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Monday, June 26, 2017

A HOT Sunday at home..Happy Birthday to a special man...

A Happy Birthday toast in memory of
Keith Bybee...Georgetown, CA..

Sunday morning we had our apple oatmeal muffins and got the day started with coffee and computer.  A little exercise and Ken gave himself a haircut.  Gosh darn it's already hot!  

Adam called from Bridgeport and said he was going to head home to Georgetown as he's decided to go camping with his cousins Nick and Ben.  Ben leaves for Air Force Boot Camp on the 25th of July.  They're heading to Dillons Beach where I'm sure it'll be much cooler!  He'll be gone a few days and then over here on Sunday (if not before).  

Ken worked on the 97 putting in a couple of storage boxes etc.  He handles the heat much better than me.  I closed the curtains and had the a/c running until almost bedtime. 

Yesterday would have been Keith's birthday.  Keith is dau in law Cheryl's dad.  He would have turned 70 yesterday.  He passed away unexpectedly last July 13th.  Bryan sent a few pics from their house.  Cheryl's sister Kim and hubby Ace came over and it looks like they had a nice little gathering to toast Keith on his birthday.  Keith was definitely a man's man and a very hard worker.   I think he was one of those people you couldn't help but like.  A wonderful sense of humor and just a wonderful man.  I told Cheryl I wished we were there and felt very honored that she sent the pictures to include us.  It's always hard for us girls to lose their daddy especially when it's someone as special as Keith.  

Kim, her hubby Ace sitting and Bryan

Miss Mia..

Adam, Mia, Bryan, Kim, Cheryl and Ace..

Our son Bryan and Keith..they always had a special bond..:)

Our niece Samantha had stopped by Ken's moms house with baby Slater when they were in Sacramento..stole these pictures from FB.

Grandma, Samantha and Slater
Ken's mom will be 90 in December..
Looks good doesn't she?

Our other niece Christine getting to know

Grandma and Slater listening..hahah

Slater and Grandma

It appears our 3 grandsons got to go fishing two days in a row..not so much luck yesterday...




This morning we're going to head to Gardnerville to pick up a few things..Sheets, a camping griddle for the outdoor stove and more stuff i'm sure of..It's going to be another hot one..darn..Have a great day! 


  1. Keith sounds like he was a wonderful man. Those guys always leave too soon, like my Dad in his 71st year. :(
    Send some heat my way, please? I won't complain, I promise!

  2. My dad was 72 and yes way too early..I wish I could send the heat to you! Only getting hotter the end of the week..it's running 96 to 100..or hotter..uhh..