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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This is my 800th Post!! Long winded....

When I started this blog in 2012 life was different.  We were selling our home in Colfax, CA and thinking we were going fulltiming.  We owned property in Winnemucca, NV and thought we'd make that our home base.  We found we were still spending tons of time in CA.  We parked at our son's Eric's house for a few months and would take off now and then.  Winnemucca turned out to be way too cold in the winter months and too far from the grandkids in CA.  We actually put an offer in on a short sale in the little area of Silver Springs, NV but after almost 9 months of waiting for it to be approved, we cancelled that one. We weren't in a hurry then. After  New Year's 2013 we decided it was time to get serious and look for a  place closer to CA but still in NV.  Our youngest son, Russell had been looking on the internet for places in NV for a friend and mentioned Yerington and the prices of homes.  We parked our little fifth wheel at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno and started looking.  Long story short we found our "Ugly House" and two weeks later on March 13, 2013 it was ours.  

We've spent the last four years alternately between travel, grandkids, and fixing up the "Ugly House".  Life is good, not what we expected when I started this blog, but it's our life now.  That's the best thing about this blog, when we forget what we were doing on a holiday or time of year, I can look back and remember.  I'm not a daily blogger...I like to be but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  A lot of things have happened in 800 posts and if I get really bored (which doesn't ever happen) I can go back and relive the last 5 years or so of our lives..Neat huh?!  

On to June 12th 2017..We got ourselves ready and got out of here at 0740 yesterday morning to head to Carson City.  We woke to hard rain and blowing wind.  Wow!  By the time we left it was just wind and raindrops.  Cold!  Sierras got snow yesterday and the little town of Austin, NV got 10 inches of snow!  Got to Lowe's and got everything Ken needs to get this job on the road.  We actually were home before 1200.  Ken got the wood unloaded and put in the garage.  I fixed our salad lunch and then after lunch I headed outside to paint the wood.  Easier this way then after it's up over the patio.  I had a little roller which made the job a lot quicker.  Finished up after 1700 and then thought, what's for dinner?  Ken offered to take me out, but we're not dinner out people really.  So found a few things and threw together a quick dinner.  
On our drive to Carson City..

Carson River flowing high!  Last year in the summer it was
totally dry! 

Standing water, Silver Springs..

Along Highway 50 headed towards Carson City..

Almost to Carson City..

Ken loading $236.00 worth of wood..glad we're not building
a house!

Our Mason Valley..

Some TV and then time to hit the hay!  I set the alarm for 0500. 

Alarm went off this morning and wouldn't you know it I was sleeping good.  Haven't been the last several nights because of allergies or whatever I have.  Wake up at 0300 and can't go back to sleep.  Anyway, we're up.  Coffee, blueberry muffin I made the other day and we've got the day started.  Glass people are coming to replace the windshield in the Patriot between 0900 and 1100.  Hoping it's closer to 0900.  Ken's heading over to Susan's to get started on the patio cover.  I'll be over as soon as the glass people leave and help to get the 16 foot 2x6 attached to the house.  I'll take veggie wraps for lunch over and have a picnic out back.  haha..

Kind of weird, Ken noticed the back side window of the Patriot was broken, completely shattered on the inside.  We pretty much knew it hadn't' been that way long.  We never lock our cars here at home, so it didn't make sense that someone had tried to break in. Well, after a bit he found some of the glass on the driveway. So we knew where it happened, but why?  Well, he pretty much figured out he was to blame...he had been weed eating  the day before and figures a rock probably hit it and shattered.  We called the glass people but they have to order it so it'll be a week or so, and because we're not going through insurance on this window we'll just drive to Fallon one day and get it replaced.  

Speaking of grandkids, tomorrow i'll head over to CA and pick up three of my favorite kids and then #4 will head over himself on Thursday or Friday.  One happy Grandma!  

My poor sister, Wendy had a bad week.  Not only did she lose her precious dog, Heidi, the next day her daughter's friend passed away.  Gywnie had been at UC Davis hospital for the last few months.  She had some medical problems, but ultimately they discovered she had throat cancer.  She was only 23. Wendy had been going over to the hospital with her daughter Tasha at least once a week since Gywnie was there. So sad and so young.  You're in my thoughts Wendy.  

Happy Birthday to my mom in heaven...love and miss you every day...( stole this from my sister)...

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