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Friday, June 2, 2017

In the kitchen all day and Ken made an unexpected trip to CA

Got up yesterday morning (Thursday) knowing I'd be in the kitchen for awhile.  Ken thought he'd be home getting ready to leave today.  Well, our youngest son Russell texted that he had the day off and was going to get into the water leak in his laundry room.  He had talked to Ken the night before about it and it was decided that if he couldn't fix it Ken would go over on Sunday before we left to come home.  Well, being the dad he is, he thought about for a few minutes and said "I'm going to CA and help Russell"..that's why we moved here the trip can be done in a one day turnaround.  Of course, I80 has roadwork, so it took him longer than expected to get there. Russell had the leak fixed, turned out it was in the ceiling. Ken was able to do the cutting in the wall behind the laundry room that needed to be done without cutting into pipes and electrical. Russell was glad his dad was there for that.  They had to rip up the wood flooring that was put down several years ago as it was ruined.  The joys of home ownership! 

All done and Ken got home not quite 1800 hrs.  He moved the Jayco over to the dump station (ha) in our yard and dumped quickly.  I supervised from the back porch with a glass of wine in hand.  All done, Trailer moved back ready to be loaded this morning.  

I made seven layer dip, the fixings for the waldorf salad, some made from scratch baked beans and a breakfast casserole for Bryan's house.  

A few pics and gotta work on getting outta here.  Friday traffic is always bad in CA so we want to get an early start!  

Graduation at 1900 hrs at Golden Sierra High School! 

My flowers on the back porch are looking happy!

The garden's growing...

Jayco at the dump station..

Sunset from the back porch...

Some of Russell's water leak...

Leak in the attic over the laundry room...

It was leaking down and ruined the floor, now it can air out a bit

The flooring did match..that is the original when they bought the house.;
Could have been worse...
Today our grandson, Seth is headed to DMV for his permit test...Good luck Seth!!

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