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Friday, June 16, 2017

4 boys are here...yay!

Yesterday morning (15th) started out in the kitchen with breakfast for the boys. Seth and Mason love these pancakes!  So that's what grandma does!  Way too sweet for me, but they're young and thin! 
Chocolate chip pancakes, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce..

I ran over to Susan's to do some finishing painting on the cover where it had gotten scraped or scratched.  Wow! What a difference a simple cover makes.  She was thrilled beyond happy!  Ken told her he worked for a case of beer, but she added some cash and wouldn't take no for an answer.  Such a sweet lady.  

I ran to Scolari's (again) on the way home and by then Aaron was up and around.  He hadn't eaten anything, even though I left pancakes and bacon for him.  So since it was around 1230 I made sandwiches for the boys. Salad for us.  

Hot afternoon, so after cleaning the kitchen I didn't do much.  The kids played video games but you could hear them laughing in the bedroom, so who knows what they're playing.  

Adam was driving over from CA so he arrived about 1730.  Ken started the bar b q and made his famous Papa Burgers!  I made some oven fried fries and the boys enjoyed a good dinner.  Ken made ours after, which made for a late dinner.  

Mason on the swing, Seth and Aaron

Papa's famous burgers..

Adam and Aaron




Adam was going to drive up the mountain for a sunset pic, but ended up at the end of the road and took some nice pics from there..I'll have to get him to send me one, so I can post it.  We took a few of our own here. 
Neighbors were out w a nice fire..

This morning, it's gonna be a warm one.  Ken's running to Gardnerville to put some $$ in his account and we'll be here. Talked about running over to the fish hatchery today and checking out the North Pond with the boys, after he gets back.  These warm (hot) days don't do much for my energy levels.  So we'll see.  I can see by the cookie jar, i'll be making some cookies this morning before it gets too hot.  

My sister's grandson Owen..now he'll sleep in
his big boy bed..because he's got MR Bones w
him!  hahaha..

Seth leaving his driveway for his first 2 hr driving

Christina took the boys to breakfast so she let Seth drive some in the canyon.  She said he did well..
Have a wonderful day, I'm sure we will.  


  1. The porch cover you both worked on looks very nice. I'm sure the owner will enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Don..it was nice to see her so happy with it! She's such a nice lady and so appreciative!

  2. Hard to keep teens entertained some times. You are very brave. :) Oh my, the chocolate chip pancakes would be a sweet morning burst!

    1. Believe me those boys know they have their grandma wrapped haha . Love having them..