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Monday, September 29, 2014

Well we did it! Spent the rest of the kids inheritance!

After trailer buying yesterday we headed back over to Boomtown for the $20.00 room.  We celebrated in the room and then headed downstairs for dinner.  We both had the steak dinner for $9.99.   Awesome..can't remember the last time Ken ever ordered steak. 

This am we took our time and about 1000 we went back downstairs to have a late breakfast...ohhhh their breakfast is soo good!  So after breakfast we decided to head to Carson Toyota and see the trucks they had come in...well, needless to say we decided to buy one!  

I hate buying new vehicles because really u have to figure most car people are crooks and you never know if they're telling u the truth..but anyway we feel like we did pretty good...$100.00 over invoice..but then you go into finance and basically they are selling all kinds of other stuff..Toyota offers all maintenance stuff for 25,000 mi or 2 years..for free..ok..then the rest is all more $$$$$...but we went ahead and bought the extended maintenance plan (75000 mi)and extended warranty for 6 years and 125,000 miles.  Not cheap but again I think it'll be worth it...and Ken has enough vehicles to take care of himself..I think he's earned this.  

Anyway, I got to drive it home and I LOVE it!   It's a Toyota Tundra, SR5, 4x4, 5.7 litre..pretty simple, ugly rims, but love the back seat for the grandkids and the radio is awesome!  

**A little story....while we in with the salesman Beau..he asked Ken to name his closest relative..so Ken says oh I guess I better give u my mom's information..so he did..Beau asks me the same thing and I start crying, couldn't help myself...Ken could give his mom's info and I can't...gave him Bryan's instead...Tomorrow is 5 years since mom passed away...in some ways it feels like forever, in others, just like yesterday...** Love u mom!!

In the showroom ready to go home!

She's home!

There is actually more room in the back, but the passenger seat
was wayyyy back as the salesman was really big! Ken sat back there
and had plenty of room!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We're spending more of the kids inheritance! New trailer!

Well today we did it!  We always said there was one more RV in our future...Ken wanted a travel trailer and we both wanted something small enough to get into the state and NFS campgrounds as that is what we prefer...so today we decided on a Jayco 19RD...we saw it last week and then we thought on it for almost a week...decided if we could get the sale price we would do it!  So WE DID!...It was a really easy sale with Sierra RV...a few surprises (795) for a walk through, batteries etc...we about had a heart attack in front of him so negotiated down to 300...(because we would have walked away and he knew it)...so all in all we are ECSTATIC!   Oh did I say we are really HAPPY!!!!
We pick it up on Friday, can't wait!   


Went back and forth between aluminum and fiberglass
after much research...this is it!

Love the rear dining area and fold down couch!
The windows were also a seller!

We knew it had to have a stationary bed...and more windows!

Stove top and oven...wish it had more counter space..but we have a

Huge frig!

We left Yuba City this am and took highway 20 to 80...There was a nice rain going
on...then some fog...CA does suck as far as taxes, politics and many other things..
but no one can deny it is beautiful on off the highway places...beautiful drive!

Tonight we are back at Boomtown...again $19.99 room...then tomorrow we'll stop at Toyota in Carson City to see if we might spend more of the kids $$$$....

Kai's 1st birthday and a good afternoon with friends!

Saturday, September 27th...We left home headed for Brown's Valley, CA and our friends Paul and Gurmeena's house to celebrate their son, Kai's first birthday.  We woke up to pouring rain and it was awesome!  Along 395 on the way to Reno we were treated to a light dusting of snow on the mountains!  

We got to Paul's at just about 1400.  Much visiting, too much food!  He had it catered from a Mexican Restaurant and it was ohhhhh so good!  

Their kids Sureena and Little Kai are just adorable and it was a fun time!  

Kai and his John Deere cake his mom made!

Looked so good....

Guess he's starting to enjoy his cake!

All done!

Got to Yuba City at about 2000 where we had reserved a room at the Travelodge. Nice motel with a great bed!  I went dow early this am to checkout their continental breakast.  Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, waffles and biscuits and gravy!  Now that's my kind of continental breakfast!  Cereal too and varieties of breads...yummm....

