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Thursday, December 16, 2021

My birthday, Fallon, NV, Reno and Gardnerville...are we done shopping yet!!??

 Monday the 13th, I woke up to a beautiful day and my 66th birthday (ouch) How can that be?!  I had calls from all my sons and more.  We have special friends that now live in Florida and they called in the afternoon :). It was certainly a great day! 💖

After having breakfast and taking our time we headed to Fallon, NV a little over an hour from here. I wanted to check out a couple of antique/collectible stores there. The first one was new to us but didn't see anything that jumped out at us. The next one was Just Country Friends, we've been there several times and usually come out with something. We did, a gift for Karen that I know she'll like. 

A quick stop at Big R and then to Stockman's Casino.  No, not to play slots, but to have a late lunch. They have a good restaurant, but sure took a long time to get the food. One young lady cooking in the back. Oh well, it's shortages everywhere. Here in town they've adjusted their hours because they are always short of servers and cooks. Really sad. 

After that we came home and later headed next door to Karen's. She had a good spread of appetizers for us.  We visited and then decorated her Christmas tree. John is still working in CA and won't be home until Sunday or so. Had a really nice time. Ate way too much food and she sent home some cake with us. 

Karen made up this delicious spread for just the 3 of us...💖

A delicious bottle of wine from Italy 💙🍷

Happy Birthday flags..they do spoil us 😊 

Tuesday was a stay at home day. Wrapped some more gifts, made a list of what is still needed for Christmas.  Later in the afternoon Ken barbecued some burgers and chicken, so as is tradition i headed outside to sit with him. 

We had a propane fire as it was too windy to have a regular one. Later Karen came over and visited for a bit. We sent home a burger and chicken with her :) 

Wednesday morning we got ourselves going and headed for Reno about an hour and half from here as we had Total Wine order to pick up. Then to Ross in Reno so I could finish shopping. Are we really ever finished?!! One of those stores where you can't take the carts out so I texted Ken to come help me...haha. Not his favorite store so he waits in the car patiently, thank goodness for smart phones! 

We've had some interesting weather this week..but no
snow :(

Heading towards Gardnerville 

On the way to Carson City 

Just love it when the mountains are all white! 

We were going by Walmart to do some food shopping but in Carson City way too crowded so we put that off a day.  About 1400 hours so time to go by Betsy's for dinner. YUMMY! 

After getting home started the blog, but the bad influence put on a Christmas movie so that got put off until now. 

Today, Thursday we got out of here about 0800 heading to Gardnerville for Walmart. 56 miles one way. Now we have food LOL.  After that we headed to Carson Valley Inn for a late breakfast. They're about the only restaurant I can get a turkey burger so opted for that. YUM! Ken went traditional with chicken fried steak and eggs. 

We headed for Carson City because I remembered we wanted to pick up one more thing. Luckily they had it, an even better one for just a bit more. 

We got home about 1400 hrs. Time to get this finished before any more distractions. 

Speaking of distractions the bad influence just called from Karen's and said "Happy Hour" We're headed next door! Enjoy  your evening! 


  1. Sorry I missed your birthday, so belated Happy Birthday young lady! The snow on the mountains does look pretty.

    1. Thank you Doug! I love looking at the snow, even like it here because it doesn't stay around long! :)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday.
    You folks are always busy, makes me tired just reading about it. Lol
    Bad influence probably has been trained or at least had help learning over the years to get it just right. Lol
    Have fun.

    1. Thank you Deb! Oh yeah and Karen started it LOL. Ken was pretty easy to talk into a beer! LOL.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I do love the snow, it looks beautiful. I just don't like the cold!!

  4. Sounds like you had a very nice birthday. The snow on the mountains is beautiful!...Hugs