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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guess we know how to kill a day!

What a difference a year makes!  Aaron has grown so much, he
towers over his Mom and Dad..and he's only 12..Jacob 15 1/2 

While I was working on getting ready yesterday (Tuesday) Ken took a walk around the loop here at the campground and decided we needed to move.  Ok, no biggie.  So we moved a little further down the loop for a better view of Mt. Rose and it's nice.  I don't think there's a bad campsite here at all.  They all seem to have flat spaces for tents, great views and plenty of room. 

I made some eggs and toast for breakfast and off we went.  It was still fairly early so we headed for Meadowood Mall in Reno.  Ken was looking for a pair of jeans as most of his look like he changed oil in them. hahah...We headed for JC Penneys he didn't find anything but I got a new t shirt and fancy flip flops.  Then Sears was open so we headed there at 1100.  Weird they don't open until 1100 when the rest of the mall opens at 1000.  He did find a pair there and then we headed to Winco grocery store.  I love Winco, wish we had one closer than 90 miles, but it really does save you money even over Walmart.  By the time I finished there it was 1300 or so.  We headed straight to our favorite Chinese place in Carson City.  The Golden Dragon has great food, plentiful and cheap.  Most lunch plates are $6.25 including the best hot and sour soup!  

After that we came back to camp, unloaded the groceries into the trailer refrigerator and truck.  We then headed to Smith's grocery store in Carson City to get some beer, water and soda for the party.  Well, the only water they had was purified and we honestly don't like the taste.  I figure whatever is left from the party we'll be bringing home so we want to get what we like.  We don't drink soda so I got what the grandkids will like when they come to visit.  The grand total without the sale prices was $92.00, but with the sale prices I saved $42.00.  That's why we HAD to go yesterday, because that was the last day of the sale.  Still need to get some more beer and water.  

We didn't get back to camp until almost 1700..Guess we're staying another night :)  Clouds started to come in, wind was up and temps dropped.  Had a quick dinner of tacos.  

This morning we woke up at 0515 and decided it was too early to get up.  Ended up sleeping until 0615 or so and now with coffee, computing, blogging it's just about 0800!  Yeah, we can blow a morning.  

Yogurt, banana and grapes for breakfast and we'll get going in awhile.  We're heading home through Gardnerville so Ken can see about ordering a prescription at Raleys while I'm at Walmart hoping to get some water, beer and whatever else I decide I need..

Cool and cloudy this am.  Supposed to be about 77 degrees Friday night, perfect for an outside high school graduation.  Speaking of that :) 

Golden Sierra Seniors dawned their cap and gown early and headed for the 3 local elementary schools for "Grad Walk"..alot of these kids started in these schools and now have gone through 13 years there.  Adam is one, I still remember his first day of kindergarten:)...

Our favorite 2017 graduate!

On the bus..he's the one w sunglasses on..but look at all those smiles!

Adam and his cousin Mason..at Northside Elementary
Mason also started kindergarten there..

Adam and his Aunt Christina..she is a aide at Northside
so she sent me 3 of these pics :)

Grads being greeted by students at Northside Elementary

2017 Graduating Class of Golden Sierra High School...
Our next favorite grad of 2017...Adam's cousin, Ben.  He'll be included in the party Saturday.  When he was younger and we were in Colfax he spent some time with us and Adam.  He's the one we gave our Mazda camper shell to a few months back.  Great young man and headed for the Air Force in July :)

Ben Noyes...graduate of Del Oro High School

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  1. Fun times, Chinese food, beer and a fancy pair of flip flops! Sounds great to me! :) Looks like you've been having too much fun! Yay!