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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beautiful drive to Winnemcca!

Left here at 0800 and enjoyed our drive to Winnemucca...exactly 3 hours from here.  Traffic was light so that was nice, the mountains were all covered in snow!  Just gorgeous! 

A quick stop at Walmart for a few things and met up with Deanna at just a little after 1200.  Spent about 2 hours just catching up..she is so funny!  Love that lady!  We met her when we first bought property in Winnemucca..we were taking a little drive and noticed they had storage containers on their property so we stopped to find out where they had gotten them.  Turned out she lived in the container with hubby Ron for about three years!  She was our "hero girl"..that's a tough way to live!  Well, eventually she thought so too so she had Ron upgrade her to a RV trailer..which is where they are still living..she's still pretty tough.  

Left there a little after 1400 and home a little after 1700..the wind was crazy coming over some of the mountains.  Felt like hurricane force winds.  We did see where a couple of semi trucks had blown over (on tv)...that was pretty wild!  

So this am, time to get some things done to get ready to head over the hill..Watching the weather, hoping we can make it on Thursday. 
Highway 88 coming home the other day..

My little treats I baked for our special people in Winnemucca

Deseert I80

Trying to work out how to get the grandkids over for a visit..sports are making it trying.  But hopefully it'll work so they can be here for a piece of the week!

Adam all dressed up to go with the
basketball team to sing for a convalescent
home in Placerville...

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