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Friday, May 29, 2015

Just enjoying our little house...Ken's working on the toilet in the ugly bathroom...yukkkk

Tuesday morning we decided to make a run to Fernley and Lowe's.  Decided to change out the toilet in the ugly bathroom before summer starts and the grandkids come.  If you don't jiggle the handle just right the water will keep running..not good when you're on a meter.  So off we went.  

Ken got into the water service out back of the house and instead of just abandoning it he put in a valve because the other valve didn't shut off the water all the way...now it does!  But again, seems nothing can ever be easy in these remodel areas..you have to wonder what the other contractors were thinking when they do these things. Now it's right! 

So he got the toilet off and boy is it disgusting under there.  We knew it would be which is why it's been put off so long.  So he'll get the toilet on and then when we do the remodel (hopefully this winter) it'll come off again, but too much to tackle in the summer months.  We tend to have tons of black widows in the summer and he doesn't look forward to going under the house during that time..honestly i'm sure there's other critters under there too so glad it's not me going under!  

While I was gone Ken had a nice overnight visitor, our friend Clif from Tennessee and then on Sunday a high school friend, Jim and his wife Leslie stopped by.  More company than we've had since Thanksgiving when Eric and family and grandkids were here.  

Next week i'll be in Ca on Thursday as our grandson Seth graduates from 8th grade.  Grandson Jacob graduates too but haven't heard when his graduation is yet.  Hoping to bring kids home with me after that for a few days.  Adam, Diane and I leave on the 17th for DC.  

Weather is heating up here, was 90 today and the same expected for tomorrow. I'm thinking it's gonna be an air conditioner day!  

Grandma outside our hotel, in her West Point hat

This is where the disker is going to go.  Picked up the railroad
ties in Fernley (off Craigslist)..still need plastic and rock..

The water service Ken replaced..no leaks now..

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Graduation and Chelsea's Commisioning!

Don came to the hotel and we followed him to West Point Saturday morning.  We had tickets but were warned parking would be tough.  So even though graduation didn't start til 1000 we were there about 0730.  I have to say they have it so well organized they got through those 994 graduates in record time! Speeches too were awesome.  General Martin Dempsey spoke and he was excellent!  
Before the ceremony in the bleachers

The band and choir

Graduates marching in...

All of em...

Loved having the monitors to look at...

Taking their oath

Right before the hat toss
After graduation we headed for the West Point cemetary..very moving.  Sad to see such as below..Class of 2005 and died in Iraq 2007..there were several like this..

Inside the Catholic Church on the grounds of the cemetary

Just beautiful

Samantha, Cody and Don trying to decided where to head next

Don and daughter Samantha...

The graduate!

Every graduate received a dollar bill signed by General
Martin Dempsey...can't figure what the 18 is about though..

Chelsea and friend..

Chelsea and Lt General Calsen..the flag behind was
flown over Normandy

Lt General Calsen talking about Chelsea 

Swearing her in as a LT!

Dana, Lt Kay, Don and Samantha

Dana pinning one shoulder

Chelsea talking about her journey..

Chelsea and her friend Emily, who she met at
Marion Military Institute

Don and Chelsea

Chelsea looking very relaxed at the house Don and
Dana rented for the week...

Samantha and Cody

Dana and Phat

Dana's mom and Uncle Jimmy

What an awesome whirlwind week!  So glad I got to go, I wouldn't have wanted to miss it!  So proud of Chelsea and the special young woman she has become!  Of course she was pretty special growing up!

We spent a nice evening with everyone and then got up, took our time on Sunday and then headed for JFK. Took a couple of hours in traffic but we still arrived with plenty of time.  After we checked our luggage, Grandma noticed her West Point hat was missing. Turns out she left it on the floorboard of the rental car.  So I got on the AirTrain and headed back to the rental agency.  Yep found the car and the hat..got back with plenty of time to spare!  

Good flights home, and got to bed about 0030.  Up at 0600 and then headed home.  Stopped in Gardnerville and picked up some groceries and then home to our little house!  Had a nice evening getting caught up on everything!  Now home for about 3 weeks and then to Washington DC with Adam and Diane. 

I've got 2 more pics to post that Don sent so I will be back!
LTG Caslen and Chelsea

Chelsea and me...Love this girl!