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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Another catch up..Christmas lights, snow, Quick CA trip, Christmas Parade

 Well, here we are again it's Sunday afternoon.  Spent the morning baking again some muffins for Ken as this week we'll be gone on a few day trips so this was the best day to do it! 

The week flew by with a one day turnaround trip to CA for Ken to do a little project for Bryan and Cheryl.  Actually went quickly and after a few hours we were headed home again.  We took clothes to stay the night if needed but we didn't.  

Got some wrapping done for Christmas and some more online shopping, but I'm getting there. I need one trip to Ross or TJ Maxx to finish up. 

Ken got the outside lights up and I'm loving it! 

I love this, we can see it from our couch and our bedroom! 😊

Bunkhouse and outhouse all lit up! 😍
The front of the house πŸ’™

We did get a nice surprise earlier in the week 

By late afternoon most of it was gone..still some on the hills though...

Cheryl gave this to me for my birthday when we were over there...LOVE IT! 

Each little tiny bead is placed by her...LOTS more patience than I could ever have!
Ken got a really nice knife from them too.  Give Ken a new knife or flashlight he's a happy camper! πŸ˜€
I sent a few of our really old (vintage) ornaments to Seth and Holly with the story about each ornament. I also sent a tree skirt I made about 45 years ago.  We used to use it, but since my mom passed I used the one I made her the first year we were married. 50 Christmas's under its belt. I included some new ornaments too, just because. 

Seth called to thank me so we had a nice conversation too. We'll see them at Christmas along with Jacob too. 

These old buildings are located just a few miles from our house. Looks like a small Bodie..

Not this one LOL..

We were curious the story..too bad it's behind a fence with no trespassing signs

Not until I was posting pictures did I see this ...I would have taken a better picture
had I have seen this sign..LOL The town of Bezberg..is preserved in the state of arrested decay in honor of all the Nevada miners, past and present. I looked on the
internet but nothing about it...

At least hope some field trips are allowed there

Yesterday we watched the Navy/Army game and Navy won!! YAY! It was actually a pretty good game. 

Then we headed for town about 1700 for the Festival of Lights Parade. It didn't disappoint, love how many come out for the parade both to watch and participate. The only disappointment was Santa was riding inside a truck at the end so it was hard to see him. Probably would have done better with my cell phone, but here's a few for an idea..just a little small town Christmas! 

We've been home all day today.  Ken's working on firewood and I did some cleaning, baking and wrapping gifts listening to Christmas music all day long 😍

Tomorrow we plan on heading to Fallon, just a little over an hour away  to check out a vintage, antique, collectible store. Never know what I might find LOL. 

Supposed to be a storm coming in so we'll see! I know my Canadian friends and others don't want to hear it, but I'm hoping for snow!! 

Have a great evening! 


  1. Your outside Christmas lights look beautiful. Wonderful to share special ornaments and memories with grandchildren. Most of the time I do not miss the snow but when it snows and everything is a beautiful white and the Christmas lights would shine through that was beautiful. Christmas Eve is when I do miss it. So you wish and hope away for that snow and enjoy❣⛄❄πŸŽ„ I will in pictures...😎

    1. Love my Christmas lights, can't help but smile every time I look out the windows or am outside! NO snow this go round! :(

  2. Your place is lovely inside and out with all your decorations. We love outside lights too. Bill didn't put as many out this year because of Gibbs getting his rope tangled in the cords. Darn tethers!
    You have my permission to wish for all the snow you want, my friend. ♥ You're way up there and we're way down here. :)
    Supposed to be some winds and rain coming here late tomorrow too.

    1. Thank you Patsy! No snow this time :( still hoping LOL. Yep love the Christmas lights :)