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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In New York City!

Left home yesterday around 1000 and headed over the hill..hit a little snow over Luther Pass...but nothing bad.  Headed to Bryan and Cheryl's for a bit since Bryan was home.  Picked up Adam from school and let him drive home..he does really well. Seth walked down the hill with him so I got to visit for a minute with him.  Then headed down the hill and went by dollar tree and picked up a few things.  Headed over to Grandma's and visited with Diane and Grandma.  Made a nice salad and Grandma and Diane had Cod and I had a baked potato.  yummy...

So spent the night and about 0300 got up and got ready to leave for the airport.  Had a good flight from Sacramento to Seattle and then from Seattle to JFK.  Got into the airport and headed for baggage claim and then to Federal Circle...boy that was a chore..baggage easy...but then had to catch the train to Federal Circle to get the hotel shuttle.  One thing we can say is that a little lady was leaving work and offered to get us where we needed to go..I tried to tip her and she wouldn't take it..another couple made sure we got off where we needed to go and then took the bags out of the tram.  Nice!  

Got the shuttle and got to the hotel.  Small rooms but nicely redone.  Tomorrow we'll have their breakfast and then head over to the rental car and head on up the state to Greenwood Lake. 

Talked to Ken and our friend Cliff is coming from TN to spend the night...plans on being there about noon..so life is good!

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