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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cold days in Yerington!

Got home Friday afternoon to a cold house!  Started a fire and had it nice and toasty in no time!  Actually have had a fire going pretty much full time since then.  In the mornings we wake up to about 12 degrees!  During the day it warms up nicely to about 32 degrees.  hahah

 Saturday morning we decided to head to Reno to see Steve..but we got there and he was gone!  Turns out someone took him to Winnemucca for a few days. Ken did try to call him last night but it went directly to voice mail. Hope he enjoyed himself and it wasn't too painful for him to get there.  

We got our cute little Christmas tree up in the house and on Saturday we went to Lowe's and got a living Christmas tree..an Austrian Pine.  We were going to put it up inside but decided to put it on the front porch.  

Thanks to Ken for quitting smoking in 1988 he gave me $1300.00 for Christmas on Saturday.  Every month he puts $100.00 into a savings account no matter what and in November he gives me the money to be spent on Christmas no matter what!  He started this because he said if he was still smoking he'd be spending that money..Love it!  (This year there was a little extra so he gave me $1300 instead of $1200) yay!! 

Today is Ken's 64th Birthday!  Just can't believe he's not 16 anymore!  Where did the years go!?

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