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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Where do the days go??

It was a cold day at home!  Not much going on except phone calls to insurance, Ken went to DMV to register the Patriot, but without proof of insurance, he paid $2.00 for a 30 day pass..and I called Progressive.  Right now we have 6 vehicles covered (uhhh I know)...but we want to keep the 2008 Patriot, the new one, the Tundra, Ken's Mazda (we'll drive that till it dies)..the 73 Dodge..which is just for around here mainly..and the 97 Ford p/u.  One of the calls I made was to get the front windshield replaced before we list it. A mobile shop is coming this morning to replace it. 

Talked with our friend Deanna in Winnemucca to let her know about Steve and to see how they are faring out there.  Ron, her hubby is having a Barium test on Thursday.  

We also called our friend, Irene in Florida to wish her a Happy Birthday! Worked with her and her hubby Al at the Sheriff Center for almost 20 years and they are some of our best friends.  

Ken worked outside most of the day even though it's cold, and I got the rest of the Christmas presents wrapped.  Guess I need to quit sometime, but i'll run to town today and pick up a couple of toys to finish it out for a few boys..not mine, they think they're too old for toys anymore.  Somehow I think Santa will have 1 or 2 for the youngest who are 11 and almost 11.  They grow up too quickly! 

Cheryl called last night, apparently at Basketball practice Adam got head butted by another kid on his team, not on purpose just a bad play.  He ended up waking up on the floor covered in blood, thought his nose might be broken.  Principal called Bryan and Cheryl, they went to get him, and Bryan took him to Kaiser to have him checked out.  He's ok, some bruising around his nose and eyes and Cheryl said he looked "pretty rough" when he got home. 

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