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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Mount Rushmore :) Keystone..Deadwood tomorrow!


Isn't this beautiful! 💙 Always gets me!

This morning (Friday) I was awake when my alarm went off at 0500 and again at 0530. I let Ken sleep until 0630 this am as we were only heading towards Mt. Rushmore, less than 40 miles away. 

We had our coffees, showers, breakfast and headed out. We got to Mt. Rushmore around 1100.  We were directed to parking and found a spot.  One thing to keep in mind, parking spots are small and with a full size truck, difficult to find a spot that's easy to get into.  Parking is $10.00 per vehicle but if you're 62 or older parking is $5.00. It's all done by machines. 

We walked up and as usual, the monument just gets to me! No explanation as to why but I always tear up 💙 Just such an incredible sight. Our third time together, I've been 4 times as I came with a few of my volunteers one year.  So amazing! 


It couldn't have been a more perfect day!!

We walked through and then took the Presidential Trail which has some gorgeous views of the Presidents.  Lots of people there, hardly any masks. Ken was wearing his "Proud Navy Grandpa" shirt today. I had my "Remember Everyone Deployed"Red shirt on.  Ken got so many thumbs up and comments.  Lots of Navy hats were worn by people. One man who said Hi to us had a Marine Corps Marathon hat on and he was in good shape. We said "Thank you for your service" quite a few times today..which I'm always glad I can get that out without sounding like I'm crying, because I usually am. Very emotional for me. 

The gentleman who offered to take our picture was a Navy veteran. Just the day for the Navy I guess. 💙

After taking the trail we headed for the gift shop..only place a mask was required. Ok, we did it.  I stood in line, Ken went outside and then we headed for Keystone, SD a few miles away.  

Yes, it a tourist town but we enjoyed.  We got a couple of windbreakers for us, nice to keep in the trailer.  Looked at a few stores and then it was time for linner as it was nearing 1330. 

Keystone, South Dakota...

We went to "The Front Porch" apparently attached to the Ramada. Again, a place that was short staffed. No one wants to work! Two young guys were the waiters and the manager bussed the tables. We're thinking she was helping the cook as we never saw her again.  Our meals took a long time to get to us.  We didn't mind as we understood the short staffing. We weren't disappointed when they finally came! YUM! 

I felt sorry for them when we were done as a table of 10 arrived on the front porch. We heard a woman complain to our server that "he said that 20 minutes ago".Picky woman! 

We enjoyed our meal and our server, it's too bad people don't want to work..we've heard that more than once on our trip.  

We left there and started our drive home through beautiful country.  We stopped at Pactola Lake as we wanted to look at campsites. The lake is gorgeous and the campsites are nice.  We were thinking if we went on Sunday we'd have no problem getting a site. Now our plans have changed (shocking I know). LOL...

Pactola Lake...just gorgeous!! 

Hill City, South Dakota! We will be back.!

Gotta love it!!

We got back to camp for Happy Hour and decided that we'll stay one more night before moving on. Tomorrow we'll be spending the day in Deadwood and Lead, South Dakota. 

We came through Deadwood this evening and OH WOW what a party! Tons of people hanging out..hopefully not so many tomorrow am..We will see! We are loving South Dakota.  It's so beautiful and so normal! Wish we could stay longer, but we will have to head home..slowly..

Deadwood, we'll be back tomorrow!

Sturgis SD pretty dead now..since the rally is over!

Last night we were able to get in touch with a friend I used to work with.  Ace was one of our first POP officers with the Sheriff's Department back in 1993. Ken helped him work on his house he was finishing. We've always been friends (actually I'm his girlfriend LOL) but lost numbers when we changed phones. Long story short, I got in touch with his daughter via FB.  We talked last night for a long time :) Just like old times!We'll plan a trip to Oregon here shortly to visit him and Jo (his wife). We were there to visit several years ago with Jacob, Aaron and Adam when we visited Oregon Caves. Can't wait! 

First time we've seen this...😞

The way it should be! 

Time to call it a night as tomorrow will be busy!

Happy 12th Birthday Miss Rylee!! Miss you lots! 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Our 49th Anniversary..travels through Wyoming and into South Dakota! Life is good :)


If it's bologna and white bread it's our anniversary! Happy 49th sweetie! 
Thank you Karen for the wine 💘

We woke up this morning at the rest stop in Wyoming. 49 years of marriage and I get to wake up at Rest Area?...LOL. Just kidding, it was awesome! I set the alarm for 0500, turned the stove on for coffee and the heater for warmth.  Does it get any better?!

Good morning Wyoming! 💖

I love Wyoming..if I had to pick a new state, would definitely be in the running!

Our campsite for the night!


Had our coffees and actually looked at a few blogs as we had mobile hotspot service. Ken took a shower, I cleaned up and made simple breakfast burritos for later in the am.  We were out of there by 0710, which was earlier than the day before! 

Had a beautiful ride stopping in Rawlins, WY to gas up and pull into the next door parking lot to have our breakfast. The drive through WY was incredible watching the changing terrain.  GIP (girl in the phone)..kept us on the right track following the shortest route to Deadwood, SD. 

Rawlins, WY 

This place needs some TLC..but oh so beautiful! 

Department of Corrections Training

Excuse the bugs on the pictures.. 😞

Looked like the road was going through the trees..but it didn't 😅

Alcova Lake..6 campgrounds! Just gorgeous

Where the poor people live..LOL. I swear we've seen more water in WY 
than anywhere else! 


We went from plains, to hills, to mountains, to red rock country to pine trees! It was just too much beauty! 

This was called Hole In the Rock..not sure the story..

The ranch in the above picture was below this rock! Cool huh!

Apparently this was a trap for Buffalos sad huh?! Closed to the public right now. 

We had a late lunch in Gillette, WY next to where we gassed up. I know 5 star right?! Had  our traditional, yummy, once a year bologna on white bread with cheese  sandwiches with a few chips. Our wedding night dinner 49 years ago 💜

On the road again..110 more miles to Deadwood.  It went by quickly. I tried calling a few RV parks that were Passport America. Several of the parks close at the beginning of September. Something to remember.  

Deadwood SD..

On the way to Sturgis, SD

Our greeter at the campground! 
They've got tons of tent sites for the Sturgis Rally

We ended up at the Days End RV Park and Campground in Sturgis SD. Passport America is only good Sunday through Thursday and you have to stay two nights. Ken was able to talk her into giving us the rate for one night. However it worked, we only paid $43.00 for 2 nights and a full hookup pull through. She looked tired and said she's glad they close October 15th as they can't get anyone to work.  Poor thing. 

I would recommend this park to anyone! They are Passport America, and regular rates are very reasonable. The park is clean, quiet, full hook ups or not, just very nice. Pictures tomorrow! 

It's cool outside so we came inside to finish celebrating :) Tomorrow we're heading towards Mt Rushmore and Custer State Park for the day. Deadwood on Saturday, just to play tourist! 😊 After that we'll see what happens! 

Aaron's Football Team did spotlight cards..💙 I love that smile! 💙 One of the 
two cutest 16 year olds I know and Love! 💙

Have a wonderful evening! Thanks for all the FB wishes 💗