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Monday, December 28, 2015

Congratulations Lt. Chelsea Kay!!

Our niece, Chelsea has been in Missouri at Fort Leonard Wood.  She has been attending Military Policing School and on December 15th she graduated.  Don was able to attend the graduation so we asked him for some pictures, 

Her certificate from Fort Leonard Wood

Chelsea on stage
Crossed Flintlocks are the symbol of the MP Corp in the Army

Don put on his old CHP uniform..still fits!!

MP Memorial.  All Army MP's are trained at Fort Leonard Wood

Statue at the Memorial

Love this pic!  Daddy and daughter!

Good looking twosome!
Very proud of you Chelsea!  Good luck in your new adventure!! 

Christmas in Tennessee..Heidi, Don, Chelsea, Dana and Sweet Pea...

Monday, December 28th...Ken took the Tundra and little trailer to Winnemucca to pick up the wood we bought last week.  I ran to Scolari's to get some groceries for part of the week.  I say part of the week as I am picking up 5 boys tomorrow...so I know i'll be back to the grocery store a few times..hahah..but so worth it!  

Weather people called for snow today..about 1100..didn't happen, but about 1600 it started and is snowing nicely now..don't think it'll last long but it sure is beautiful!! 

Saw this pic on Facebook and it's so sweet I had to share..
Our two great nephews...Devin and Tyson..hugging..awwww
Just a little snow!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A wonderful Christmas!

We watched the weather and decided that Wednesday would be the best day to get over the hill, but since we don't always make the smartest decisions we went on Thursday!  
Russell, one of the founding CEO's of Sac Beer Enthusiasts
New Beanie and glass they are now selling

Left here pretty early as we thought that would be the best weather.  It was beautiful!  We went through Gardnerville and Minden and went 88 to 89 and then to 50.  Hit a good amount of snow near Hope Valley and then Luther Pass. We followed a snow plow up Luther Pass and at the top he turned around...huh?!  So down we went and it hadn't been plowed in awhile..so slowly we went ..in perfect white out conditions.  Everything was white and it looked like we were driving in the early evening even though it was only about 1100 or so.  Tough conditions but we made it no problem.  Highway 50 was better plowed and of course more people, but not too bad.  Most people were driving good.  But when we got to the end of the highway to turn left onto 50..traffice was stopped and backed up as far as you could see!  But as we're there trying to decided what to do it started moving..we got out pretty quickly..turns out there was an accident at the top, that got cleared ..yay!!  Up we went, looking at the mountains on the side there, with all the snow piling up Ken mentioned there could be an avalanche..well as we got over Echo Summit the road heading towards Tahoe was closed for avalanche control!  So we got through during a nice window!  Great going the rest of the way..we definitely thanked our guardian angels for watching out for us!  
Gardnerville, NV 

Near Hope Valley, CA

Luther Pass!

Headed up Highway 50

So about 1330 stopped at Jimboys in Placerville for a quick late lunch..then we headed for Eric and Christina's house in Cool for a little visit. Eric got home around 1600 so we visited for a while and then headed for Georgetown for the night.

Mason in his new pjs!

Betty waiting for Santa

Adam texting someone

Candace with her Christmas Eve gift

Miss Mia, Cheryl and Candace

Bryan, Candace and Ken

Santa came!

About as far as Mia got Christmas morning, before she went back
to bed :(


Adam with his map Eric made for him to plot his travels

Adam and his new camera

Cheryl's daughter, Candace came up for the night which was nice as we only see her about once a year. Mia was up for a few days (thinking she had way too much good food and drink as she threw up several times while we were there).  We ended up staying up until almost midnight and then a 0430 I got a text in the little 5th wheel saying, "Are you awake?"  I was...got Ken up and in we went to watch the grand opening of gifts!  Mia was up but she didn't last long, she went back to bed.  

After everyone was done, we eventually headed down the hill, with a quick stop at Eric's to see what they got from Santa.  On to my sister Linda's house for a great day of food and family!  Way too much food and desserts!  We headed out about 1730 and went over to Ken's mom's house (Crazy Grandma what she is affectionately known as)...we ate some more food and then we spent the night. 
Baby Owen on his wonder horse

Some of the gang in Linda's garage

Michael (Lori and Chris's brother) Russell and Elizabeth

Aaron and Angelina

Ursula and Steve


Aaron..Seth in the background

Yesterday morning got up had breakfast and headed out. We stopped at Bryan's house to pick up Christmas gifts we left there.  Last year when we stayed at Grandma's our truck got broken into so we didn't want to take that chance this year.  Headed out over to Highway 50..got as far as Sly Park and so much traffic it was stopped..what normally would take a little over an hour to Meyers was going to take 2 hours and probably more so we turned around and headed over to Interstate 80 via Sierra College..lots of traffic there too but we stuck it out and got home about 1930.  9 hours on the road!  That's what a little snow in the Sierras does!  So many bay area plates on the cars...Geez!  
Traffic on 80

Traffic on 80

Ken is heading to Winnemucca tomorrow to pick up some wood we bought last week when we were there. He should be back by lunchtime, so i'm going to stay home to get some things done as I will be heading back over the hill on Tuesday to pick up grandsons! For sure 4 will be here..Jacob has basketball, so still not sure if he's coming.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beautiful drive to Winnemcca!

