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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hanging out at home!

Well, it's Sunday...where do these days go?!  Even though we've been home, time just seems to fly!  Can't believe it' s almost the middle of June!  

Ken went over to Susan's yesterday and got the cement poured for her posts on the cover. He brought home paint  from Susan's so we can paint the rafters before he puts them up.  Looks like we'll head to Carson City Lowe's tomorrow to get some of the wood for the cover.  Fernley Lowe's is closer but they don't carry what he needs.  
Walker River near Mason!

Walker River hasn't flooded but sure is close to those homes!

My Mother's Day present from Russell...

Ken spent part of the day unloading trailers that were being used as storage rather than the reason you have trailers....haha..now they're ready to go for whatever.  
Our flag..looking proud from the wind

We had a really nice fire last night.  The winds were blowing all afternoon, but we were out by the bunkhouse and the way the winds were blowing we didn't end up smelling like a fire pit, which is always nice.  
Last nights fire

Wednesday I'm heading to CA to pick up 3 of the grandsons for a few days.  Aaron has to go home on the weekend, but Seth and Mason can stay as long as they want!  Seth has his permit, and on Wednesday morning he'll have his 2 hours required time with a driving school, so i'll be letting him drive part of the way home!  Not highway 50 yet, but from Gardnerville on or so.  Since Aaron is only here for a few days it's not enough time to really go anywhere, but i'm sure some quad riding and gun shooting will be involved.  Adam may drive himself over some where in there too.  

All the fields around here are growing!

Front porch sittin

Love this plant..don't know what it is
but has some bell looking flowers

Our sunset last night..

We had a really nice breakfast this morning with our neighbors and Susan..Stacey's mom..Dini's was packed, never seen it like that before.  Breakfast was awesome! Thanks, Susan!  

The weather is crazy! We actually have a fire going today, it was so cold when we got back from town!  

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  1. Fun days for sure and even a lovely fire. We can't complain about the cold anymore, our temps are ranging 90F for a few days. Your picture with the white flowers is a Yucca. Beautiful!