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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A little precooking for next week..Ken works on the watering system..

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) I got started on some precooking and freezing for the trip next week.  I spend a lot of time cooking sausage, bacon and pancakes for the boys I thought why not pre cook the sausage and bacon, freeze it and then pull it out of freezer as needed.  I also made a lot of breakfast burritos and froze them.  I made a dozen apple muffins and a banana bread too.  Kept me busy for a few hours.  
Fixings for 3 kinds of burritos ..ham bacon or sausage..

Banana break and apple muffins..

After our salad lunch I decided to get started on the curtains we bought for the Jayco. We've had the Jayco about 2 1/2 years so time for things to start falling apart.  The Jayco has pull down blinds on the windows.  Ever since the beginning, some of the window blinds never stayed up..you'd open the blind and down it would slip.  We had two of them fixed while under warranty, but didn't last long, so Ken made some u shaped things that would go over and under the valance to keep the shades up.  Well the biggest shade over the back window, was crap!  Finally he had to take the string out and we manually pushed it up and then the u shaped thing would hold the shade.  uhhh...So we decided to buy or make a curtain that would fit the window.  Found a brown curtain at Walmart for $10.00 that just needed to be shortened to fit the window.  We bought the 63 inch and needed to be shortened to 37 inches. So rather than lose half the curtain I folded it up and sewed it to it. Gave us half a room darkening curtain.  If I'd have realized what I was going to do I would have bought an 84 inch curtain. So now you know what I have to do. But this curtain won't go to waste, as we know it's just a matter of time till the other blinds break then this set will go on the smaller windows.  
This one's over the dining table..still good, but I didn't get a pic
of the bad one..

Bare window..

See what I mean..I'll get one that will cover the whole window..

So the day was pretty productive, without leaving home. I like those days! 

Ken on the other hand worked outside most of the day.  He's working on a watering system for the little garden that'll work while we're gone. It's been so hot lately that the garden is at a standstill.  The little tomatoes are still the same size and there's still no squash. Weird, but the local news said to expect this.  Ken also decided to run a watering system to the trees on the property line.  The people who owned the house before us, planted a lot of trees on the property line.  The woman who lived next door took the responsibility of watering them all for like 20 years or so and the expense for doing that too.  So Ken's running the water line on our side so that he can turn on our water and water the trees twice a week or so during the summer months.  


I made cookies and some 7 layer treasure bars this morning which are going to the freezer for next week..still trying to get ahead. 

Ken made the trip to Lowe's in Fernley to pick up the stuff he needed to finish the watering system.  We're headed for Reno tomorrow and figured we wouldn't have time to do it all.  As I write this blog he's still outside trying to get it done. 
The line that will meet our hose line..

Trees to the front of the property..

Trees going to the back of the property with the new black water

Our yard art..

Tomorrow, Reno for Winco shopping and Sam's Club too.  We're stopping by the bank for the pink slip for the fishing boat and trailer so I can give them to Eric when I pick up the boys on Sunday.  

I did call Cave Lake State Park and talked to a nice Ranger who said the campgrounds don't normally fill for 4th of July..so that's good news.  He told me where to buy fishing licenses in Ely for the boys. So hoping that all turns out well.  I called Great Basin National Park and she said after the 4th we should be able to get a campsite.  (they don't take reservations)..

Grandson Jacob 3rd from the left..they won!!

Owen and his new friend Mr Bones the 2nd..he used to
be afraid of this one..now he loves it..looks like they're dancing..

Stole this from FB..Beautiful June Lake off highway 395
one of our favorite places..but campgrounds full!

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  1. Wowsa! What a busy couple of days! Lots of awesome cooking and baking, lots of food should last for a while.
    I love Mr. Bones, that picture is adorable!