Left here at 0800 and enjoyed our drive to Winnemucca...exactly 3 hours from here.  Traffic was light so that was nice, the mountains were all covered in snow!  Just gorgeous! 

A quick stop at Walmart for a few things and met up with Deanna at just a little after 1200.  Spent about 2 hours just catching up..she is so funny!  Love that lady!  We met her when we first bought property in Winnemucca..we were taking a little drive and noticed they had storage containers on their property so we stopped to find out where they had gotten them.  Turned out she lived in the container with hubby Ron for about three years!  She was our "hero girl"..that's a tough way to live!  Well, eventually she thought so too so she had Ron upgrade her to a RV trailer..which is where they are still living..she's still pretty tough.  

Left there a little after 1400 and home a little after 1700..the wind was crazy coming over some of the mountains.  Felt like hurricane force winds.  We did see where a couple of semi trucks had blown over (on tv)...that was pretty wild!  

So this am, time to get some things done to get ready to head over the hill..Watching the weather, hoping we can make it on Thursday. 
Highway 88 coming home the other day..

My little treats I baked for our special people in Winnemucca

Deseert I80

Trying to work out how to get the grandkids over for a visit..sports are making it trying.  But hopefully it'll work so they can be here for a piece of the week!

Adam all dressed up to go with the
basketball team to sing for a convalescent
home in Placerville...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Headed to Winnemucca this am!

Saturday am we woke up in Auburn, CA.  Decided to go to our favorite restaurant in Auburn for breakfast. Edelweiss is a small restaurant and it was packed!  Good for them, bad for us..we left and decided to try Mel's Diner..it's a chain, but we hadn't been before.  Food was really good, on the expensive side..(they have specials, but only Monday through Friday)..anyway, decided to splurge and order the biscuits and gravy...YUKKKK...looked delicious, nice chunks of sausage and good color to the gravy, was so enjoying looking at that first bite and what do I smell?  Liquid smoke!!  Really??!!...what's wrong with just plain ol' sausage grease, flour and milk?!  If you're gonna offer biscuits and gravy, keep it real!! uhhhh...so sent it back and she brought a biscuit, which was delicious.  So that's Cracker Barrel (which is really wrong, as they are based in the south..) and Mel's for sure that ruined biscuits and gravy with smoke! OK, my rant for the day! 

After breakfast we ran by Bryan's place and dropped off the gifts for Mandie's kids except Mia..as she'll be at Bryan's house on Christmas Eve.  Quick visit and we headed to Gardnerville so I could do some grocery shopping at Walmart.  Then home and the day was done! 

Sunday, spent the day baking as we decided that Monday morning we'll head for  Winnemucca to drop off some baking and presents for the waitress, Jasmine 4 little boys.  She's got a 9, 8, 2 and 1 year old.  

So we're up and outta here about 0800.  Called our friend, Deanna and she's going to meet us at the restaurant for lunch. Her hubby, Ron is recovering from surgery so he won't be joining us.  

Well, hard to believe this is Christmas week!  Thursday, we plan on heading over the hill again, and seeing Eric's family and spending the night at Bryan's.  

Linda, posted this pic on Facebook, so I stole it! 

Not sure of the year, but Stanley Ave house...
Love this!

Wendy and me in Germany..notice how dark it is outside..
Guess we couldn't wait till morning!  hahaha

Friday, December 18, 2015

Wow the week has flown again!

Tuesday morning we left and headed towards Carson City to drop off the Tundra at Carson Toyota for service..Then we went to Best Buy to get the anti virus stuff put on by the Geek Squad..actually was pleasantly surprised as we have 2 year service on the Asus (piece of crap) and the new Mac Air..the young man was wonderful and got us done quickly.  On to Ross and a few others then to Great Basin Brewing for a nice lunch.  Then we had to visit Cabela's as we had $20.00 off $100.00..well it's no problem to spend $100.00 there so that's what we did..a couple of Christmas presents and we're done!  Over to Boomtown for a nice night ..not as nice as when it's $14.99 but it worked.  

