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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What a day!

This video was supposed to be at the bottom, but i'll take it where I can get it..This is the rest of 
the trouble Mia and Papa get into when Grandma's at work..

Yesterday morning (June 14th) set the alarm for 0400 as we wanted to be at Dini's in town for breakfast before I headed over to CA to pick up the boys.  Left there after an awesome $2.99 breakfast!  2eggs, 2 beautiful pieces of bacon, more hash browns than you can eat, and 2 pieces of toast!  YUM!  Ken brought my bacon home for a BLT or grandkids to eat.  

Left there around 0645 and he headed home to cut the gussets for Susan's cover and I headed toward I80 and Antelope, CA.   Well, there's construction going on so there was some delay (wouldn't go that way if it's on the weekend and they're working).  No mention of it on Magnifyeye.  Got to Aaron's house a little before 1100 and picked him up.  He was ready and I figured hungry..know any 12 year old growing boy who isn't hungry!  He wanted Taco Bell, I hadn't had a bean burrito in ages so thought sounded good for later in the day. Well, he ate his and then he had mine!  Should have known hahaha..

We headed to Cool, CA to pick up Seth and Mason and got out of there 1230 or so I'm thinking.  So with Seth behind the wheel we headed out!  Got about 10 miles or so and Seth said, "Grandma you hear that noise sounds like a tire on my side"....I said "well, you know this car has loud road noise, but we can pull over and check it out".  Not 20 seconds later, we hear this noise and lo and behold a big pull over spot on highway 49.  Sure enough flat tire!  On passenger side, Geezz..so I call Progressive for road service.  You're dealing with people that are God knows where..so I told them to see if there's service out of Auburn or Placerville, the guy that calls me has a 916 area code and is over an hour away!  

California Highway Patrol stops to check on us about 30 min into the wait, I told him we had someone coming.  He goes on his way.  Another one stops a little while later, I tell him the same thing.  He says "You feel safe here?"  I said oh yeah.  He was really sweet.  Well, about 5 min later he comes back and says "I don't like you all being here, so let's get this tire changed and get you on your way!".  I called and cancelled  the tow.  Who knows where they were.  Turned out the officer knew Mason and his dad, Eric from swimming days with his nephew.  Nicest guy ever.  I'm not sure of the spelling, but think it's Officer Natterus.  

Mason, Seth, Aaron and Officer Natterus..Thank You!

Seth giving it a shot..

Waiting for help..

So now to Placerville and to see about a new tire.  $162.00 later and we're out of there. Geez..Les Schwab, avoid if you can.  Too expensive and not honest.  They changed the tire, rotated the one we just bought a week or two ago. At checkout the guy says right rear tire?  I said no, right front.  He says oh yeah.  I said You did put the tire on the right front?  He says oh yeah.  Well, it comes out and the tire is on the right rear.  How do I know, I probably wouldn't have except the tire is wet and the others aren't.  I asked the kid why, he says well because he told me to rotate it.  I said well can you put it back the way it's supposed to be, and he said yeah..took it back and got it done.  I don't like the fact the guy lied about where the tire was, and he figured i wouldn't know. 

Smooth ride home over Highway 50.  When we got to 208 I let Seth drive the rest of the way home over 40+ miles.   He did an awesome job!  
Hope Valley

The boys are wondering if there's good fishing?!

Got home around 1900..long day!  But all turned out ok!  

Today, Ken's headed to finish Susan's cover and then I'll run over and touch up some of the paint. It's gonna be a hot one! Then we'll see what the rest of the day holds.  

Bryan attempting to take down one of the many "bug trees"
He calls this a "hold my beer picture" meaning
not a bright thing to do..all turned out well! 
Bryan and Cheryl have Mia up visiting for a bit..Bryan sent these pics to Cheryl while she was at
work..the trouble they get into when Grandma is at work!

Love this pic, looks like Bryan's head is on fire!

Mia chopping wood..

Playing with fire!

Susan's cover in process from the other day..

Christina sent a few pics and a video of Seth driving..so i'll try later to get them on..but now ..breakfast for some boys! 


  1. Sounds like a great day except for the flat tire of course. Nice that the officer was concerned enough to help. Cute pix of Mia chopping wood!

  2. She is a doll! Yes, he was wonderful..thank goodness! Talked w my son last night who lives in Georgetown, probably 20 miles away from where we were stopped..he wasn't real happy that mom didn't call him to help. Oh oh..haha..