 97 Ford truck (AKA: Money Pit).  He's decided we are taking the 97 Ford pulling the Jayco and I'll have the Tundra for the grandkids or Adam can drive.  Either way we'll have room for all 5 grandsons and us. Seth should get some driving time in too.  
The cabover all secure on our 12 foot trailer..so if we want to
take it anywhere we can.  Fall we'll put it back on the Ford..

Thursday, June 22, 2017

All the boys are gone :( but they'll be back :)

We wanted to get an early start on Wednesday since I was taking the boys home to Cool, CA and Ken was going to Carson City.  We enjoyed another wonderful breakfast at Dini's before leaving.  Because it was a weekday the #1 Breakfast (2eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes and toast) was $2.99.  3 of us had that and Seth had French Toast..out the door under $15.00.  Can't beat that!  

We left with Seth driving.  By the time we reached his house he had driven 112 miles.  I still didn't have him drive Highway 50 but all the rest he did awesome.  Hopefully his dad or mom will get him out on the freeway and stop signs.  Living in the country you don't deal with a lot of people at stop signs and Cool only has 1 set of them. 

I dropped them off around 1230 or so and then ran up to Georgetown to visit with Cheryl, Mia and Adam a bit.  Figured i was so close and the day would be done when I got home so why not?  We ended up going to Terry's pizza and sandwich place for lunch which was really good.  After that I dropped them off and headed out.  I thought for a change of pace I'd go by Jenkinson Lake, (Sly Park area) and head out on Mormon Immigrant Trail to highway 88 and down by Silver and Caples Lake.  So got off on the Sly Park exit, then by the lake and then a big sign that says "Road Closed 23 miles ahead" another one "Chain across road 23 miles ahead"...bummer, figured it'd be open by now.  So U turn and back to highway 50.  Hit a little roadwork on 50 which we hit going the other way too.  
Jenkinson Lake at Sly Park..used to do a lot of camping
there many years ago..

It's only about 4 feet below the road..beautiful!

Right outside Gardnerville the skies darkened and the temp dropped from 95 in Gardnerville to 56 degrees.  Winds picked up and rain, hail and wind.  It was awesome! Just hoping the hail didn't bust my new windshield.  It didn't, but it sure was loud!  
The rest area at Wilson Canyon..river overflowing into picnic area

more of the overflow..

Got home and it was hot!  Thunder clouds gathered and we got a nice shot of rain and wind!  Went on a lot longer than what we thought it would.  Nice having the porches to sit out and enjoy the storm.  
Wind at our house..

We had beautiful rainbows last night 

Love the skies here..

Watching the skies..

After the storm at sunset..

Hopefully this plays a few seconds of rain on the roof! 

Today was a stay at home and get caught up day!  Got the sheets washed and changed on all the beds.  Rooms cleaned etc.  I was going to clean the trailer but too hot! Tomorrow's another day!  Ken got the trailer dumped and then he headed for dump with the garbage trailer.  Finally about 1540 or so he came inside.  Hot out there!
Adam and his sunset picture last week..
Like father, Like son..Dusty and Owen..

Looks like we'll get a trip to Great Basin National Park and Cave Lake State Park with all the grandsons!  We're happy about that..first week of July..:) 

Eric and Christina gave us some new camping chairs from Cabela's..love them..and i'll have a picture tomorrow they're in the tuff shed right now and I didn't take a picture. That was sweet!