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Monday, December 7, 2015

A busy weekend with a sad ending...

Thursday afternoon there was a four hour sale at Best Buy..so Ken got online and bought me and Apple Computer...anyone who follows this blog knows that I hate the new computer and Microsoft 10 we bought...in July..so Friday we went to pick it up at Best Buy in Carson City.
My new Mac!

Guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself there.. For the last couple of months we've been looking for a new 4 wheel drive vehicle.  We have the Tundra, which I love, but driving it in Ca or shopping centers not so much.  It just seems so big to me..so we decided to purchase a 2016 Jeep Patriot 4x4.. Elk Grove Dodge had the best deal of anyone around.  We don't need all the bells and whistles just something to get me over the hill to pick up grandkids if it sounds like there might be a storm. 
My new car..a little spoiled I am..

So Friday, after we left Best Buy we headed over to Placerville and spent the night at a motel there so we could be at our 1030 appointment on Saturday, without having to get up at the crack of dawn. 

Painless transaction, as we had the deal all worked out before we ever left home. Kyle Brown one of the internet people was just great!  We dealt with him a few months ago when Adam got his Jeep Patriot. 

Stopped in Roseville for a late lunch and headed up for a visit with Eric and family.  Then on up to Bryan and Cheryl's for the night.  Had a great time.
Christina's Christmas present from Eric..love it!

Yesterday am after breakfast we headed home, stopped in Carson City for lunch and then headed home. Loved driving the new car!  

Bryan and Cheryl..

Bryan and his Dad
Thought this was cute..Adam and betty sleeping on the floor

We are keeping my 2008 Patriot as it has the lifetime powertrain warranty.  Gets great gas mileage..(Guess I forgot to mention it's in the shop now)..Brake light went out and it's not the bulb so you have to get computer reset..so we'll see.  Ken has made the decision to sell his 97 Ford F250, so we'll work on that in the next month or so.  
My early Birthday present from Cheryl..she makes those coozies!!

Chris and Eric gave me this adorable ornament

 Last night we got the call from Mary that we were hoping not to get so soon, Steve passed away yesterday between 1430 and 1530..we were hoping to get there one more time, but that's wasn't God's timing.  At least we know the last words said to him (other than staff) were from us telling him we loved him...I don't think there will be an actual service for him as he wants his ashes scattered on the mountain in the area he lived.  He had a roomate, Bob and the last time we were there I told him i'd bake some cookies for him..so we'll make one more trip anyway to the place in Reno...One more angel....

On Saturday, December 5th was 25 years ago since my daddy passed away..he was the best man that ever walked this earth..and in three daughters eyes he was our hero..he loved his country, his family, his wife, daughters and then when those grandsons started coming into his life he was really happy!  Still miss him so much, so many times in our lives I think "I wish Daddy was here to see this"
I have to believe he does know and is there cheering us on.  I just can't believe it's been 25 years without him..Love you Daddy..

We'll be seeing them (mom and dad) next Saturday, at Wreaths Across America in Dixon..we'll be making a visit to Michael, as well.  

Our little red, white and blue tree..blew over with the winds though

This tree is on the bunkhouse

Lights on the front of our house..

Cheryl's tree

Our quirky tree in the living room..looks like NV tree!

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