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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Great eye appointment and a wonderful day..

We left here just about 0800 for Ken's eye appointment in Reno.  Never know what kind of traffic or mess you're going to end up in so we made sure we left early.  Got to the parking lot at just about 0900.  He filled out paperwork and got in early.  They dilated his eyes then he came back to me for awhile in the waiting room.  Once he got called back in, it was a quick appointment and everything looks awesome!  He doesn't go back till next May! Got his appointment already.  

Remember is you click on the pics they will enlarge...
Along the freeway the water is so close!

Just amazing as last year the lake was dry!!

Thank goodness he backed the Tundra in so all I had to do was pull straight out, or we'd still be there trying to get out of the parking lot!  I love my little Patriot because I hate parking lots!  So we left there and headed to Meadowood Mall and a little shopping at Sears.  Came out of there not spending too much, but Ken got the best deal a $54.00 long sleeve shirt (who would ever spend that much on a shirt!).. he got for $1.99.  Too bad they didn't have any more like that.  He likes the long sleeves for summer time.  

We walked the mall to the other end and found Penneys.  Got a few things there as well and all on clearance which is the way I like to buy!  After that our tummies were telling us it was lunchtime.  On to Great Basin, we hadn't been there since December when we met up with our friend Vicki just before Christmas.  

We stopped at Work Wear to see if we could find Ken a Ben Davis long sleeved shirt..wow! Took me back about 45 years or so! He did buy one, thinking we could find on cheaper online, but no.  Ben Davis workshirts last forever so this is a good one for now. 

We stopped at US Bank so Ken could put some money in..haha..and we left a note for our boys in the safe deposit box..for many years down the road we're hoping!  

The food is awesome!  Beer and wine not bad either!
Icky for Ken and wiine for me...

Veggie burger on the left and Pepperjack cheeseburger for Ken..
so yummy!  

Black eye PA

By the time we got done there it was time to head back to camp.  The wind was unrelenting all day and chilly, the same back at camp.  We did get out and take a loop around the campground.  Nice to see families with little ones out enjoying this beautiful campground.  

Mt. Rose still has some snow! 

Our FREE campspot!

Our campsite..

Our view out a window...

A dinner of leftovers and I had brought half of my lunch home with me so we enjoyed the easy dinners.  A little tv and off to bed.  

Today (Saturday) we'll head home after breakfast (which at this rate is going to be brunch)..hahaha...we do enjoy our retirement!  Very little wind this morning, 41 degrees so chilly..but the sun is shining! 

Ken's brother Don got a new trailer yesterday and sent us a few pics from TN! 

Tennessee weather! 

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  1. You got a great deal for a shirt! $1.99 is a lot better than $54!! You're right about that price but we'd both likely be surprised how many people pay that for shirts! Looks like you had a nice couple of days.