Just enjoying our lazy am before heading to Boomtown for the night!  Love this thing called retirement, and then on Tuesday we get paid again for doing this!   

Friday, September 26, 2014

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Wednesday after noon on the way home from Reno we drove through Washoe Lake State Park near Carson City..there is a nice lake there, but really low at this point of the year.  Just thought we'd take a look..
Camping area and shelter of the park

Another campsite...open all year round

The wind blowing across Washoe Lake..stirring up sand on the
dry part of the lake bed...

Last night Ken bar b qued some chicken..the wind was really blowing so he concocted this wind block...this is how you do it in the Nevada desert when the winds howl! 
Ken's wind block and chicken...yummmm

This cloud was building over the mountains..but settled back down

Had our first fire of the year today...(26th)...it was really cool this am (actually) cooler inside than outside..nice!  

Well, tomorrow we will head for Brown's Valley..for Kai's one year birthday!  Then we're staying the night in Yuba City.  Sunday we are going to head back to Reno and stay the night at Boomtown (Love the $20.00 room) and go back and look at the Mini Lite Rockwood and the Jayco 19rd trailer...I think we're gonna go for the Jayco but want to be sure...

Then the Tundra dealer called today and said a grey Tundra came in that we might be interested in...uhhhhhh...so we'll see what happens..

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Smoke! Boomtown NV

About 0800 this am going to Reno..before we got to Yerington..

Reno, NV

Out our room in  Boomtown NV

Ken in our $20.00 room at Boomtown...

Smoke sucks!

We left Yerington,started at the DMV and got our licenses changed to Yerington as they had been Winnemucca.. NV this am headed for Reno so we  could do some running around and get some things done...We had an email from Boomtown for $19.99 during the week so decided to take them up on that for the night...(28.59)..was the grand total..with fees etc....seems everytime we head for Reno to get things done we are rushed so decided to splurge and just enjoy what we needed to do...tomorrow we are going to look at Sierra RV as they have some Jayco models for trailers...so we'll see...cheaper to stay than drive home and come back...and we are retired..so why not???

Friday, September 19, 2014

42 years and bologna sandwiches!

Decided to take a few days and go camping...figured we see how the Aspens have changed over the last few weeks.  So Monday am we headed out and decided to head for a campground near Markleeville, CA where we have stayed before years ago.  Enjoyed our stay there and Ken bar b qued some awesome chicken for dinner!   

Got up the next day and headed out planning on ending up at June Lake, CA.

Ken bar b quing at Alpine County Park near Markleeville, CA

Someone painted the happy face on this rock!

Aspens starting to turn

Monitor Pass CA

More of the beautiful Aspens!

42 years ago on September 16th 1972 Ken and I got married in Carson City, NV.  We headed to Tahoe Vista on North Shore Lake Tahoe, stopping at the local Safeway and having bologna sandwiches for dinner.  The next morning Ken made scrambled eggs with bologna chopped up in them.  So what better way to celebrate 42 years?!  Bologna sandwiches on white bread for lunch! Yummm...haven't had bologna in years! It still tasted just as good!  We stopped at the lookout point overlooking Mono Lake and had a great lunch with an incredible view! 

This is what we had 42 years ago...and it was ohhhh so good 42 years later!

Our lunch spot...looking over Mono Lake
 We got to June Lake and found our camping spot...about 1/2 hour after getting set up Ken noticed a fire across the lake...We watched it for the two days and nights that we were there.  What we didn't know is that over in CA near Bryan and Cheryl there is a huge fire named the "king" fire that is just burning out of control.  
This happened just about 1/2 hour after we got to June Lake

The sun was setting and u could sure see the flames!

Planes dropping retardant..

Helicoptor setting down in June Lake..we could see them from
our campsite!

Doesn't he look relaxed?!

 By the time we left on Thursday am the fire was basically out and most of the air power was probably sent to the King fire in Ca...awesome job those firefighters did!  

About a month ago we ordered a 5 foot porch swing from Louisiana and it was delivered yesterday.  Ken put it up today and we absolutely love it!  
Ordered our front porch swing from Louisiana Cypress Swings and Things
Made in America

We loved this design

Time for some front porch setting! 
Tomorrow we are going to take a ride to Reno and visit the RV show that's going on...