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Monday, May 8, 2017

A quiet Sunday...

Got our day going yesterday and then headed to town to pick up a few squash for the garden.  On the way we drove to the Mason Valley Fish Hatchery.  It's only about 5 miles or so from our house, but we've never been.  Ken actually drove there about a week ago when he took the Dodge PU for a drive.  Quite a place!  There is a huge fish hatchery and then about 30 ponds out that way!  We'll go check it out during the week sometime and get all the info.  

We drove out to North Pond, which is huge!  There's a boat ramp which was almost covered, I actually saw a fish jump!  Thinking Jacob might like this place this summer.  Actually a little campground, with fire rings, picnic tables and a pit toilet.  
Mason Valley Fish Hatchery

One of the roads out at the wetlands..beautiful ride

North Pond...

We then headed to Tru Value and got 2 squash and some poles to tie up the veggies.  Don had messaged that the Nashville Predators were playing on a regular channel so we could actually see it! Got home in time to watch the last couple periods of the Nashville Predators hockey game.  Actually very exciting and fast paced..sometimes so fast I lost track of where the puck was on the ice!  The Predators won! I'm thinking we have a new team to watch! 

Ken brought the Jayco over to the concrete as it looks like we're going camping Thursday and Friday.  Ken has a yearly eye appointment in Reno on Friday. We'll head over to Washoe Lake State Park (FREE) Thursday and then Friday morning go to the appointment and do some running around Reno.  Come back to camp and then head home on Saturday.  We haven't had the Jayco out since Yuma so it's time!! 

Tomorrow i'll head over to Sacramento and have lunch with my sisters!  Wendy has to work, so it'll be someplace near or work, or take her lunch.  Then it's up to Georgetown for the night.  Adam got an invite to the Scholarship Ceremony, so that's means he'll get something from somewhere..haha..But since I got an invite, I'm going. I'll head home on Wednesday morning after he goes to school.  

Adam's dog Raider..he sure is growing!

I'm thinking Lucy's happy Cheryl got home..

Lucy and Raider relaxing..hahah.

Lucy waiting for Cheryl to get home :)

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