Wednesday am up and at em..and to Ken's appointment at 0900..the quickest appointment ever and he's done for another year...his doctor told him to stay as boring as he's been for the last year. So all  is good with his eyes! 

Did a little shopping until his eyes got good enough so he could drive, and then to Carson Valley Inn in Minden for a good lunch!  After that homeward bound! 

Thursday, got stuff together so we could drop presents at Russell's house and my friend Joanie's..We were going to take the new Patriot but decided too much stuff to go so we're taking the Tundra.  

Got up early this am and took off before 0700.  Dropped Christmas gifts at Russell's (so we don't have to do it next week)...Visited with our friend Joanie for a bit and dropped off a few gifts for her great grandkids..something i've done since working at the center.  Those little ones are Christmas in my heart. 

After that we headed to Grandma's house so we could celebrate her 88th birthday.  We picked her up and met at Garcia's for a late lunch...We were there, Grandma, Dave and Emmy, Eric and Seth.  So not a huge group but that's ok for a Friday afternoon.  Great lunch..and Chris was our server again..he had a family Christmas card for Ken and me...so sweet!  

Dropped Grandma off and we were headed home, but after a bit decided what the heck..so we are at the Super 8 in Auburn for the night.  We need to stop at Bryan's tomorrow before heading home as we have Mandie's kids presents with us..

Great day and we are happy to have spent the time with Grandma today!

Tara's son Devin...so cute!
Grandma's lunch at Garcia's...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Wreaths Across America..Lunch..and a great Birthday

We got to the cemetery about 0800. Saw Christine and Ryan for a minute and then later they joined us at the ceremony.  Bobby, Linda, Wendy, Tasha and Diane were there along with Eric and Seth.  Visited with mom and daddy and then saw Michael for a bit on the way out.  It is amazing how fast the gravesite have grown!  When we placed mom and daddy there we were looking at a little over 6,000 now they were saying as of last Friday there were 28, 479 and growing daily.  Sac Valley is the 13th busiest cemetery in the nation!  

Brother in Law Bobby..

Everyone around Ma and Popo

We left there about 1100 or so and headed for Garcia's in Carmichael for my Birthday lunch.  We invited Ryan and Christine to join us but the timing didn't end of working as she went to visit her dad and ran into an accident on I80..shocking.  

We had the same waiter we had a year ago, and he remember what I drank and Ken too..amazing kid!  Christina and Mason met us there and then Russell and family showed up a little later as Aaron was playing basketball.  So in the end most of the family was there except Bryan, Cheryl and Adam..Bryan was working, Cheryl and Adam were in Live Oak for a basketball game.  


Christine at her brother's resting place..

After a long and leisurely lunch we headed up the hill, stopped at Eric's to his new AR15 that Christina bought him for Christmas (of course she couldn't wait till then to give it to him..hhahaha).  Saw their Charlie Brown Christmas tree and then headed to Bryan's for the night. 

Another view at Garcias

Had a great time there, Cheryl's sister Kim surprised us and came and spent the night..so you know that means too much wine..but a really good time. 
Eric's Charlie Brown Tree...

Seth and Christina

Christina with Mason behind her

Yesterday morning, (Sunday) because they were expecting a storm we left Bryan's at 0700 to head over Highway 50.  It was a beautiful drive! Snow over the pass but not snowing.  Got to Minden and Ken took me to breakfast at Carson Valley Inn..I was a really bad girl and had chicken fried steak..ohhh yummy!  Don't think I've had that for about 4 years at least (last time was in Winnemucca)..
Ken and Eric's new AR15..

Cheryl's sister ..Kim and betty

A nice ride the rest of the way home.  Ken started a fire and I snuggled in a blanket and either read or watched the Raiders actually win.  Ken was going to bar b q a couple of hamburgers for dinner (I figured started out bad, might as well end that way too..)..but as he went out to get the bar b q started...SNOW! Yay!!  So that took care of the bar b q as the wind and cold that went with it was just a bit too much.  
Highway 50

Ken throwing a snowball at the car

We have a Round Table in town that we've only been too once and weren't too impressed with the pizza, but thought oh let's give it a try..had it delivered and yes it was yummy!!  So that was the end to a very nice weekend.  
Our house Monday am...

Tomorrow we will head for Boomtown and spend the night as Ken has his yearly eye appointment on Wednesday at 0900..saves us getting up way too early. Taking the Tundra in for its' servicing. So we'll get some business done too while we're there.  Maybe some last minute Christmas shopping..

I've got some pictures to load so come back in a bit!

Bryan and me....
Lori posted these tonight..Jacob in the white
Jacob in the middle!