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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Had a surprise overnight guest!

Yesterday morning got up and started cleaning the house from when the kids were here.  Did laundry from all the beds and discovered I'm badly in need of some more sheet sets!  Seems between the trailer, cab over, bunkhouse, fifth wheel and the house I NEED more sheets.  Pulled the ones off our bed and the bottom was ripped, of course these sheets are probably a hundred years old..hahahaha. Guess that'll be on the agenda when we head for the big city later this week. 
Eric took the boys fishing at a pond near their
house..Mason got bass..catch and release..

I think Mason's happy with his catch

Russell and Lori gave me some squash from their garden so I froze one and stuffed one, using ground turkey breast and veggies.  Haven't done that in years but I have to say with a salad last night it was delicious.  Cooked it early because it was going to be so hot!  

Ran to Scolari's for a few things and then I was in the house the rest of the day, just too hot outside for me.  Ken spent a big portion of the day outside after enjoying a nice breakfast with Joe at Dini's in town.  
From the top..Jacob, Seth in the front Aaron, Mason and Adam
2012 when we at lighthouses Northern CA..my how they've

Jacob and a bass he caught last week

Russell and a HUGE Bass

Jacob and his dad with fish

I love this pic! Shows how tall these
boys are! Jacob, Russell and Aaron..

Our Grandson, Adam called me saying he was going camping for a few days.  He was headed towards Bridgeport, CA which is where we spend a lot of time most summers.  I know the rivers are running high and he was wondering what a fishing license costs?  In CA they're running about $50.00 and it's form Jan to Dec not a year from when you buy it.  Then he wanted to know how much camping is there..about $20 to 22 a night.  So he headed out..when he got near Hope Valley he called wanting to know where dispersed camping is there, I told him and then surprise he's coming to Grandma and Papa's to spend the night! Yay!  Always happy to see any of the grandkids!  He decided to forgo spending 22 dollars or so  when it would be almost dark.  

Our sunset last night ..

Seth joined Russell, Aaron and Jacob this am..

Aaron and his bass..all catch and release..
Jacob with his prize..

He didn't want the squash for dinner but later I made him a black bean veggie burger and he liked that.  I called it a night (Ken had already gone to bed).  

Woke Adam about 0620 this am as he wanted to get an early start.  While we were talking last night he changed his mind and decided to head for Devil's Postpile  National Monument.  It's about 50 miles further than Bridgeport but he really liked it when we were there a few years ago.  I made some apple muffins to send with him (and for our morning coffee) then made him pancakes for breakfast.  I made him a good sandwich to take with him for lunch or dinner and off he went. 
Adam and Papa this morning..Adam
has the gypsy in him..takes after his
Grandma and Papa..
Bye Adam..travel safe 

He's called a couple of times, seems Devil's Postpile is CLOSED!  There's still too much snow to get there and other campgrounds are closed because of high water!   So he headed back to Bridgeport and he called again, he found 1 of 2 sites that were left.  He said it looked like there will be thunder and lightning happening soon.  He decided not to spend two nights as it's $23.00 a night for him and he said he's just parked in the desert.  So tomorrow he may come back here or head for home.  He wanted to get some good pictures so I'm hoping that'll happen!  

Ken spent most of the day outside again, not me..He took the cabover off the 97 Ford truck (AKA: Money Pit).  He's decided we are taking the 97 Ford pulling the Jayco and I'll have the Tundra for the grandkids or Adam can drive.  Either way we'll have room for all 5 grandsons and us. Seth should get some driving time in too.  
The cabover all secure on our 12 foot trailer..so if we want to
take it anywhere we can.  Fall we'll put it back on the Ford..


  1. sounds like lots of fun for you! I'm trying not to chuckle at your truck camper on the back of your flatbed trailer. shouldn't it be called a trailer camper or a flatbed over? :) ha ha, just being what my husband lovingly calls me "a smartass!"

    1. I know it's funny..we used to have it on a 20 ft trailer and then haul our quads..got a lot of looks, pictures taken and then we've seen more do the same thing..I prefer it on the truck..but you know hubbies!