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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gardnerville, NV

Yesterday (Tuesday June 6th) we stayed home.  It was really warm in the afternoon but we didn't turn the a/c on until 1700 or so..should have done it earlier but it certainly made a difference!  

Ken moved the trailer from the concrete to its spot over near the property line since we won't be using it for a week or so. So I cleaned up and just enjoyed being home.   

Had wraps for lunch and leftover chicken for dinner.  I made a veggie burger and a grilled ham and cheese to add to the mix. It was yummy!  We spent the night in the spare bedroom because it was so warm we needed air conditioning. 

This morning on the 7th..we decided to head for Gardnerville to pick up Ken's prescriptions. Well, it was probably close to 1100 before we got going..quick (really quick) trip to Walmart, gas at Smith's, Raleys for the prescriptions and then it was after 1300...well, you know what that means...Carson Valley Inn for lunch..yumm..then home..Pretty much it was so hot this afternoon, we've been vegging in the living room watching tv and then I spent an hour on the phone with Daughter in Law Cheryl catching up..

I love this picture..Bryan and his dad!

This tattoo so fits Adam..our little gypsy..he
says it's probably his last..we'll see..

Don sent these pics of their front porch..so ready to head for TN!

Isn't their property beautiful!

Love the flowers and the red cushions..so inviting :)

Love this..Seth and Dusty way back when..
Seth's graduation from 8th grade 2 years ago..popped up on FB..

Today ...our Nephew Tony,Daughter  Isabella and Denise..love this little
family..Isabella is what we call an old soul..she is just the
sweetest girl..who loves family!!  According to Denise
she wasn't about to miss Adam's party because it was family!!
Love her to pieces!

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  1. Don's porch with the beautiful white columns puts me in mind of a Georgia homestead. From pictures, I've not been to Georgia other than a drive through. :)