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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Well...that was tough...

Left here in the am headed to Reno...we stopped at Walmart in Gardnerville for a few things..figured we'd do that 1st as that's what we like doing least.  We didn't want to get to Steve's at their lunchtime, so about 1200 we were in South Reno and decided to try a Mexican Restaurant we had passed before..I looked it up on the internet and prices were reasonable and menu looked good..well, obviously they hadn't changed the menu on the internet because they had no specials..and no lunch menu, which is weird for restaurants nowadays..either way the food was good and by the end of our time there we decided we would come back if we had the mind too.  

Headed over to Steve's after lunch, walked in the place and there was this old man sitting slumped over in his wheelchair sleeping..a rough sounding sleep..Ken and I looked at each other and said "Is that Steve?"..saw his wheelchair pad with the name Barrett..and yes it was Steve..unbelievable. He was sleeping hard so we talked to the caregivers there.  Turns up he'd been up all night, had taken a fall, they had to call for the nurse on call to help get him into bed.  They told us he had eaten a good breakfast, evidence of that was on his clothes :)  

So they tried to wake him up, and they wanted to get him into bed, Ken offered to help so we took him back to his room and they were able to get him on top of the covers..Ken talked to him (I couldn't, didn't want him to wake up to my tears)..So Ken was talking to him and he opened his eyes and actually smiled at Ken.  He actually smiled twice.  We're thinking he knew we were there, or at least hoping he knew.  I finally was able to tell him we loved him and then we left..It was really tough for Ken.  Amazing how in just a few weeks he went from being able to go out with us for lunch and shopping to just waiting...so sad..

He is a good man, Like I said before a Retired Marine, living out in Winnemucca for several years.  He has a son in Southern CA, his friends Tom and Mary, Ron and Deanna (because Ron has health problems they can't visit) and us...the caretaker took our names and number and hopefully she will call if anything changes. I'd like to think we will have one more time to stop in..but if not at least we know he's in good hands there.  The little asian caretaker does such a good job, hard job as there is no happy ending here.  We hugged her, she had tears in her eyes too.  

So the rest of the ride was a pretty somber one..and then we hear about San Bernadino and the senseless killings there..

Prayers for Steve and San Bernandino...can't forget Joey and Rory too...

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  1. I have never met Mr. Barrett however I having attended several military graduations I can picture how proud he was on graduation day from Boot Camp.

    I'm sure he looked sharp and was in the best shape of his life. After that he went on to raise a family and served our great Nation with honor.

    So I want to thank him for his service and remind his friends and family that for whatever reason, God has chosen this path for Mr. Barrett. God is beside him now and will be beside him in eternity.

    So stand tall and proud Mr. Barrett. You have earned our respect. Thank you sir.