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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Carson City and back home..

Wednesday, we pretty much stayed home..wrapped presents, cleaned and Ken worked outside.  He cleaned up the Tundra, which looks awesome now!  

Thursday, December 9th..we got the call yesterday that my Patriot was ready in Carson City to be picked up..ok..got up this am and headed there.  We picked it up and dropped the Mazda at our favorite Chinese Restaurant and loaded into the Patriot and headed next door to Walmart for a few things..Then over to Tractor Supply just to see what they had.  After that a quick trip to Verizon to figure out what we're not doing to get our camera to work on the phone.  Not that it doesn't work, it just works when it wants too..so you never know if you're going to get a picture or not..guess I just like my old point and shoot..

Had a great lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then with full tummies we headed home..killed another day!

Tomorrow we'll be home and i'll do some baking, then Friday we're headed over the hill so we'll stop in Reno to drop off some goodies as a thank you at the home Steve was at and his buddy Bob i'm making some cookies for him.  Then over the hill to the Super 8 in Dixon. Looks like Adam can't go, as he has 3 basketball games in Live Oak..oh well..that's what happens when they grow up!  Don't know yet about Russell and his family, but sure i'll find out.  Eric and Family are planning on joining us on Saturday in Dixon along with my sisters.   Saturday night we'll stay at Bryan and Cheryl's before heading home on Sunday..

Found this pic today..this is when they were here a few weeks ago..
Tara's son, Tyson putting up the first ornament

Devin putting the star on the tree!

So cute stole these from Facebook!  

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