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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Graduation and Adam's Graduation Party..Busy weekend!!

We left home and got to Bryan's house just a little after 1300.. Beautiful drive down Highway 50.  Not much traffic going our way, but tons going up the hill! 

So we set up and had our salad for lunch.  Then the afternoon flew by and it was time to get over to the high school. 

It was supposed to be 72 degrees, and maybe it was but with the sun shining directly on you it was so much hotter. Graduation was set for 1900 and that's exactly when it started.  

76 graduates!  It was a really nice ceremony.  Not a lot of talking by school district staff and other people.  The principal spoke and then the rest was done by the students.  They announced and brought up the kids that were top 10 in the class and they received a medallion.  I hate to brag, well no that's not true..Adam received the medallion.  The kid worked hard and we are so proud of him.  He and one other boy along with 8 girls!  

Warning: Picture Overload but it's a once in a lifetime event..  
 If you click on pics they will enlarge...

Adam: the graduate on his way to graduation..
Adam Kenneth Kay is our Top Ten Senior!
I LOVE this pic..my sister Ninny with Owen on the
field because he was looking for Adam..just melts my

The field before the graduates enter...

The faculty entering...

The faculty ready for grads...

Adam and his friend Kate..she's also one of the top ten..

Better view of Adam and Kate..:))

Adam, third from the left in the last road..

76 grads..Golden Sierra averages a 98 to 100 percent graduate average
Excellent..and so many of these kids have been there since
Kindergarten..Adam being one of them

Here they are ready to become graduates..
The hat toss!! 

Ninny's hubby congratulating Adam
Aunt Kim, Cousin Nick, Adam, Grandma Linda
and our other graduate, Ben!

Adam and Dusty..Ninny's son..

Proud Mom and Dad and Adam..Love this pic!

Ninny taking a picture, Chelsea in front of Adam, cousins Aaron and Mason

Happy people congratulating Adam..Aunt Diane, (Ken's sister) congratulating

Ninny, Adam, Dusty holding Owen (who is Adam infatuated) and Bobby

Greg, Adam, and Diane

Cousins!  Mason, Jacob, Adam, Seth (who got his permit Friday)
and Aaron!

Mason, Chrstina, Adam, Eric and Seth 

Mason, Christina Adam, Seth..

Proud Dad and Adam

Jacob, Adam, and Seth 

Adam getting ready to change clothes and head for Sober Grad Night...

He headed off to Sober Grad Night.  The kids have no idea where they're going, but someplace fun!  Bryan will pick him up at 0530 Saturday morning.  They're not allowed to leave their cars at the school overnight, and it's probably a good idea as you never know what could happen.  

We went back to Bryan's house for a few glasses of wine and beer and then a late night dinner.  

Saturday morning we set the alarm early, so we could get showers and breakfast before we took off for the day.  Bryan had gotten Adam, who had a great time.  They went to Rancho Cordova for a night of bumper cars and all kinds of other stuff.  They were fed well and then given goodie bags with all kinds of stuff, such as gift cards and ear buds.  Very nice.  The school fund raises all year for this and it costs the kids nothing to attend.  Nice.

We headed down the hill and got to my sister Linda's (Ninny) house around 1000.  The party was set for 1200.  Bryan ran to Winco and picked up chicken and then to Sams to pick up the cake.   He got back and people started arriving.  The rest of the day went by quickly!  Ninny has a pool, so some of the kids went swimming, everyone visited and it was just plain fun.  All the family was there which doesn't happen too often, so that was awesome.  Wish I would have thought to get family pics, but I didn't.  Too busy I guess.  :( 
This says it all..

Ninny's pool

Cheryl made this board for Adam and Ben

Cheryl made this board for Adam and Ben..

A secure place for cards...


Adam on the left, Ben on the right :)

Ben on the left, Adam on the right...

Adam on the left and Ben on the right...


Owen looking for something to play with

Great Uncle Bryan giving Owen a 4 wheel drive ride..

Owen ready to get in the pool..

Isabella..such a sweety..

Mom Chelsea watching over Owen..

Mia watching over her sister Schuyler (Sky)..

Mia, Sky and Isabella..


Owen, Mia, Sky and Isabella..

Mike (Ben's Stepdad) and Grandma Linda 

Our youngest son, Russell..

Dusty in the tye dye, Diane, Jesse and Eric in the white shirt

Seth (white t shirt), Marcus and Jacob..

Jesse, Seth, Marcus and Aaron

Angelina (towel), Tasha and Cathy

Adam, his dad Bryan, and Russell..Grandma Alice in the front ..

Ken, Grandma Alice, Jesse, and Ken's brother Dave

Diane, our dau in law Lori and Ken

Ken and his mom, Alice :))

Dave, Ken's older brother

Ben's mom Jody with the water..


Bryan, Lori and Russell :)

Cheryl's grandson, Andrew..
Andrew and Brandon..typical boys!

Our Dau In Law, Christina holding Hazel..Cheryl's granddaughter 

Marcus (who will b the next to graduate)..and Seth..

Jesse in the gray..Back of My sis Wendy, and her hubby Shawn

Isabella and Owen...too cute..

Owen and Mason playing..

Grandma and Bryan..they talk on the phone every Tuesday...:))

Our friend Cathy..known her since we were kids..Diane..Kens sister and
my best friend since we were 9..and my sister Ninny..:)
When you're young you participate in the photo booth..haah
His sign says "Shit's just got real"..hahah..he's so cute

After 2 days of graduation and partying..Adam taking a nap.

Raider went to doggy day care..he's whooped too..

Our campground in Bryan's Corral!

We cleaned up and left there around 1700.  Headed back to Bryan's and I have to say Cheryl and I were exhausted.  Glad to sit and have some wine, the guys had beer and we didn't have too late of a night.  

This morning, (Sunday) we slept in until about 0630, coffee, computing, showers and then visited with Bryan and family.  We left about 1000 or so and had a beautiful drive along highway 50.  Got to Carson Valley Inn for a late lunch around 1330.  Yum!  Home we are now.  Unloaded the trailer and now trying to catch up the blog as there just wasn't any time over the weekend.  Good times had by all and so proud of our Grandson.  

Just a little bit here....My sister Linda (Ninny) babysat Adam from the time Cheryl went back to work after he was born until he started kindergarten in Georgetown.  She loves him like a grandchild and he's always been special to her.  She calls him  "MyAddie," he calls her "my Ninny."..:)  When he was little he couldn't say Linda, it was Ninny and it's stuck since then.  So her house was definitely the place to have the party. Something to remember.  

Well, the weekend's over..summer begins..and Adam's future as an adult begins too..you always want better for your kids..and we got it..We want even better for our grandson(s)..Here's to your future Adam..! We LOVE You and are here to cheer you on in the future!! 


  1. Looks like a wonderful day. Congratulations to your graduate!

  2. Adam had a great turnout at his graduation events. It's good to see so many family members together.

    We would've loved to have been there with y'all.

  3. We wish you were..but you guys were one of the reasons I took so many pictures..so you were there ☺

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  5. Hey!! What a lovely graduation party. I really liked the arrangement ideas especially the entrance idea. It’s really awesome. Have planned to throw my niece a graduation party at one of LA event venues, as she is completing her graduation next month. It will be so fun to arrange the day.