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Sunday, December 27, 2015

A wonderful Christmas!

We watched the weather and decided that Wednesday would be the best day to get over the hill, but since we don't always make the smartest decisions we went on Thursday!  
Russell, one of the founding CEO's of Sac Beer Enthusiasts
New Beanie and glass they are now selling

Left here pretty early as we thought that would be the best weather.  It was beautiful!  We went through Gardnerville and Minden and went 88 to 89 and then to 50.  Hit a good amount of snow near Hope Valley and then Luther Pass. We followed a snow plow up Luther Pass and at the top he turned around...huh?!  So down we went and it hadn't been plowed in awhile..so slowly we went ..in perfect white out conditions.  Everything was white and it looked like we were driving in the early evening even though it was only about 1100 or so.  Tough conditions but we made it no problem.  Highway 50 was better plowed and of course more people, but not too bad.  Most people were driving good.  But when we got to the end of the highway to turn left onto 50..traffice was stopped and backed up as far as you could see!  But as we're there trying to decided what to do it started moving..we got out pretty quickly..turns out there was an accident at the top, that got cleared ..yay!!  Up we went, looking at the mountains on the side there, with all the snow piling up Ken mentioned there could be an avalanche..well as we got over Echo Summit the road heading towards Tahoe was closed for avalanche control!  So we got through during a nice window!  Great going the rest of the way..we definitely thanked our guardian angels for watching out for us!  
Gardnerville, NV 

Near Hope Valley, CA

Luther Pass!

Headed up Highway 50

So about 1330 stopped at Jimboys in Placerville for a quick late lunch..then we headed for Eric and Christina's house in Cool for a little visit. Eric got home around 1600 so we visited for a while and then headed for Georgetown for the night.

Mason in his new pjs!

Betty waiting for Santa

Adam texting someone

Candace with her Christmas Eve gift

Miss Mia, Cheryl and Candace

Bryan, Candace and Ken

Santa came!

About as far as Mia got Christmas morning, before she went back
to bed :(


Adam with his map Eric made for him to plot his travels

Adam and his new camera

Cheryl's daughter, Candace came up for the night which was nice as we only see her about once a year. Mia was up for a few days (thinking she had way too much good food and drink as she threw up several times while we were there).  We ended up staying up until almost midnight and then a 0430 I got a text in the little 5th wheel saying, "Are you awake?"  I was...got Ken up and in we went to watch the grand opening of gifts!  Mia was up but she didn't last long, she went back to bed.  

After everyone was done, we eventually headed down the hill, with a quick stop at Eric's to see what they got from Santa.  On to my sister Linda's house for a great day of food and family!  Way too much food and desserts!  We headed out about 1730 and went over to Ken's mom's house (Crazy Grandma what she is affectionately known as)...we ate some more food and then we spent the night. 
Baby Owen on his wonder horse

Some of the gang in Linda's garage

Michael (Lori and Chris's brother) Russell and Elizabeth

Aaron and Angelina

Ursula and Steve


Aaron..Seth in the background

Yesterday morning got up had breakfast and headed out. We stopped at Bryan's house to pick up Christmas gifts we left there.  Last year when we stayed at Grandma's our truck got broken into so we didn't want to take that chance this year.  Headed out over to Highway 50..got as far as Sly Park and so much traffic it was stopped..what normally would take a little over an hour to Meyers was going to take 2 hours and probably more so we turned around and headed over to Interstate 80 via Sierra College..lots of traffic there too but we stuck it out and got home about 1930.  9 hours on the road!  That's what a little snow in the Sierras does!  So many bay area plates on the cars...Geez!  
Traffic on 80

Traffic on 80

Ken is heading to Winnemucca tomorrow to pick up some wood we bought last week when we were there. He should be back by lunchtime, so i'm going to stay home to get some things done as I will be heading back over the hill on Tuesday to pick up grandsons! For sure 4 will be here..Jacob has basketball, so still not sure if he's coming.  

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