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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Started the project to get pictures on the hallway walls...uhhhh

Got going this am and decided that it was time to get into the tuff shed and get out the containers with all the pictures I had packed away when we sold the Colfax house...Oh my....had no idea how many pictures we have accumulated over the years!  So spent alot of the day going through the containers and trying to separate into what I want on the walls, what I can rotate and what I probably wouldn't put up again.  Obviously we had a lot more wall space in Colfax even though we had smaller square footage.  So i'll get back to it tomorrow. Because the hallway walls are "mobile home" walls, it takes more to get the pictures to hold so we'll see what we end up with when we're finished.  

About 1230 we took the Ford to town (Yerington)..and I bought a few mom's day cards for some of the ladies from my work (previous)...and then Ken took me to lunch at the Mexican Restaurant we like in town.  Haven't been there in ages..food was good ...service not so much as the young girls were busy flirting with a couple of Mexican guys that were in...oh well..

Back home I spent some more time with the pictures and now time to quit.  

So cute, we've got a couple of birds building a nest in our front porch cover. They started yesterday and boy have they been working.  Must be expecting those eggs pretty soon.  
Found this in my picture stuff...and now she's GRADUATING
West Point!!
Found this pic of our niece Jennifer!
Back said her first Christmas...now she's in her 30's 

Jesse Kay ....kindergarten...

My messy room with some of the pictures...ohh how do I choose?!

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  1. I didn't realize you had the article on Chelsea going to West Point. That was very nice to see on your blog. I really like that picture of Jennifer also.

    Hard to believe it's been 4 years since we went to NY to drop off Chelsea. We are looking forward to seeing you at the graduation.